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BMW Received a Top Honor

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New Cars at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square

Each year since 1997, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has been graced by a Central Feature, a grand sculpture celebrating a particular marque and its latest anniversary or celebration. In 2016, the honored carmaker is BMW, which is marking 100 years in business by taking a trio of spectacular concept cars on a world tour. For Goodwood, BMW has brought some of its finest classics to show off, and three of them have been attached at the ends of the three enormous steel curves forming the structure of this striking creation.

“The BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster is the car perched precariously close to the roof of Goodwood House. It’s the only one in the set that’s actually upright, with the other two attached upside down for greater dramatic effect. I saw one of these 328s on the ground today and fell in love with it before I even knew it was part of the show’s centerpiece sculpture. It’s a truly gorgeous piece of machinery from the early 20th century, and I’ll have closeup pictures of it to share later today. As to the others, the Dell-branded speed demon is a BMW V12 LMR, winner of Le Mans in 1999, and the Formula 1 car is the 1983 Brabham-BMW BT52, designed by Gordon Murray. It’s hard to imagine a better trifecta of cars to represent BMW’s engineering heritage and this year’s Goodwood theme of “the endless pursuit of power.”” –

The Mille Miglia Roadster is just a concept car, for now, but you can check out all of the amazing models that are currently available at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square. Their friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!

What Can I Do On Otto’s Website?

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BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW Dealer in West Chester

In this day and age, everyone has a website. If you do not have a website, then you might as well not exist. A big problem that we are starting to see is that some companies have websites just to have websites, there really is not much content on them at all or they are just useless. This is not the case with Otto’s BMW Dealer in West Chester. Their website is top notch and offers a lot of great features for you to take advantage of! Today let’s look at some of those features.

Search their inventory – Otto’s BMW keeps their website very up to date on all of the different BMW models that they currently have on their lot. You can search for new, used, or certified pre-owned cars with ease; you can even narrow your results by model and features. Online shopping for your new car has never been so easy!

Apply for a loan – You can fill out a credit application online through their secure process. This enables you to know what kind of financing you can get for your BMW purchase. This also means that you can spend less time at the dealership and more time enjoying your new car!

Value your trade – If you are planning to trade in your current vehicle towards your BMW purchase you can take advantage of the Otto’s BMW trade valuing application. This is a simple form that you submit to get an estimate on your trade.

There are a lot more great features that you can take advantage of on the Otto’s BMW website. Head there today to get more information on the different services and vehicles Otto’s BMW offers!

Know Your BMW Dealer!

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Otto’s BMW Dealer in Pennsylvania

We talk a lot about the amazing BMW models that Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania offers. Today we want to focus on the dealer and the dealership itself. Otto’s BMW has a long history of serving the Pennsylvania area and we want to share with you how they got their start!

The Otto of Otto’s BMW is a real person, who came over from Hungary during the first half of the 1900’s. It was a rough time in that country at this time and Otto wanted to move to the United States to establish a better life for himself and his future family. Otto came to this country with very little money and dream. He married a fellow Hungarian whose family had also fled.

Otto started working in a small auto body shop and eventually was able to go out and open his own. His shop became a large part of the communities fabric and was known as the place to go to have your vehicle repaired. He and his wife had several children during this time.

One day, Otto and his family were approached to become a BMW dealership. At first Otto was hesitant, his repair shop did a good business, why should he change it? After discussing things over with his family, his daughter encouraged him to go for it! The rest is history. Otto’s BMW is now a top BMW dealership that has a heavy focus on repair and customer service. Otto’s BMW is still owned and operated by Otto’s family, on any given day you will see his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren working at the dealership. Otto’s is a proud family business; it’s time for you to let their family serve your family!

More Used BMW Benefits

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CPO Used BMW at Otto’s BMW in PA

Last time we talked about the benefits to buying a Used BMW from Otto’s BMW in PA and today we want to share a few more benefits with you. (We mentioned lower price and depreciation savings in our last blog.) As always, for more information on different Used BMW models we invite you to check out Otto’s BMW Dealership or to shop their website.

New Car Fees – Something that can really add up are the fees that some states put on new cars. Not all states require the same level of fees to be paid, but some dealerships will tack on as many as possible. (Otto’s believes in fair selling practices so you will not see them adding on useless fees.) It is true that new cars do have a tendency to carry more fees since you are the first owner – Used BMW models will not have as many.

Variety of Models – People often forget that when you decide to buy a new car that you are stuck with the most current model as your only option, while this is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is nice to be able to have a large variety from which to choose your next vehicle.

