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BMW logoAre you in the market for a new or pre owned vehicle? Well, Otto’s BMW is the place that you need to start at. This dealership is the type of place that you will want to buy your next car or SUV. When you purchase a vehicle from Otto’s BMW you know with absolute certainty that you are getting the best service possible because they treat every customer like they should be. They also have the greatest selection of BMW vehicles around and every one of these vehicles is in top notch condition, even the pre owned ones. Otto’s BMW sends everyone of there used vehicles through a thorough reconditioning process before they are able to be put on the lot.

Otto’s BMW has the 2014 and 2015 models of the BMW 4 Series car. They have three BMW 4 Series 328i xDrive Coupes, one BMW 328i coupe, BMW 435i xDrive coupe, five BMW 428i xDrive coupe, and two BMW 428i convertible in the 2014 models. For the 2015 model of the 4 series they have two 428i xDrive Convertible, four 428i Convertible, one 428i xDrive Sedan, and one 435i xDrive Sedan. Every BMW 4 Series vehicle available at Otto’s BMW comes with an automatic transmission and a slue of great safety, interior, and exterior features. These vehicles range anywhere from $46,325 to $$62,925. The engines inside these vehicles will either be an Intercooled Turbo I-4 2.0 liter engine or an Intercooled Turbo I-6 2.0 liter engine.

If any of these BMW 4 Series cars stood out to you, you could head on over to new and pre owned BMW dealer in Pennsylvania, Otto’s BMW, and check out all of their great vehicles. You are going to love driving one of these vehicles with all of the great amenities they offer. Call now and set up a test drive and an appointment with a sales associate today!

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Get Your BMW Ready For The Coming Winter Months Part 4

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We have one more article for you to learn all the things that you need to do before the winter comes. Otto’s BMW wants you to learn everything you need to know about winter car maintenance.

Winter driving - car breakdownGet you vehicle’s exhaust system checked out for any cracks or leaks. It would be horrible for you and any of your passengers if there were any holes where the exhaust could get into your vehicle. This is one thing that absolutely needs to happen before winter.

Even if you just had your tires replaced it would be good to have your tires inspected. Check to make sure that they are all wearing evenly and that the tread on your tires still looks good. You need good traction when the roads are slick and icy and your tires are what will provide this. One interesting thing you might not know is that during the cold weather tires are more likely to lose tire pressure. You should be checking the pressure in your tires at least once a month. Have your tires rotated at your local BMW dealer. Have your car loaded and ready in case of an accident with a spare tire and a jack. If you have bad tires that are not aligned or inflated properly it will be a strain on your engine.

You will also want to have your brakes and transmission inspected. These need to be working at the top of their game during the winter as well.

Lastly, always have a stocked safety kit in your trunk or backseat. This is for those worst case scenarios and will come in extremely handy if an accident were to happen.

Schedule your service appointment with local used BMW dealer near Kennet Square, Otto’s BMW. They have a great department that will get your vehicle up and running perfectly for this coming winter.

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Get Your BMW Ready For The Coming Winter Months Part 3

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Snowy road When your getting your vehicle ready for this coming winter you are going to want to check out your wiper blades. The last thing you want to happen when it starts snowing is for your blades to not work or that they are old and falling apart. You can actually purchase winter blades that are made specifically for winter weather. It would also be really beneficial for you to purchase a few sets of wiper blades and also extra windshield wiper fluid. With all of the snow and salt on the roads your going to go through quite a bit of wiper fluid. The next thing you need to remember is to always carry an ice scraper in your car. Don’t forget this!

Take your car over to Otto’s BMW or an auto body store to have your battery checked out. If your battery is in good condition then don’t worry about replacing it, but be sure to have it replaced if need be. It would be good for your battery to be cleaned of all corrosion. Make sure to wear the proper eye and hand protection when  you are cleaning your battery. After your battery is completely cleaned you should retighten the connection. If this isn’t something you want to do on your own then you can definitely have it done at your trusted BMW dealer.

I want you to check all of the lights on your vehicle and make sure that they are in good working condition. Also, go ahead and clean off the lenses of your light bulbs or get them replaced if they are cloudy or scratched. Your lights are important in really rough snow storms so that you can see your way through the storm.

You can bring your vehicle down to the dealer of new and used BMW SUV near Glen Mills to have it inspected by their service department.

