How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 4)

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Auto mechanic working in garage. Repair service.Here are the final tips from your BMW dealer in PA!

Ninth, if anything (and we mean anything!) at that shop makes you uncomfortable, do not hesitate to take your car to another shop. Maybe the diagnosis does not seem quite right, or maybe the staff members do not have enough time to answer your questions thoroughly, or perhaps the cost just seems excessive. Even if you have to pay a diagnostic fee for the shop to tell you what is wrong, it is okay to get a second opinion. Especially if the repair is larger or on any recommended repairs that has not been explained to your satisfaction.

Finally, after the repair work is done, you should ask for a written record of exactly what was done. The shop should be willing to explain exactly what work they completed, return any old parts upon your request, and present a detailed bill or invoice for your records. A good center will also provide written policy about warranties, refunds, and “come-backs”, meaning what they will do if you come back immediately because the symptom or problem you had has not been fixed or recurs within a few days.

Did we say finally? Well, we actually have a bonus tip! If the service was really good, say so! Tell the mechanics and your friends. Everyone likes to be praised if they do a good job. If the service center of even a particular employee gave you good service, tell them so. If they went out of their way to make sure you were taken care of , write a letter that can be posted publicly in their shop. Then, recommend that shop to friends and family and tell them to say you sent them

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 3)

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Mechanic At WorkAs if we were actually winding down. We still have plenty of tips to come. Why? We know that this is the most important information you could have concerning the long life of your car. Your BMW Dealer near West Chester has the know-how concerning your vehicle upkeep. Who better to do the maintenance and repairs on your BMW than seller of new and certified pre-owned BMW cars, Otto’s BMW.

Our seventh tip, is to ask for a diagnosis and estimate in writing before you authorize any repairs. Once you have been working with a mechanic or shop for a good bit of time and with satisfactory service a verbal diagnosis and estimate, along with an over the phone authorization will probably be fine. Even if you have a good long standing relationship, a written estimate protects both the owner of the vehicle and the mechanic.

Eighth, do not be intimidated by your mechanic and ask questions if you need too. If they rattle off a diagnosis that does not make sense to you, ask further questions courteously. If you do not understand, ask for simpler explanation. If you are working with a good shop, they will be happy and willing to explain what is wrong and to give you an option for repair. The better informed you are as the customer, the happier you will be. A good shop will also let you know if a more extensive diagnostic test is needed to properly identify the problem. They will also give you a list of options and costs.

We have one more blog for you concerning the service of you car. We know it seems like a lot, but we want to be thorough. Check back one more time to get the full list of tips on car service and repair.

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 2)

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Adding Oil to a CarHere are the next few tips from your dealer of Used BMW in Pennsylvania.

Our third tip was to pay attention to the vehicles performance. Going right along with it is tip number four: fix the little problems before they turn into big problems. When you take your vehicle in at the first minor signs of trouble it usually results in an easier diagnoses, a quicker fix, money save, and the prevention of a larger problem.

Next, you need to be specific about the symptoms that your vehicle is exhibiting. You, as the driver, know the vehicle best. So, when you notice that your vehicle suddenly starts making an unusual noise of behaving out of the ordinary, go to the mechanic and describe what you hear, smell, feel or see with as much detail as you possibly can. Where is the sound coming from? What does it sound like? Does any other behavior come with the sound? What are you doing exactly when the sound occur? How long does it last? Write as much as you can down and head to the mechanic. Go over the symptoms in detail with the servicer or mechanic. If they don’t understand, ask them to drive with you and point out the problem when it happens.

Our next tip comes into play when you get to the servicer. Do not offer your diagnosis or guess to the mechanic at the service center. Just describe the problem then let them do their job and diagnose it. If your car hesitates for three minutes after after it starts, just give them the description. Do not tell them you think it is the fuel injectors. If the transmission is slipping, do not tell them you think you need a new transmission. Voicing your opinion idea about what is wrong may mislead even a good shop or even tempt a less honest shop to sell you something you do not really need.

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 1)

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Happy mechanic loving his jobThere is nothing more important than getting good service for your Used BMW near Kennet Square. It is the activity that keeps your car living a long life. To be sure that you are getting the best care for your car, your friends at Otto’s BMW have put together a great list of tips.

First, you need to educate yourself about your own vehicle. At an absolute minimum you should read your owner’s manual. Use it to familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s basic equipment and the recommendations from the manufacturer concerning maintenance schedules. Taking the time to learn the functions of the basic systems of the vehicle like the battery, starter and alternator, or the components of the drivetrain of basic steering, suspension and braking systems better enables you, as the driver, to understand why maintenance is important and even the potential diagnoses of problems with these systems.

