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Never Easier to Get a BMW X3!

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BMW X3 at Otto’s BMW near Thorndale

When you are shopping for a great luxury SUV, you need to look no further than the BMW X3 at Otto’s BMW near Thorndale. The BMW X3 is sleek and stylish and has all of the engine ingenuity that you expect from a BMW. Now it is becoming even easier to get a great price for your BMW X3.

One way to get a great price for your X3 is to pay for it in cash. It is a lot easier to negotiate for a better price if you are paying with cash. Cash means that the dealership gets paid now and does not have to do the extra work associated with the financing paperwork. Stepping up to the negotiation table with cash gives you some extra power and a better likelihood of savings on your X3.

If you are not someone who likes to pay cash, but would rather finance, then you need to check out the impressive financing offers at Otto’s BMW. You can usually get a really low interest rate if you are willing to go through the dealership’s finance department. BMW works with their dealerships to make sure that their customers can get a great BMW at a great rate. (Not every dealership or auto maker is willing to provide their customers with good rates through their own financing departments, so be sure to do your homework and read everything that the dealership has on how they do financing.)

For more information on the current offers available at Otto’s BMW, stop by the dealership and talk with a member of the staff. They would be more than happy to show you the current financing offers as well as the different BMW X3 trims that they have on their lot. Happy Shopping!

A BMW Can Be Anything!

BRUSSELS BELGIUM - AUGUST 9 2014: Motor car BMW F30 3-series in the city street.

BMW 3 Series at Otto’s BMW near Wallingford

Every once in a while we get word of someone doing something interesting with a BMW vehicle and we like to share it with our readers! Today we came across a story that we thought was unbelievable until we did a little research – it is so incredible and will certainly bring out the inner nerd in a lot of us. Let us share that story with you now, and as always, if you would like more information on the different BMW models available, head to Otto’s BMW near Wallingford.

According to Gizmodo, a company out of Ankara, Turkey called Letvision unveiled a transforming robot based on a BMW 3 Series coupe. A series of videos hosted on Letvision’s website and YouTube account showed Letrons, as the bright red transformer is called, being put through its paces by an operator with a remote control.

“At the operator’s command, Letrons rolls into a parking lot set against a backdrop of lawn sculptures, dry fountains, and incongruous giant suits of cartoon armor. It drives slowly toward the operator and stops dead, facing the camera. Then the magic happens. Slowly but surely, the car unfolds and stands up, revealing a stiff-looking robot beneath the 3 Series’ flanks. Once standing, the robot swivels its head around, flexes for the camera, flashes its lights for dramatic effect, then folds back up into car mode and drives away.”

How long until we will all be able to drive our own transformer? It might not ever be a reality, but we can dream. Until then, we will happily drive the BMW 3 Series that is available at Otto’s BMW. For more information on what the BMW 3 Series has to offer, head to Otto’s BMW today and speak with a member of their staff!

Ahead of the Pack!

AMSTERDAM - APRIL 16 2015: Five-door urban electric car BMW i3 at the AutoRAI 2015.

BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW Dealer near Unionville

BMW is proud to be a leader in the automotive industry. They were among the first to produce long range electric vehicles and now are establishing charging corridors along the east and west coasts of the United States. Today we want to take a better look at what all is happening in regards to this charging corridor. For more information on the different electric BMW models available, head to Otto’s BMW near Unionville.

Here are a few of the highlights of the new charging station:

  • Nearly 100 DC (direct current) Fast charging stations provide more flexibility for EV drivers, supporting long distance and metropolitan electric vehicle travel along some of the nation’s most heavily-trafficked corridors.
  • EV drivers can more easily travel from Portland, Ore., to San Diego on the West Coast, and from Boston to Washington, D.C., on the East Coast, utilizing a network of newly installed fast charging stations.
  • Owners of the BMW i3, Volkswagen e-Golf and other electric cars can locate the publicly-available charging stations on the ChargePoint network.

The corridors are designed to make longer distance EV travel easier, with faster charging time than standard Level 2 public charging. Drivers can locate stations through the ChargePoint mobile app or website; in BMW i3 vehicles via BMW ConnectedDrive, either in-vehicle or via the app; or in Volkswagen e-Golf vehicles by accessing the Volkswagen CarNet® app via smartphone or smartwatch or in-vehicle.

“BMW’s vision for an innovative, more convenient future of electric mobility encompasses the continued rollout of a robust public infrastructure throughout the U.S. to benefit our customers and all EV drivers,” noted Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure for BMW of North America. “The partnership with VW and ChargePoint demonstrates the efficiencies of industry cooperation for building robust public DC Fast charging while encouraging consumer interest in electric vehicles such as the BMW i3.”

We Love the New X1, and You Will Too!

MUNICH GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: BMW i3 at the BMW Welt a customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG Munich Germany

BMW X1 at Otto’s BMW near Glenmoore

The new BMW X1 is a true thing of beauty to behold. It is sleek and elegant while having the ability to accelerate and power through nearly any driving condition. Today we want to share with you a little bit of information on the new model and some insights into some concerns that some reviewers have shared. For more information, head to Otto’s BMW near Glenmoore.

The xDrive28i delivers that power through an eight-speed all-wheel drive automatic transmission that gives the X1 a nicely planted feel.