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Get Your BMW Ready For The Coming Winter Months Part 2

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Winter TireIn our previous article in this series we started discussing the importance of getting your vehicle ready for the winter months that are coming and we want to give you a few more things to work on. All of these tips can be done at local BMW cars dealer near Downingtown, however, if you feel comfortable with it, a few of these can be done on your own. I feel, as a woman, sometimes we sell ourselves short on the things we can actually accomplish. So, if you are interested in saving some money you should check into some of these things that you can do on your own.

One of the things that you need to check into is to get some fuel deicer so that your fuel lines don’t freeze. This is a simple task that you can definitely get done on your own.

You can get your oil changed just in preparation of the winter coming. If you want to learn how to change the oil in your vehicle there are a lot of “How To” videos out there that can help you learn. If this isn’t something you want to try to do on your own then you can totally bring your car into Otto’s BMW service department.

Something that would definitely benefit your vehicle during winter is if you would flush your cooling system. Usually during winter car specialists would suggest that you do a fifty fifty mix of water and antifreeze in your cooling system to prevent it from freezing up when temperatures drop. While this is being done you should have all of the hoses, belts, and any other rubber pieces check out and inspected.

Make sure that your heater is working properly not only is it super uncomfortable, but it is also very unsafe if your defrost and heat aren’t working inside of your vehicle.

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Get Your BMW Ready For The Coming Winter Months Part 1

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car on winter roadWhenever the winter months start creeping up on me I can only think of one thing and that is travel. My family travels around a lot during the winter months because our family is so spread out and we like to see all of them during the holidays. My dad has always said that the most important thing to do before winter actually hits is to have your car ready. This is so you don’t end up stranded on the icy roads or in any other dangerous situations. This is why we here at Otto’ s BMW cars dealer, near Chadds Ford, has created a small checklist to insure that you have done everything possible to prevent yourself from getting into sticky situations during these next cold months.

The number one thing we want to see from you is that you are keeping up with all of the regular maintenance that you car needs. This means to make sure your oil is being changed, your filters are clean or replaced, and any other small jobs like this. You can find all of the regular maintenance needs for your car in its owner’s manual. This should have a list of all the things that you vehicle needs done on the regular.

If your car has any problems with it right now you should take it in to the shop to get it fixed now. If your vehicle has any problems now the cold will probably only make it worse. It is also good to get it fixed now before you have to have something totally replaced.

We mentioned this before, but it would probably be beneficial to have all of the filters in your vehicle replaced now. During the winter filters collect all the extra salt and sludge from the snowy roads.

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Get Your Dream Car Despite Having Bad Credit Part 4

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Bad Credit into good creditThe first thing you should think about doing when getting ready to purchase a vehicle with bad credit is to plan out a budget. When you plan this budget out you shouldn’t change it for anything. Even if you are approved for a loan bigger than the amount you had planned for. Never try to max out your loan just because you can. Stay where you feel comfortable to give yourself a little wiggle room in case of an emergency.

Make sure that you are getting a fair interest rate when you set up your payments. If you get an outrageous interest rate then it is going to be hard to even make a dent in your loan because of how much money is being added on because of the interest alone. That is why it is beneficial to make as large of downpayment as possible because you will be able to knock off a huge chuck of costs to you. Also, if you can make payments that are slightly above the minimum monthly payment you will see some benefits there as well.

Often times when you are making payments on your vehicle for a consecutive amount of time and your are faithful with them, a dealer may offer you the option to trade up your vehicle. This can seem like a solid plan, but really what you are doing is adding to the amount of debt you are already in. This truly isn’t beneficial unless you come into a large sum of money that you are willing to pay towards your new vehicle.

Hopefully we have given you a nice foundation on where to start when you are purchasing your vehicle even with your bad credit. Now that you know a little more you can head over to Otto’s new and pre owned BMW dealer near Media to start checking out their great vehicles.

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Get Your Dream Car Despite Having Bad Credit Part 3

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Good Vs Bad Credit Otto’s BMW has a section on their website that will allow you to apply for financing from the comfort of your home. This will help you to get pre approved to see the what kind of rates you can get for purchasing a vehicle from you. You definitely shouldn’t stop at trying to get pre approved from them. It would definitely be beneficial for you to check around with other lenders to see who can get you the best deals. Some of the other places you can check out are your bank or credit union, local loan lenders, or even some speciality programs that you hear about on the radio or commercials.

If you decide to borrow from the dealership you are buying from you should bring along some proof with you. The proof is that you will be a good risk to take for the dealers, basically information that will prove that you work and that you can keep up with payments. The main things you should bring include: Driver’s license, references, and a pay stub. Any other proof that you think may be beneficial for the lender to see can be brought along as well.

