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Stars And Stripes

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What a great day! We hope that everyone had a fantastic Forth of July and were able to spend the day with family and friends. We wonder if anyone else spent time watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Team USA was really great this year and we were all pulling for a USA win in the finals. The game where the USA played the Germans had us a little torn. We love Germany because that is where our beloved BMW Motor Company was born and where all of their fantastic automobiles are conceived. However, we were really glad that Team USA beat Germany because we are very patriotic. You might be surprised to find out that our favorite BMW Dealer, Otto’s BMW near Kennet Square, was founded by an immigrant as an auto body shop. Otto came to this country with little more than a dream and a hope for life in the United States. Through hard work and perseverance Otto worked his way from mechanic to auto body shop owner to owner of a BMW dealership to owner of several BMW dealerships. Otto is now a proud citizen of the United States and a shining example of what you can achieve when you work hard. The history of BMW is not so different from Otto’s story. BMW started as a manufacturer of parts for airplanes and grew to be one of the leading luxury car brands in the world. This idea that you can achieve whatever you believe so long as you work hard, is one of the main reasons that people come to our great nation. If you are ready to drive a small part of the American dream then head to Otto’s BMW and check out their vast inventory.

BMW Gives Me Fireworks

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Happy Forth of July! What a great day! We take this day to celebrate our independence from Great Britain and our sovereignty as a nation. A lot of us will celebrate with barbecues, get togethers and we cannot forget the fireworks!  We love the beauty of fireworks. It reminds us of the beauty of the BMW Cars that are sold at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills. You might even say that BMW Cars give us fireworks in our stomach over excitement. When you see a BMW car for the first time you instantly notice the sleek body styling with contours that just do not quit. There is just something about the classic curves of a BMW model that remind us of a time when elegance reigned supreme. The amazing thing is that you could put a BMW Car into any decade and it would look timeless and relevant, all at the same time. This timeless beauty comes from the decades of design and innovation that is at the heart of every BMW model. It is not surprising that the BMW brand in one of the top selling automobile manufacturers in the United States and in Europe. The interior of BMW Cars are not to go unmentioned as they are all designed with the driver in mind. All of the consuls are driver oriented to encourage ease of use and less distracted driving. Even the buttons and the screens of the center consul is aimed toward the driver making for an easier time seeing the route the navigation system has lined out for you. When you sit in any of the BMW Cars you will notice how lovely all of the fabrics are; BMW makes sure to only use the very best for their automobiles. Check out the impressive BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW today!

BMW Drive for Team USA

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BMW 3 Series at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

Happy Friday! Hard to believe that tomorrow is the Forth of July. The day we celebrate gaining our independence from Great Britain. We take that day to celebrate the pride that we have in our nation but there are so many ways you can show your American pride all year long. One way that BMW and, more specifically, Otto’s BMW near Downingtown is by taking part in the Drive for Team USA. Otto’s BMW website describes the drive as such, “BMW is putting you behind the wheel of our most athletic BMW models to support Team USA as they prepare for next summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. Test drive the BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, and X4 as well as their competitors. Then, decide for yourself which driving performance is worthy of taking gold and taking home after you’ve experienced every turn, straightaway, and stop.” With every test drive taken, BMW will donate $10 to Team USA, and that is in addition to their sponsorship. BMW really believes in national pride and doing what they can to cultivate that pride. The Olympics are a great way for our country to show off our top athletes and how wonderful our country is. Some of you may be thinking, “but isn’t BMW a German company?” The answer to that is yes, but a lot of manufacturing for BMW takes place in the good ole US of A. While you are out tomorrow at what we are sure to be fun barbecues, picnics and general fun activities, not to mention the fireworks, take a moment to remember what it means to be an American and take pride in our country. Be sure to schedule your test drive to help benefit Team USA at the upcoming Olympic games!