Next, actively practice the basics of good auto maintenance. By simply following the maintenance schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and by regularly checking the vehicle’s “vital signs” you may be able to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Doing these simple chores will help you learn about your vehicle also.  We recommend that you check the oil levels, coolant levels and tire pressure every time you gas up. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended intervals on changing the oil and oil filters, balancing and rotating tires, servicing the radiator and coolant, and servicing the brakes. Also, you should check your tires tread every two months.

Third, try to pay attention to the vehicle’s overall performance. The way the car smells, sounds, and feels can actually give you vital clues about problems that might be emerging. For example, having your engine checked if starts making a high-pitched whine, or the slight clicking as the wheels rotate, or the slight vibration in the steering wheel between 50 and 65 mph, or the slight burning smell of smell of hot coolant, or a temp gauge that is running just a little hotter than normal. These are just a few common symptoms. Having them check early helps you avoid a big problem.

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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 6)

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Man Trying To Putting A Travel Bags Into A CarThis is it! After all these tips, surely you are ready to jump in the car and hit the open road! Your BMW car near Glen Carbon could take you anywhere you want to go. So, grab some friends and a back pack and jump in the car! You never know what amazing discoveries you will find on the road.

Tip number six: Do not be afraid to follow the weird billboards. It does not matter what they say! “Free Chocolate This Way” or “Second-Friendliest Yarn Store in The Universe” it does not matter. Follow it and see what you can find! These are often magic small-town destinations that have never been seen before by your big-city eyes.

Tip number seventeen: Embrace the gas stations. Some are glamorous, some not. Some are gourmet, and some not so much. Either way, they’ve got free bathrooms and cheap eats. It’s a place to potty, fill up the tank, and grab some jerky for the road. Stop at gas stations often. You are bound to find some really stellar places. You know, some even have those fancy “mix-your-own-milkshake” machines now. Really, that will probable make the whole trip.

Tip number eighteen: Take lots of pictures. Instagram is great, but that not what we mean. Road trips are the perfect material for a scrapbook that you will love to look back on. Plus, you’ll want a couple of great candid shot to put on your refrigerator and bulletin board.

So that’s it! Eighteen tips to make your next road trip much more fun. And maybe your are not planning to spend two whole weeks on the road. So many of these tips can be used when you are just driving the five hours to grandma’s house. Whether it’s you and your friends or you and your kids, these tips will make the next trip much more fun.


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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 5)

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Hand with car against blue sky backgroundYour dealer of BMW Cars near Downingtown hopes that you are starting to get really excited about your next road trip. With only two blogs left, you should be almost ready to hop in the car and take off for a few weeks!

Tip number thirteen: Ask the locals where you should eat. This goes back to the tip about making friends. Don’t be afraid to ask the random guy in the gas station where you should eat. Nine times out of ten that local will be able to send you to a tastier, and cheaper dinner. The guidebook only thinks it knows about ambiance, the local will actually know what’s up. Just ask the simple question.

Tip number fourteen: Limit the phones call you make to the outside world. Road trips should be about wild, abandoned freedom spent on the open road. They also provide a special bonding power with your trip mates. I mean, you are spending hours and hours together in an enclosed space on wheels. You might be tempted to spice up your conversation with a quick phone call to the friends you left at home, but we promise it will pay off not too. Leaving those friends at home allows you to really get to know your fellows travellers. Plus, you will be able to soak in all the amazing sights that are right there around you.

Tip number fifteen: Bring a spare key. In fact, just for this trip, we highly recommend you buying one of the magnetic boxes that sit under your carriage. It sounds like a no brainer, but we would hate for that no brainer to get forgotten and you to be stranded with your keys AND your phone stuck inside your locked car with family 500 miles away.


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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 4)

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quick tips crossword puzzleWe are right at the halfway mark for these great road trip tips from your BMW Dealer near Chadds Ford. But stay with us, you wouldn’t want to miss the tip that makes your trip the best on record.

Tip number ten: Carry small bills for the tolls. You never know when a toll is going to pop. Sometimes they make their appearance in the more bizarre places. More than that, there fares might be higher than what you expect. Before you take off, stock your center console up with dollars and some coin rolls. This way your mailbox won’t be overflowing with fines from the Kansas Department of Transportation when you get home.

Tip number eleven: Keep someone up to date on your whereabouts. Every night that you stop to stay, text someone. Keep in consistent, a friend or parent. Let them know the name of the place you stay every night and which city you are planning to reach by the next night when you stop. We don’t think anything sketchy will happen, but this way, someone has a record of where you were, where you are, and where you plan to be.

