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BMW Gains More Ground over Mercedes

HAMBURG GERMANY - 18 MAY: Freedom for all with BMW advertising by car rental company SIXT at March 18 2011 in Hamburg Germany. Sixt AG award the prize Autoflotte Flotten-Award 2011.

Used BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Greetings and welcome back. You might be surprised to learn that every year, the luxury auto manufacturers are in competition to see who can do better than the others. The main competition is between BMW, or course, Mercedes and Lexus. The closest race is usually always between BMW and Mercedes, with BMW leading most of this year.

Market share of luxury automobile purchasers is highly coveted and this year is no different. Automotive news had this to say about the current year’s standings, “BMW sold the most luxury autos in the U.S. in October, extending its thin lead over Mercedes-Benz as the race heads into the final two months.

Lexus remains a close third as it starts offering a revamped version of its best-selling model, the RX crossover.

Deliveries for BMW fell 3.8 percent to 29,439, even with gains of 8 percent for the 3-series sedan and 88 percent for the X3 SUV. Mercedes reported a 1.3 percent increase to 28,952, led by an 18 percent advance for its E-class cars. Lexus jumped 13 percent to 26,436.

The annual race promises to get tighter this month with the debut of the RX and of BMW’s revamped crossover, the X1, as well as increased availability of its X3 and X5 SUVs.

Luxury vehicles are riding a wave of relatively cheap gasoline, affordable credit and high used-car values, which is helping keep leasing terms affordable. More than half of luxury cars are leased.

Premium brands have “had the luck of the draw,” Mark Wakefield, managing director and head of the automotive practice for consultant AlixPartners, said in an interview. “We’re going to see low lease offers and that’s going to do a lot to prop the market up.””

We are always glad to see that our favorite luxury brand is at the top of the list when it comes to competition. To check out this great line of vehicles, head to Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania today!


BMW Expanding Sales in North America

BANGKOK THAILAND - NOVEMBER 19 2013 : BMW X1 xDrive 20d car on display at the Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok Thailand. Siam Paragon is a one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia.

BMW X1 at Otto’s BMW in PA

A Happy Black Friday to everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to enjoy being around all of your family and friends. You might not realize that today is a huge deal for a lot of dealerships in the United States. Companies offer a lot of discounts on the current year’s models in order to clear them out to make more room for the next year’s models. You can actually get a really great deal if you are willing to get out today.

Frequently we write about things that are going on specifically with Otto’s BMW in PA, but today we want to share part of an article that was written about BMW as a whole company. This article was published by Automotive News, the following is an excerpt, ”

BMW is confident its U.S. sales will continue expanding in 2016 even as the overall market reaches a phase of little or no growth.

The auto maker will has a new X1 model rolling out in the hot small-crossover segment and a fully redesigned 7 series large sedan to push sales higher, Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW North America said in an interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Dealers are “really, really, really motivated by the X1 and our flagship 7 series and they will generate interest for the BMW brand” Willisch said. “We are vey optimistic about next year.”

He added that the X1, offering more space and improved styling over the previous version, “absolutely is expected to outsell its predecessor.”

The challenge for all automakers, he noted, is that the U.S. market is near its peak, and industry sales are likely to only growth at slow pace next year. Moreover, sales are skewing more and more toward trucks.

As a result, the brands that will continue to grow in this environment will be those that have new models and ample supply in the hot segments, he said.”

If you have not seen what the new BMW X1 looks like, please check out Otto’s BMW today!


Helping Others on Thanksgiving!

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New Cars at Otto’s BMW Dealer near Media

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that all of our readers are enjoying, or enjoyed, a day filled with family, friends, food and fun! Otto’s BMW near Media is happy to be spending their day with family and thankful for all of the help they had helping the local food bank.

This is the time of year that we all look around and take stock of everything that we have to be thankful for. From health to homes, we are truly blessed, however, there are a number in the West Chester area that are not as luck as we. For this reason, Otto’s BMW partnered with the Chester County Food Bank to help provide area citizens with their food needs.

The entire month of November, Otto’s BMW is donating money to the food bank for every customer that comes in and does a test drive on a BMW. It is really very simple. Come to Otto’s BMW and test drive one of our many BMW models, for each person that does a test drive, Otto’s will donate five dollars to the Chester County Food Bank. Just imagine how much good we could do if everyone in Chester County went and did a test drive! The month is nearly over but there is still time for you to get to the Otto’s BMW dealership and take that test drive. (Black Friday is tomorrow, after all, and there will be a number of great BMW models with special offers going on!) The dealership will handle all of the logistics of getting the donation to the food bank, all you need to do is come in and drive!