Do you have your eye on a 2005 BMW 4 Series? Maybe a 1979 BMW is the car for you? If you’re looking for a specific, older model, odds are you’re not going to find it in new condition. “If you buy a used car, as opposed to a new car, you have a much wider selection of inventory to choose from and you’re not limited to models that were released over the past year or two as you would be when buying new. You have a virtually endless supply of inventory to choose from.” –

Get your Used BMW at Otto’s BMW today!

Used BMW Benefits

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Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

When you are looking to change up the kind of vehicle that you drive you will be faced with a pretty complicated decision – do I buy new or used? While there are a lot of benefits to purchasing a new BMW from Otto’s BMW near Downingtown, there are a lot of benefits to purchasing a used BMW too! Let us take a look at some of the benefits to buying a Certified Pre-Owned or Used BMW.

Better Price – You really cannot beat the smell and feel of a new car, but you are paying for it. The price gap between new and used vehicles can be about $20,000, according to That is a pretty decent chunk of change. Some will point out that the interest rates on new cars tend to be slightly lower, however, since you save so much on a used BMW, you will likely have a smaller bill with a used car.

Depreciation Benefits – While BMW models do tend to keep their value pretty well, there is inevitable depreciation that will happen. Since we use our vehicles on a regular basis, wear and tear will happen. When you buy a Used BMW, someone else has already aid that depreciation expense in a sense. This also usually eliminates the need for GAP coverage (optional insurance coverage to cover the difference between the amount of your loan and your car’s actual value), which is another added expense.

These are just a couple of ways in which buying a Used BMW offers you some great benefits. Stop by the Otto’s BMW Dealership today and speak with a member of the team about the other benefits to buying a Used BMW!


Time for a Great Deal on Retiring Models

Aarhus, Denmark - December 13, 2015: BMW logo on a panel. BMW is a German luxury automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Each and every month the team at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania takes the time and puts together a monthly message about the things that are currently going on at the dealership. Lately we have been pretty focused on how the remodeled dealership is coming along, but this month we wanted to focus on the great deals that Otto’s BMW is offering on the BMW models that are being retired.

What with weddings, graduations, Father’s Day, and the official start of summer, June can be a pretty exciting month. That’s certainly true here at the dealership, where we’ve packed some amazing opportunities into 30 short days.

First is a rare chance to acquire a beautiful BMW that had been in either our sales or specialty demonstration fleet. Available in a variety of models, these meticulously-maintained automobiles may have been “retired,” but they retain the same pulse-accelerating properties as the day they left the factory. And – bonus – they carry specially-configured warranty protection for security after the sale. (Consult your Client Advisor for details).

June is also the month we start our aggressive participation in BMW’s “DRIVE FOR A CAUSE,” this year in support of TEAM USA. The actual dealer event here at Otto’s will be August 12 – 13, 2016, but every Saturday from now on, we will be making a donation of $10 toward the Cause for every person taking a test drive (one donation per person per day).

As with the main event in August, we will have other makes and models on site, making it easy to compare and contrast BMWs with the “competition.” And just to make the whole experience more festive, we’ll have a hot dog stand where you can grab a free snack and beverage.

Stop by Otto’s BMW today!

A New BMW “i” Coming

Bucharest Romania - November 10 2015: Detail of the vent of a BMW i3 logo on a car. BMW i3 is a five-door urban electric car developed by the German manufacturer BMW.

New Cars at Otto’s BMW in PA

When BMW launched the BMW i3 and the i8 they were incredibly well received. While BMW is continuing to develop the existing “i” models, they are also developing a new “i” model, the BMW i5. Let us take a closer look at the new BMW i5.

BMW is getting cracking with development of its next i car. “i Next”, BMW people are helpfully calling it. (Launch is planned for five years from now, in 2021.)

It’ll be somewhere between the i3 and i8 in price, and will probably get a number because BMW has registered as trademarks all the i numbers between 3 and 8. It’ll be an all-electric saloon about 5-series size. Likely, it’ll use a step-change batteries.

BMW’s Sales and Marketing chief Ian Robertson announced, “The i Next will be our new spearhead for innovation and technology. Planned for 2021, it will offer autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a totally new interior. And ultimately it will bring the next generation of electro-mobility to the road.”

He stressed again that the i project isn’t just about battery cars, but also lightweight construction. “The 7-series is 200kg lighter than the previous one, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the i3 and i8.” So we can assume lots of carbon fibre and aluminium. “The i Next will carry the next steps in autonomous driving. Maybe not fully at first, but in most respects,” he said. He also said it will “have our next design steps”. Sources say it takes inspiration from the looks of the amazing, ultra-low-drag, shape-shifting BMW Vision Next 100.