BMW Cars – A USA Victory

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All Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford

Did anyone else see that FIFA women’s soccer game last night between the USA and Germany? It was incredible! Second seeded USA beat first seeded Germany with 2 goals. It was a great victory for USA. Do not get us wrong, we love Germany as our beloved BMW Motor Company was started there and it is where some of the most innovative engine technology comes from, but USA winning is just exhilarating. While BMW has a long standing history of being made of the finest materials in Germany, years ago some of the most popular BMW models began being manufactured in the United States. Americans love BMW Cars so much that manufacturing needed to take place in the USA to keep the BMW customers happy. We like to call this a victory in manufacturing for the USA. There are more than 5 manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada. (You have to give Canada a little credit as they are our neighbor.) When manufacturing began taking place in this country the popularity of the BMW soared even higher; much higher than what was expected. You can now get most of the BMW models here in the USA. German engineering but an American made product. How great is that?! You might be wondering where you can see these impressively beautiful machines – at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford of course! Otto’s BMW offers an incredible inventory of BMW automobiles on their dealership lots. Those automobiles are just waiting to be driven home by some of the wonderful people living in Pennsylvania. Stop by the dealership and let the knowledgeable sales team show you some of the reasons that BMW makes the very best automobiles. You can even ask them about the history of BMW and Otto’s; they are always ready to answer any questions.

Used BMW Will Keep You Rolling

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Used BMW Inventory under $25,000 at Otto’s BMW near West Chester

Happy Monday to you, our avid reader! We hope that your weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and filled will relaxation. Unfortunately for a friend of ours, instead of relaxing and having a fine time, he spent his weekend working on his old car, trying to get it running so that he could make it to work this morning. Why would he continue to put himself through this week after week? It is because he thinks he cannot afford a different vehicle. Boy, is he wrong! He could get a lovely BMW from Otto’s BMW near West Chester for a fantastic price. Otto’s BMW has a huge selection of used BMW models on their lot and ready for you to take home today. No more weekends trying to get your clunker to run for another week! Since you are buying a pre-owned BMW from Otto’s BMW you know you are getting the very best used vehicles available. Otto’s takes the time and care to select the best pre-owned automobiles to be on their lot. There are a a huge number of automobiles available in a wide variety of years. Sometimes they even have classic BMW models on their lot. How cool will you look driving to work in a classic BMW like a Bond car? Your co-workers will be so surprised after seeing you in your clunker – it will be a great way to get noticed! Do not be like our friend spending all of his free time trying to get his old car to last just a little bit longer; head to Otto’s BMW today and check out their huge selection of used BMW cars. There are even a large number of automobiles priced under $25,000. You are sure to find a great automobile at Otto’s BMW!

Is a Used BMW the Best Option for My Family?


Used BMW at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Good Saturday to you! The weather has just been delightful here. Makes you want to get out and take the family for a little jaunt to a park and maybe do some hiking. You get all packed up with you sandwiches made and then you hit the road only to find that your current car will not survive the trip. Everyone is disappointed, a few choice words maybe slipped out but what will you do? You do not want to spend a whole lot on a brand new car but you want something that is road worthy and will last. All you need to do is head to Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania and check out their huge selection of used BMW cars! “Is a used BMW really the best option for my family?” You seem to be forgetting that a used BMW from Otto’s BMW will be one of the very best used automobiles available. Otto’s cares so much for their customers and the quality of the vehicles that are available for purchase that Otto’s only sells what they consider to be the best of the best of used cars. No lemons or hunks of junk here! A used BMW car from Otto’s will last you for a long time and, since it is a BMW, is one of the safest car brands on the market today. Incredible safety and incredible value? We must be dreaming! You know that your current automobile needs an upgrade or just plain replaced. Head to Otto’s BMW today and look at their used and pre-owned lots. There are so many different models available that you are sure to find exactly what you want and need. Have a question about one of the models? The friendly sales team at Otto’s BMW is ready to help you!

No Buyers Remorse with BMW

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Happy Friday to you! We hope the day finds you well and not full of regret and disappointment. We were watching the news the other day and there is a study that during times of economic recession and recovery people feel a high level of buyers remorse when they make a large purchase. It was suggested that people feel guilty about the purchase and will return it. We wonder if they feel this remorse because they do not take the time to do their homework and research their best option before their purchase. At Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford we do not see buyers remorse. This is probably because when people purchase an automobile at our lot they know that they are getting an incredible car with impressive fuel efficiency, high safety ratings and impressive luxury. However, the purchasers at Otto’s BMW are also getting something else. They are getting their maintenance costs covered for the first three years they own their new BMW. When you buy a new BMW from Otto’s BMW your cost of ownership for the first three years is zero dollars. You cannot beat that. Other car manufacturers just do not offer that. Not to mention that when you buy from the other guys it is possible that their sales team snookered you into buying a vehicle that you did not even want. That leads to major buyers remorse. The sales team at Otto’s will do no such thing. They will help you find the very best BMW model to fulfill all of your BMW needs and wants. You will not be leaving their dealership in an automobile that you do not want. Otto’s BMW really cares first and foremost for their customers, and that is why buyers remorse will not be found at their dealership.