Tip number twelve: Invent your own road games. Unlock your creativity! We are sure that there is an “are we here yet?” child hiding inside, just waiting to let out their pent-up tension. Forget 20 questions, only use seven. Or you could re-cast your favorite movies by using your trip mates, or your co-worker that you left at home. Who can find the most of the same word on billboards before the next stop? But keep it interesting – make the word chicken! Let your imagination run wild!


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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 3)

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tips tricks iconYour next road trip really can be a blast. It doesn’t matter who you go with, these tips from your BMW Dealer near Media will make the whole experience a giant happy memory!

Tip number seven: Bring a CD. That’s it. Just a CD. Pick one with 12 or less tracks. Keep in mind that your will be listening to is every day for however long your trip is going to take. But it will be worth it! Stick it in the player and leave it. Listen to is all the way through every day without skipping tracks. You may not even notice it playing the background after a while. But a few months later when you’re in the grocery store and one of those songs come on the radio, you will find yourself smiling at a memory you forgot you had. Only a song can do magic quite like that.

Tip number eight: Buy a 30 rack for your trunk. No, we are NOT advocating drinking and driving. We condone no illegal activity. We just know that it is always nice to have a few beers handy. You never know when you will stumble across a beautiful roadside sunset of a scenic overlook that will demand a few brews.

Tip number nine: Try making new friends wherever you go. You get to keep to yourself when you are at home, introvert friend. Road trips are the time to get out and meet new people! Try chatting with the grocery store cashier. Ask the staff at the motel where the best shopping in the area is. Hanging at the park? Jump right into that game of Frisbee. No one knows the area better than the locals. They will be the ones to lead you to the best activities once you break the ice.


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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 2)

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Plastic Miniature Cars On MapYour dealer of Used BMW near Exton is continuing the planning for the greatest road trip of your life. We know, you’re a skeptic. But there are actually some really great tips for making the road trip one that you will remember… and not because you spent six hour waiting for a tow truck.

Tip number four: Bring a really big Sharpie and an actual, real map. We know that modern technology has given us awesome things like Google Maps for driving directions. And while that is easier, we think that it is way more fun yo track your progress on a real, printed atlas. How fun would it be to trace your route on the map as you go? And once you’re done, you have a fun memorabilia. You can hang it in your office and smile at it every single day.

Tip number five: Leave room in the luggage so you can bring home treasures. You should pack as light as possible so you have room to collect. If you travel to New Mexico, you are probably going to find an authentic Apache rug. In Texas, you will find an awesome mounted deer head. In Vermont, you will not be able to resist that year’s supply of syrup. It would be the worst thing ever to come across that thing you just cannot live without and the truck is filled with unnecessary suitcases.

Tip number six: Get yourself a gas car. In is inevitable. You are going to be buying a whole lot of fuel on this trip. All that fuel translates into a whole lot of free fuel points. Those fuel points can get you cheaper fuel, cashback on hotels where you stay, and even discounted groceries for the trip. Look into it. We guarantee that you can find places to stop where your car card will work.


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Top Tips for Taking Road Trips (Part 1)

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Man Trying To Putting A Travel Bags Into A CarTaking a road trip may sound like an overwhelming venture. So many unexpected things can happen! Lest you think that this is a bad thing, your dealer of used BMW near West Chester has put together some great tips for your next road trip.

Tip number one: Make a plan, but keep it flexible.  We know that most road trippers have a time limit. With that in mind it’s a good idea, it is smart to plot out what city you will sleep in for each night of the trip before you set off. The best plan is to drive eight or less hour per day. Do not schedule for any more than that. Then you can just take off. Enjoy the hilarious scenes that come with driving and wandering and following your wild road trips whims!

Tip number two: Do not research your stops before you go. You see, expectation is a giant joy-kill when it comes to the happiness of a road ripper. To avoid this, plan your road trip with some extra room. This way you can afford to make an entrance to the new city with no prior knowledge (or expectation) about what you will find. While it may sound scary, cluelessness actually has its benefits. When you have to expectations about a stop, it is impossible to have them let down by what you end up discovering. You will also leave more room for weird discoveries when you are not making a beeline for the city’s most-visited tourist locales.

Tip number three: Try to find the “world’s largest”everything. Keep in mind, this is the ONLY stops that we recommend you actually map out. So many place claim to have the “world’s largest” version of whatever. These places make for some hilarious sights. There are so many “world’s largests” right along the highways. You can stop and see the Giant Artichoke in Cali, or the World’s Largest Freestanding Illuminated Man-Made Star in Virginia.


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