For more information on what models are available for a test drive, simply check out the Otto’s BMW inventory page or stop by the dealership. The staff at Otto’s BMW would love to host you!

Thanking our Customers for Their Kind Words

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Inventory at Otto’s BMW Dealer near Exton

It is Wednesday. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Is anybody else as excited as we are?! Tomorrow is like the ultimate food day. Gobble until you wobble, is what they say. We are taking a break from our series on questions to ask Otto’s BMW near Exton to talk about some of the things that Otto’s BMW is thankful for. Today we want to thank all of our customers who take the time to leave kind words and reviews for us.

It might seem an odd thing to do, but thanking our customers for writing reviews for Otto’s BMW to read is a much needed occurrence. A review means that a customer has taken the time to let Otto’s BMW know just how we did. Part of the reason we are thankful for reviews is because we are thankful to have customers. Otto’s BMW would like to share some of our latest reviews here today. We hope that you will allow the fine folks at Otto’s BMW to help meet all of your BMW Car needs today!

Lisa N.,
 5 – From the moment I walked in, until the day I signed the paperwork, I was treated with nothing but kindness and professionalism!
Richard S.,
 5 – Heath Cameron excelled as he always has in top notch customer service over the past 9 years. He got us the car we wanted and all of our expectations were exceeded.

Thankful for Great Customers at Otto’s BMW!

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Otto’s BMW Offers Great BMWs and Helps the Community!

It is hard to believe that it is Tuesday! Just a couple more days until we sit down to a big dinner with our family and friends. This time of year has a tendency to make everyone at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown a little nostalgic. They start thinking about all of their past Thanksgivings and all of the things that they are thankful for. One of the things that kept getting brought up was how thankful Otto’s BMW is for their wonderful customers.

Do you ever notice how some people are just born to work around people, helping them in any way that they can? That is how the founder, Otto, was when he went into business for himself all of those years ago. When Otto immigrated to the United States, he viewed this as a great opportunity for himself. He came here with very little money but with an unending supply of endurance and optimism. Otto started working at an auto body shop and eventually saved up enough money to start his own. Over the years and thanks to his loyal customers, his business grew and grew. He was able to support his family and the families of those he employed because of the vast number of loyal customers that Otto’s body shop had. Since becoming a BMW dealership Otto has seen his customer base grow and has now been able to help support local organizations and charities in their endeavors to better the surrounding area. Otto’s BMW would not be able to give back so much to the community without their customers. This is just part of why they are so very thankful for all of their customers.

For more information on the local groups that Otto’s BMW helps to support, please check out the Otto’s BMW website. The image above will provide a link.

Plenty to Be Thankful For

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The Otto’s Story at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

Hello and a wonderful Monday to you! We hope that you had a great weekend and are super excited to start this short week. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, which we sure you are well aware of, and making preparations is happening all around. We are taking a break from our series on questions to ask Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills to take a few moments to talk about the things that Otto’s BMW is thankful for this year.

Otto’s is thankful to be a family owned and operated business. Their family has owned this dealership for over forty years and on any given day you can see three different generations at work there. Originally, Otto’s was an auto repair shop. Otto himself worked very hard to build the auto repair shop into a booming business with a wonderful reputation. He knew that if he wanted to succeed, he needed to provide excellent customer service and repair work at a fair price to build his customer base and to keep those customers happy for years to come. Otto made sure to carry this same philosophy into the BMW dealership. The auto body shop that Otto owned was approached by a vendor about becoming a BMW dealership, and with the help of his family, the repair shop grew to become the impressive BMW dealership that we know today.

Otto’s BMW is thankful for the opportunity that was afforded them all of those years ago. This opportunity allowed Otto’s family to work together and to provide a number of jobs to their surrounding community. As this company is owned by a family, you will find that you are treated like a member of the family while you are shopping with them. You can be sure that the Otto’s BMW family is always ready to take care of you and your family.

Questions to Ask Otto’s BMW – #16

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Certified Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Did someone say it was Saturday? Yeah they did! Happy Saturday everyone! We hope that you are having a wonderful day. Perhaps you are spending the day looking for a BMW at Otto’s BMW near Exton. If so, you might want to take a look at our series on the questions that you might want to ask while shopping at Otto’s BMW. You might not need all of the questions, but you could build your own little list.

What is the return policy?

