The Favorite Car Features by Otto’s BMW (Part 2)

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Boy in car playing on tablet pcHere are the next few favorited features for your Used BMW near Exton.

4) Climate control for individual zones

During everyday driving to work and back home, this might not be a very used feature. However, for a long trip, this features is a life saver. Having multi-zone control means that the driver and passenger in the front seats can separate temperatures. Plus, anyone riding in the back has control of theirs as well. This features completely avoids any complaints about being too hot or too old. For a luxury car, this is almost a standard features, so your don’t even ave to worry about it being added on to your package.

5) A DVD or BluRay entertainment system

This is the holy grail of minivans and SUVs. Having an entertainment system in the back seats provide parents with hours of peace while their kids are watching cartoons. What could be better? Well, most systems these days also have headphone jacks. Which means that you have complete silence. Some models have drop-down screens for each of the back rows. This means that the bigger kids can sit in the back and play video games, while the little ones watch shows in the middle row. Kids and parents have never had it this easy, or this quiet.

6) A smart cupholder

There is a common struggle amongst cupholders. If your cupholders are designed to accommodate a 44-ounce drink, if you try to drop a 20-ounce glass in their, it is going to fall off into the floor as soon as your hit the off-ramp. One the flip side, if you have a smaller cupholder, getting a large drink is out of the question. The effective solution? The smart cupholder! They are big, but they have padding on the inside that clamp around a skinner container. This way it doesn’t matter what you want at the rest stop, it’s going to fit.

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The Favorite Car Features by Otto’s BMW (Part 1)

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Finger On Dashboard With Gps Panel No matter what you do with your Used BMW in West Chester, having the right features make you ride more enjoyable overall. Here are the favorite available features from Otto’s BMW.

  1. A navigation system and a trip computer.

Having a good navigation system ensure that no matter how big of city you live in, you know where you are headed. Plus, any trip that need to be made are not worry. To keep up with the current technology needs, most systems offer real-time traffic reports and can route your around the congestion. Nearly all of them have voice-guided directions. Most systems also include a trip computer that will keep tabs on gas mileage, miles until your tank is empty and more. The days of the road atlas are numbered.

  1. Flexibility in music.

You might be able to hold a dozen albums in the sun-visor CD jackets, but this means that your tunage is pretty limited. You could always upgrade to one of those 10 pound CD booklets, but that might be hazardous to thumb through at highway speeds. What come to the rescue? The advanced stereo system! Most will include an auxiliary hookup for MP3 player. Some even take integration a step further and display your iPod’s playlist on the face. An even better choice for you might be satellite radio. The broadcasts are commercial-free music.

  1. Cruise control

Consider it the savior of your right foot. Maybe it’s an old dog, but it has some new tricks. Luxury cars, like a BMW, now offer advanced cruise control systems that can accelerate and brake within reason. They can maintain a comfortable and safe distance between you and car you are following. Even if your cruise control is more basic, your right foot will still thank you.


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BMW ConnectedDrive Brings Spotify into the Car (Part 2)

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SpotifyHere is the second part of this new release brought to you by your local dealer of BMW Cars near Glen Mills. This news is straight from BMW.

The BMW Group has always been on top of the scene when it comes to smartphone integration. Their primary aim is to enable safe and comfortable use of apps in BMW Cars near Glen Mills and have already certified several apps for access in BMW and MINI vehicles. All the apps have been optimized for use during a trip. This means that they can all be operated by using the iDrive Controller of the MINI Controller which eliminates distractions for the driver because they are displayed in the Control Display and MINI Centre Instrument.

The Spotify app was specially certified by BMW for Safe in-car use. This app uses the BMW Group’s Apps for Automotive (A4A) technology. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on iOS-based devices. You can connect your smartphone to the car via the USB socket or by the snap-in adapter and launch the app. The users are then presented with the various functions of the app via the iDrive Controller/MINI Controller, the Control Display/MINI Centre

Instrument and the car’s audio system. The BMW ConnectedDrive Services or MINI Connect does need to be specified to use the app in BMW and MINI models.

Spotify is an award-winning digital music service. The service gives you on-demand access to over 20 million tracks. The Spotify dream is to make all the world’s music available – whenever and wherever you want it – instantly to everyone. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends. Plus, they still make sure that the artists being listened to are still getting a fair deal.

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BMW ConnectedDrive Brings Spotify into the Car (Part 1)

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SpotifyRecently in an announcement, BMW announced that Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming service, can now be brought into your BMW Car near Downingtown. On your computer, mobile device, tablet and home entertainment system, Spotify has already been giving you the perfect music for each moment and activity in your life. Now, you can bring that perfect ambiance into your car.