What Will My Spouse Say About This?

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New Car Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Media

Good morning and welcome back. We are glad you are able to join us this morning for our serious look into what our spouse might say and do when we bring home a BMW from Otto’s BMW near Media and the actions we should take to best react to their reaction. This may seem like an odd topic to cover but as a friend of ours brought home a BMW as a surprise for his wife, she reacted in a way he had not predicted and he did not know what to do, we thought we could save you from a similar fate. While a BMW is a lovely gift, take a moment to consider whether or not your spouse is a surprise gift person. If not, bring them to the Otto’s BMW dealership and let them pick on out for themselves. You get the credit for a great gift and they get a great gift without a big surprise. While BMW automobiles get great fuel economy and are incredibly luxurious, many people do not point this out when they give a BMW as a gift. Getting a surprise BMW can be a shock, (such thoughtfulness) and many people will be trying to think of reasons not to keep it. (Why do people do this?) Pointing out the practicality of the BMW will help calm any concerns and put the receivers mind at ease. Our friend we mentioned earlier would have done well to take both pieces of advice but did not; do not be like him. Consider your recipient and always point out the practicality. To get your gift, head to Otto’s BMW and look at all of the BMW models on their dealership lot. The friendly sales team will help you find the perfect BMW.

Build Your BMW Car

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Build Your Own BMW at Otto’s BMW in PA

Happy Hump Day and welcome to another installment of this BMW blog. We do our best to bring you different information about the many BMW models every month. It occurs to us that we may have excluded a very important piece of information. We have not told our readers about the incredible feature on the Otto’s BMW website that allows you to build your ideal or dream BMW in cyberspace! It is a very simple process and it just walks you through screen by screen until you have customized the BMW to your hearts desire. You can select the trim the exterior lines, interior and exterior colors, not to mention all of the options you can choose from. When you are finished it will give you an estimated cost. You can use this estimated cost to decide if you can add more options or maybe prioritize options so that the finished BMW will fit in your budget,  if you have one that is. This impressive tool will also give you a three hundred and sixty degree look at what your perspective car might look like. This way you know almost exactly what you are buying, the real thing will be so much better. If you are not sure that the BMW you have designed is the right one for you then head to the Otto’s BMW dealership in PA and test drive the model you are looking at. This way you can get a feel for the BMW you are designing without the commitment. You can then tweak your design to more precise specifications. Once you have your new BMW designed you can get a quote online, print out all of the car information and take it to the dealership for ordering (sometimes you can do these things electronically!). Check out Otto’s BMW!

BMW’s of Summer

Bangkok - March 26 : Bmw 420I Convertible On Display At 36Th Ban

BMW Convertible at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

It is officially summer! We know that everyone is excited to kick off this most warm time of the year. You have been prepping for summer all spring; getting your yard ready, pulling out your favorite sunglasses and buying that sunblock. One question, did you get your BMW yet? You might be thinking, ” I already have a BMW.” That is great! But what about your summer fun BMW? You know, that car you take your Sunday drives with your honey in the passenger seat. The automobile that you roll the windows down or put the top back, turn up the radio and just see where the road takes you. There is something to be said about warm air whipping through your hair while you listen to your favorite tunes. We are sure you can picture yourself in a classic BMW convertible. (You might look a little like James Bond!) If you plan on going where the road takes you, then you might want to consider a new BMW model with a built in navigation system. These systems are built into the dash and can be activated once you decide to stop and it will guide you back home. A really impressive touch is that BMW has orientated the navigation system to face the driver for the maximum ease of use. That is just how BMW does things; they always do whatever they can to make the driving experience as wonderful as possible. Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania wants to make your purchasing experience as wonderful as possible too! When you head to the Otto’s BMW dealership and step onto their lot, you will be greeted by a member of their sales team who is trained at helping you find the very best summer BMW for you! Happy shopping!