What?! You might want to return your BMW? That’s shocking. We know that sometimes you drive a vehicle for a few days and you realize that maybe you should have gotten a different model or something bigger or smaller. Depending on whether you purchased a custom ordered BMW or something off of the lot will be part of the determining factor in whether or not you can return the vehicle. (Vehicles that were custom ordered may be a little different situation.) There will usually be a limited number of days in which you can exchange your vehicle. It is unlikely that you will be able to get a refund. (Every situation is a little different and will be evaluated by the Otto’s BMW management team.)

The good news is that customers really do not find themselves bringing BMWs back to the dealer. The team at Otto’s BMW takes the time to help each customer find their ideal BMW model. When you get what you are looking for the first time, there is no need to make a change! Otto’s BMW wants to help make sure that you get what you want the very first time and go out of their way to ensure that that happens.

For more information on the Used BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW, head to the dealership today!

Questions to Ask Otto’s BMW – #15

BELGRADE, SERBIA - MARCH 25, 2015: Detail of the BMW car in Belgrade Serbia. BMW is a German automobile motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916.

Pre-Owned Specials at Otto’s BMW near West Chester

Happy Friday! We hope that you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Just think, we are one week closer to Thanksgiving and to Christmas! It is truly an exciting time of the year. If you follow our blogs, you know that November is a great month to buy a car! You can find wonderful deals. All month long we have been looking at some of the various questions you might want to ask Otto’s BMW while you are shopping for a car. We continue that series here today.

Is a Carfax report provided before purchase?

So this a little bit of a tricky one. People have come to rely very heavily on the Carfax reports and not on the auto technicians that review the vehicle at the dealership. What many people do not realize is that Carfax only pulls the data from service records that have been recorded. Not all auto body shops report when work was done or if a vehicle was in an accident. It is possible that this report is missing a vast majority of the information about the vehicle. However, an experienced auto technician with advanced training will be able to tell very easily whether or not a car was in an accident and if it has been properly cared for over the years. The technicians at Otto’s BMW near West Chester have this level of experience and always do thorough evaluations on all of the Used BMW Cars that they look at.

If you ask for a Carfax will you be provided one? Yes. Is that the best judge of the condition of the Used BMW you are considering? Probably not. Our trusted dealership will always provide you with honest and factual information about each BMW in which you are interested.

Buy a BMW from Otto’s BMW in November!

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New Car Specials at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away! Just picture that delicious turkey, stuffing and all of the trimmings, boy, what a feast it will be! We hope that you will take the time to spend with your family. All month long we have been doing a series on the questions that you might want to ask the team at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania while you are shopping for your new car. Today we are taking a break from the series to talk about how great November is for buying a new car. Black Friday does have a little something to do with it.

Usually, September and October are the months in which auto manufactures release the models for the next year. (Sometimes it is even earlier.) Since that is when the manufacturers release the newest models, dealers need to get rid of the current year’s models to make room for next year’s models. This makes November a great time to for buyers to get a new car at a great price. Dealers are usually willing to cut deals they might not usually make just to ensure that they have room to showcase the newest models.

There are going to be limitations that you should be prepared for. Usually the deep discounts will only apply to existing models, meaning that you will not be able to custom order a BMW model with all of the options you want. However, the team at Otto’s BMW will be more than happy to see if they can locate a model that matches what you want. (You can also usually find great offers that are only available on Black Friday; contact the dealership for details.)

For more information on the specials at Otto’s BMW, simply call or head to the dealership today!

Questions to Ask Otto’s BMW – #14

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New BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW in PA

Happy hump day! We hope that you are having a wonderful week. This time next week we will all begin salivating just thinking about the great meal, or meals, we will be eating the following day. Not everyone is so fortunate to be eating a great meal but there is something that you can do to help! The entire month of November Otto’s BMW will donate $5 a test drive to the West Chester County Food Bank. Why not take a test drive of a great BMW model today? On with our series!

How long of a test drive can I take?

This is kind of a loaded question. Most of the time a test drive is just a short period of time that you get to get a taste of ownership. A sales team member will go with you to point out the features that the vehicle offers and to guide you on a route that covers a variety of terrains. There are some special instances in which you can take a vehicle home for an over night test drive. In order for the dealership to consider this as an option, you will need to provide proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license and proof (in writing) that you will not put more than 100 miles on the BMW. Please keep in mind that not ever dealership will go for this, but it never hurts to ask.

You might find that you like taking a test drive with a member of the BMW sales team, they are friendly and very knowledgeable. If you are new to driving a BMW or it has just been a while, it might be helpful to have a team member along to point out the great features and functions that the BMW model you are test driving has to offer. Head to Otto’s BMW in PA today to take a test drive!