Starting on November 20th, all Spotify users on iOS – both free and Premium – were able to  enjoy a seamless music experience as long as they are either BMW or MINI drivers. This is allowing these drivers to access your own music and playlists you have put together. It also allows you to use features like Radio and Browse so that you can find the perfect music for your mood and moment even if it isn’t already on your music list. Not only that, but the driver gets to enjoy an intuitive viewing experience on the car’s high-resolution Control Display on your BMW’s iDrive Controller. This iDrive Controller, as you know, offers a comfortable and safe use for the driver as well. Any premium subscriber on Spotify can also enjoy extra-high quality music on demand. This means a great sound on your car’s audio system. From Spotify, this also means ad-free and offline listening.

Now, when you download the Spotify app from the Apple App Store, it will already be compatible with any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option.

Check back in our next blog to get the rest of the story on this new feature that will be available on your BMW or MINI car. We hope that you like the idea of being able to take spotify with your wherever you go. This means that wherever life takes you, you can have the music that suits your mood, or even sets the mood as the case may be. So go ahead, set up a road trip playlist and take off.

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The Features that Count from Otto’s BMW (Part 4)

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Heated SeatsYour BMW Dealer near Chadds Ford truly hopes that this blog series has made you think about the features that you would like in your next car. Some features we are sure you hadn’t thought of as important, but maybe now you will see the convenience.

Number eight: Heated Seats

Heated seats are the most essential winter feature for dealing with the frigid temperatures. Heated seats will start warming long before your vehicle is warmed enough to blast it’s 90 degree heat. Both leather and cloth seats can be fitted with heated seats. We know that this seems like a cushy, and unimportant feature, but it comes back to safety. On those cold mornings when you really do not have the time to wait for your car to warm up, driving to work convulsing from shivers. Its safer to be in control and warm.

Number nine: Height-Adjustable Seats

The key to comfort while driving is the seat, especially the ones that adjust vertically. If a seat does not adjust more than four ways it is incredibly outdated. We recognize that in today’s world back injuries and issues are prevalent. This is the perfect way to ensure that you sit comfortably in your car. Six-way adjustable seats are the only acceptable seats anything less than that should be left with the dinosaurs.

Number ten: Three Sets of Latch Connectors

Often times a big SUV having three rows of seating will not have enough latch connectors for child-saftey seats, sometimes having only two sets. With the way that safety-seat laws have changed, if you have three kids under the age of five, you are not going to have enough connectors. Make sure you find and SUV with three or more latch anchors for safer and more flexible driving for large families.

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The Features that Count from Otto’s BMW (Part 3)

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Finger On Dashboard With Gps Panel And Tv/dvd/audio SystemWe know that when you have decided to a buy a BMW the sheer number of available features can be overwhelming. That is why your BMW Dealer near Media has put together a list of their favorite tips. Hopefully, with these tips you will see the convenience and even pleasure-filled features that can come on a BMW.

Number six: Trip Computer

The trip computer is a simple, free, way to help your gas mileage. By checking your instant miles per gallon you will be able to adjust your driving habits quickly to greatly increase your fuel economy. Also included in the trip computer is an outside thermometer. While the outside thermometer will not help with your gas mileage it can help you to know if there may be hazards on the road such as ice, saving you hundreds. And when is that ever a bad thing? Sometimes when we look at features that might make our initial purchase a little more expensive. But if, like this one, it saves you somewhere else consistently, it might be worth the extra.

Number seven: Smart Cupholders

With the busy life you lead you are often sipping on to go cups of varying sizes, the best part is that your cupholder supports all of the different sizes. Our smart cupholders are deep enough to ensure that your jumbo super gulp will not tip over into your carpet. The smart cup holder also has adjustable grips so you can put your tall coffee in as well. Really though, being afraid that your drink is going to tip over the next time you take a turn is a pain. I know that I will often try to hold the drink still so it does not tip over. But what does that do? It takes a hand off the wheel, which give you less control, which means you are more likely to get in an accident. Is your drink worth that? Probably not.

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The Features that Count from Otto’s BMW (Part 2)

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Driver's hands on a steering wheelIf you are in the market for a BMW, and you know that a Used BMW near Exton is what will fit your budget, there are still so many great features that you can get. Working with your friends at Otto’s BMW will ensure that even though the car is used, it will have the features that you really want. If you do not know what kinds of features you are looking for, look no further, this blog series is a list of your favorite features in any car. The features that go beyond location and your lifestyle; the ones that just make life more convenient.

Number four: Telescoping Steering Wheel

Often the most uncomfortable part about driving is the position of the steering wheel. With the telescoping steering wheel this is no longer a problem the telescoping steering wheel increases the adjustability for that comfortable position. This adjustability also ensures the driver is secure if the airbag were to deploy. This feature is an option in every vehicle we offer.