When you begin laying things out to find out how much you can afford for you vehicle you should make sure that you are looking at an overall price and not just the cost of the vehicle itself.  You need to add in the cost of insurance, gas, registering you vehicle, and so on. The number one thing you should stick with is your price range. Don’t let a pushy sales person talk you into going higher than you can afford with a car payment.

When you purchase with Otto’s SUV BMW dealer near Exton you can trust that they won’t be pressuring you to do anything you don’t want to. Stick around for the next article in our series.


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Get Your Dream Car Despite Having Bad Credit Part 2

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Erasing Credit HistoryBegin your car shopping research early so that you can be thoroughly prepared to talk with a sales associate. This will help them know that you are really prepared and serious about your purchase. This is just good advice for purchasing any large item that will be an expensive endeavor for you. You should check your credit score well in advance so that you are able to try and work through any major problems before you actually need to purchase your vehicle. Checking your credit score will cost you money, but it is important to know where you are ranked.

Rather than viewing them as black marks on your credit, “These risk factors can empower you as a consumer to help rehabilitate your credit,” Griffin says. The risk factors are present in all reports, so if you fix an issue you found on one credit report, the action will be reflected on all the other reports. Once you find your credit score you can start to find the problem areas that you can work on fixing.

The next step you can take is by working to get pre approved for your auto loan. You can seek out different loan agencies and try to find your perfect loan situation through this. You can get a loan from a lender or even the car dealership you are purchasing a vehicle through. You can find great lenders online and different ads you see in newspapers or magazines. Your best bet would be to do a search for them and apply to as many as possible.

Stick around to hear about some more great tips for purchasing your next new or used BMW car in West Chester, PA at Otto’s BMW dealer. They have a great selection of vehicles and an incredible staff that can help you find your perfect vehicle.


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Get Your Dream Car Despite Having Bad Credit Part 1

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credit historyHere’s the deal, not everyone is able to have a great credit score and this can effect some of the things that we try to purchase. In these situations it is important to go into it with plenty of knowledge on the subject and to know what your goals are. There are plenty of ways to cope with a bad credit score when purchasing a new vehicle. Otto’s BMW has compiled a list of tips for you to deal with having a bad credit score and we believe if you follow the tips you will definitely get your dream car.

There are a lot of things that can cause your credit score to be lowered, but one of the easiest to control is paying your bills on time. When it comes to lowering your credit score you should make sure that you can afford to make the payments on your cards and also that you don’t buy things that you can’t keep up with payments on. Also it is important to know that you purchasing a car with cash upfront won’t always lower your credit score. Basically what we are saying is that you will have the ability to purchase a car even if you have bad credit. It is extremely important to thoroughly prepare yourself for this process.

First you will need to do some research on the car dealership that you will be borrowing and buying from. The thought behind this is simple, you purchase a new vehicle so you won’t have to pay for repairs early on and in turn will be able to keep up with the payments for your new vehicle. Most dealerships look at this situation as an investment for them. If you purchase a vehicle with Otto’s used BMW dealer in Pennsylvania you will be making an investment in a great company. Check back later for more helpful tips for you.


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How Old Is Too Old When It Comes To Tires Part 2

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mechanic with tiresIn our last article we discussed the DOT code of your tires and what that actually means. One of the important reasons we look at the DOT code and not the date your tires were put on your vehicle is because of the real age of your tires. We were in the middle of what factors we use to determine the true age of your tires. One of these factors was the way your tires were stored before they were placed on your vehicle. The bottom line is, you don’t want tires that have been stored in an overly heated area.

The next step to determining your car’s tires true age is by checking out the wear and tread levels. If your tire’s tread level is below 2/32″ then it is definitely time to replace your tires. The tread on your tire is important to withstand skidding in inclement weather. However, you may want to change your tires before then if you are in the middle of winter due to snow and ice. It is important to make sure that your tires are being properly rotated when necessary. This is something that you could absolutely do on your own, but if you do not feel comfortable with that then you can always bring your vehicle into Otto’s BMW’s service department. They will get your tires checked out and ready to go.

The bottom line here is that you want to have your tires thoroughly inspected as to make sure you will not put yourself into a dangerous situation when we get into the fall and winter months. Take your vehicle to the service department at Otto’s BMW cars dealer near Kennet Square to get new tires or your current tires rotated. Call Otto’s BMW right now and set up an appointment with their service department.

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