We know that we have a while to wait for the new “i” model but in the meantime, we will enjoy the BMW i3 and the i8. Stop by Otto’s BMW in PA today to check out these amazing electric models for yourself!


Where Did BMW Come From?

SZCZECIN, POLAND - 16 MAY 2015: Detail on motor of BMW in Szczecin, Poland. BMW is a German carmaker producing passenger cars, motorcycles, scooters and engines since 1916

Used Cars at Otto’s BMW Dealer near Chadds Ford

Every once and a while it is nice to take a reflective look back on where BMW has come from. Perhaps it is Father’s Day that has us thinking about our heritage. Let us take a look back at where BMW first got its start. You can always get more information on the history of BMW from Otto’s BMW Dealer near Chadds Ford. (The summary of this information comes from the BMW group website.)

BMW can trace its roots back to Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. In 1916, the Flugmaschinefabrik Gustav Otto company had merged into the Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG (BFW) at government behest. Elsewhere, in 1917, the Rapp Motorenwerke company became Bayerische  Motoren Werke GmbH, which was duly converted into an AG (public limited company) in 1918. BMW AG subsequently transferred its engine construction operations – including the company and brand names – to BFW in 1922. The date of BFW’s founding, March 7, 1916, has therefore gone down in history as the foundation date of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

Since 1917, each of the company’s products proudly displayed the BMW emblem, which incorporates the Bavarian state colors. At the end of the 1920’s, the emblem made its first appearance in the company’s advertising as a rotating propeller – in a form that has been regularly reinterpreted since. This emblem is recognized the world over as a brand that is the pinnacle of luxury, innovation, and the world leader in top engineered engines.

You can regularly see the different incarnations of the BMW emblem on the Used Car lot at Otto’s BMW Dealer. For more information on the different emblems that BMW has had over the years stop by the dealership today. They would love to share their knowledge and passion for BMW with you!

The Future of BMW

Munich Germany April 19 2016 - Futuristic BMW car "Vision" at BMW museum.

New Cars at Otto’s BMW Dealer near Glen Mills

It is sometimes easy to forget that BMW is always looking forward. A lot of companies are more than happy just to rest on their reputations and not move forward. BMW is always thinking forward, it is this reason that they always have the latest technology in their vehicles. Today we want to share with you some interesting information on the concept cars that BMW is debuting this year.

“BMW is on a world tour this year with a selection of concept cars that present its vision for the next 100 years of automotive development. Catering to our wildest adolescent fantasies, these cars are aggressively, almost absurdly futuristic, with this week’s debutant Rolls-Royce and Mini models exhibiting a preference for pizzazz over practicality. BMW’s own-brand Vision Next 100 vehicle is no less extreme, eschewing traditional things like a dashboard and rear-view mirrors in favor of high-tech alternatives.”

We were already a fan of the futurism embodied by BMW’s Vision concept (it was made official back in March) but seeing it in all its aerodynamic glory in London this week, I’m upgrading my excitement by a couple of notches. The car simply looks stunning, like a more practical, more gadgety version of today’s supercars. It has a thoroughly streamlined shape that nevertheless still accommodates four people and even has room to include the design flourish of fin-like taillights (which we LOVE).

We are so excited to see all of the different concept cars that BMW is showing this year. While these concept cars are not readily available, it is great to see where BMW might be heading over the next decade. For more information on the new BMW Cars that are currently available, head to Otto’s BMW Dealer near Glen Mills today!

Used BMW a Great Way to Travel

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Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

When you are in the market for a new or used car it is easy to get distracted with all of the different model types and shiny finishes. Do not let yourself get taken advantage of by those slick used car salesmen at the other dealerships, head to Otto’s BMW near Downingtown and get the customer service that you deserve.

When you are in the market for a used car, look no further than the Used BMW cars that Otto’s BMW has on their lot. When you buy a Used BMW from Otto’s you are getting the very best of the pre-owned BMW cars that are on the market. BMW strives to offer their customers the very best vehicles that are on the market. You are also getting the support of a phenomenal BMW service and parts department. There is no issue or problem that their factory trained technicians cannot handle. They would even be more than happy to help you schedule your regular maintenance appointments as well. (You can schedule your appointments up to a year in advance so that you will have nothing to worry about. Your BMW can even send you reminders (depending on the model).)

You might wonder why Otto’s BMW has such an impressive reputation and the answer is simple. They have been serving the Pennsylvania area for over 40 years and have done so with the mentality that you always put the customer first. It is this commitment to customer service that has lead to life-long customers and generations of families purchasing their Used BMW cars from Otto’s. On any given day at the dealership you can speak with Otto’s son in law or daughter, or one of his grandchildren. When you are ready to buy your Used BMW let Otto’s family care for your family.