Number five: Steering-Wheel Controls

You probably have more contact with your steering wheel and stereo than anything else in your car. Controls for both of these in the same place decreases the time that your hands are not on the steering wheel. Even better is when the controls for the cruise control are also on the wheel. When your cruise controls are on a separate toggle it is often confused for something else.

We hope that this series has you thinking about what kind of features you want in your next car. While these features would be great for every one, we do still recommend that you consider the features that will add to your lifestyle. If you are constantly dragging around six kids, keep that in mind. If your state is colder longer, putting heated seats on your list. Plan on hauling stuff? Make sure you have enough cargo space.

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The Features that Count from Otto’s BMW (Part 1)

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Woman tourist taking photo in car with camera driving on road trNo matter what car you drive, there are probably some features that you would say you cannot live without. Whether that be your heated seats, or your extra cargo space… they all might have to do with your life, or your location personally. Your dealer of Used BMW in West Chester has put together a list of features that they think are great no matter what your life looks like. Hopefully this will help you make a good choice on your next car and the features that you would like included on it.

Number one: Single-touch Automatic Windows

Using only one-touch to roll your windows up or down may only save you three seconds. But you can do a lot with those three seconds for instance while the window is rolling down you could look for your deposit slips. The 2010 Toyota Camry comes with one-touch window rolling feature on every window.

Number two: USP Port

With a USB port you have the ability to put the MP3 player out of sight, while letting it charge you can also control everyone of your songs at once. This is much better than your average MP3 jack that would not allow charging and control at the same time. Extra point go to the stereo systems that recognize older MP3 systems, also the ones that put all of the songs alphabetically.


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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 6)

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Family CarTaking pride in your luxury car starts with the care that you give it. To make sure that you know exactly how to care for your car the best way, you BMW Dealer near Kennet Square has put together some detailing tips straight from the pros. Here are the next tips.

Step eight: Wax your car every season. In between your thorough paint cleaning and wax applications you will pick up stains and scratches. For a quick addition, you can use a liquid spray wax that can touch up those spots. While this is a great idea in between waxings, it will never be a full substitute for a real coating of wax.  Just in case you’ve been using one of those old tricks for telling when you your car needs wax, you can forget it. Tossing a terry towel or dropping water on your car won’t do anything. If you go to a paint shop and pull a car right out of the paint room spilling water on it will cause it bead like crazy. There is also not one but of protection on the paint. Hence, there is no way to definitively know when your wax has worn off, so for best paint protection you should stick to a schedule. If you car spends everyday outdoors, you should give you car a wax job every season.

Step nine: Make the glass shine. It’s the last thing that you should do, because it will have grime from all the other steps. We suggest you find a glass cleaner without ammonia. Ammonia is not only bad for vinyl upholstery and the instrument panel, plus, it stinks.

Using a microfiber cloth will always give you the best look. It does a great job of getting rid of cleaner residue as well as the oil from your skin that causes streaks and spots on the inside of the windows. Our pro tip for this one is to reach inside the rear window on sedans and coupes and use the back of your hand with the microfiber cloth. You will be able to get much farther down the glass.

Step ten: Focus on the details. Do things like roll down the windows enough to get the top edges. Lots of dealers will actually wax the rear and side windows to protect them from being etched by water stains. We recommend you do not use anything by Rain-X. There will be instruction to follow on the bottle.

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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 5)

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Hand With Mop On CarHere are the next tip on detailing your car like a professional, sent to you by your BMW Dealer near Glen Mills.

Step seven: Protect your paint with wax. When it left straight from the factory, your car had a new clear coat. That clear coat does wear off over time though and it leaves the paint to fend off the elements all by itself. This is where the wax comes into play. The was is temporary. It stands as the first defense against the elements and will wear off in a few month. However, over that course of time, the wax will absorb the stains and scratches that would have attacked the paint. We have been told that the older you are the more you prefer paste wax, whereas the younger waxers like the liquids. We are here to let you know that both are equally, and the choice is simply a person preference.

absorb stains and small scratches before those hazards make it to the paint. We’re told older folks prefer paste wax, while younger ones like liquids. The last tips concerning wax from the pros is actually to add a second coat. The purpose in the second coat is to cover the areas that the first coat may have missed the first time. After the second coat there is no point in adding more. Even though it might make sense to add more coats for added protection, but the extra wax does not adhere and will wipe off in the buffing

Taking care of car should be on the top of your priority list. You BMW Dealer hopes that this blog series is inspiring you to take a new pride in your car. By being able to really take care of the upholstery and paint, you will be able to take some ownership in your , probably most expensive, possession.

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