“The suspension is stiff – too stiff for some reviewers – and gets more so when the car is shifted into sport mode. This sharpens the acceleration by changing the throttle mapping and by altering the shift points. It also shuts out the comfort settings on the suspension.”

The engine is all new in the 2016 X1 and set transversely under the hood – sideways, instead of lengthwise. That bought BMW some additional room in the cabin, which the X1 uses to good advantage. This is not a big car, but it feels big inside, with plenty of legroom and headroom in the front and rear seats. The 2016 model sits a little taller, giving it less of a hatchback appearance, and has more cargo room than its predecessor too. The X1 comes standard with some useful amenities, such as a power tailgate and rain-sensing windshield wipers. It also comes with run-flat tires, which some drivers won’t like so much.

Test drive this impressive model for yourself at Otto’s BMW today. Their team would be more than happy to show you everything that the new BMW X1 has to offer. You deserve a great new SUV, you deserve the new BMW X1.

BMW X1 – A Lovely Throwback

BANGKOK - December 11:BMW x1 sDriver 18i car on display at The Motor Expo 2015 on December 11 2015 in Bangkok Thailand.

Used BMW X1 at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

While we were doing research for our story on the potential relationship between Samsung building a battery plant in Hungary and them possibly making the batteries for the BMW electric car model, we stumbled upon and interesting review of the BMW X1. We thought they made some interesting points, so we wanted to share part of that review with you here today.

“The engine is all new in the 2016 X1 and set transversely under the hood — sideways, instead of lengthwise. That bought BMW some additional room in the cabin, which the X1 uses to good advantage. This is not a big car, but it feels big inside, with plenty of leg room and head room in the front and rear seats. The 2016 model sits a little taller, giving it less of a hatchback appearance, and has more cargo room than its predecessor too.”

The X1 comes standard with some useful amenities, like a power tailgate and rain-sensing windshield wipers. It also comes standard with run-flat tires, which some drivers won’t like so much.

As usual with BMWs, a lot of other helpful equipment costs extra. The Premium Package on the model I drove includes power folding mirrors, keyless entry, a moonroof, LED headlights that swivel when the car turns, and lumbar support — things that are standard now on many midrange vehicles, but added $3,250 to the MSRP.

For more information on the BMW X1, stop by Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills. Their staff will let you test drive both new and used BMW X1 models so that you can form your own opinion on the X1 and its different features. You are sure to fall in love with one of the different X1 models at Otto’s BMW. Take one home today!

New Batteries for BMW Electric Cars?

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - AUG 6, 2015: Electric car BMW I3 charging its batteries. The BMW i3, previously Mega City Vehicle (MCV), is a five-door urban electric car developed by the German manufacturer BMW

Used BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Rumors have been stirring for a little while about the possibility of BMW getting a new supplier of the batteries for their electric cars. Earlier this month it was announced that Samsung was opening a new plant in Hungary. It is just speculation at this point, but it could be that Samsung could be making the new electric batteries for the electric cars that BMW has already brough to the market and the ones we expect to see from them in the coming months. Let us see what else we can learn about this possible partnership.

“Anticipated increases in electric-car production in 2018 and later now have batterysuppliers scrambling to add manufacturing capacity. One of the major players is Korean firm Samsung SDI, which is reportedly planning to open a new battery plant in Hungary.However, it is unclear which electric cars the new plant’s lithium-ion cells are intended for.”

Samsung plans to invest around 400 million won ($358 million) in the plant, with the intent of starting production in the second half of 2018, according to Reuters. The plant will be located near Budapest, and will reportedly have the capacity to supply cells for 50,000 electric cars per year. Samsung is turning its attention to the European market because of slow sales in China, Reuters reports.

While we are still just speculating on this developement, it could be great news for the fans of both BMW electric cars and the Samsung brand. Could this lead to more integration of Samsung technologies into BMW cars over time? We don’t know this for sure, but it would be a very interesting development!

For more information on the different new and used BMW cars offered by Otto’s BMW near Exton, stop by the dealership today!

i8 Dropping Engine & Going All Electric?

NONTHABURI - MARCH 23: BMW i8 on display at The 37th Bangkok International Motor show on MARCH 23, 2016 in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

BMW i8 at Otto’s BMW near Chester

BMW is one of those companies that is a pack leader and sets the trends. This is the case with the BMW i8. The BMW i8 is a sports car that runs on a unique combination of electricity and traditional fuels. In late July it was announced that BMW is working on a proto-type that would drop the traditional engine and make it completely electric. Today we want to dive into this a little further and see what all we can expect from this proto-type.

“BMW’s next all-electric car could be a variant of the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe.The German carmaker currently offers only one all-electric model—the i3 hatchback—and there have been rumors of a second, likely called i5.”

But BMW is apparently considering an all-electric i8 in addition to a completely new electric model. It plans to build a prototype all-electric i8, although it has not committed to any further steps toward production, reports Britain’s Autocar magazine. This prototype would use three electric motors for propulsion in place of the standard i8 powertrain—which includes a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a single electric drive motor. As in the standard i8, one electric motor will power the front wheels, while two motors will take over the job of gasoline engine, driving the rear wheels.

While the standard i8 has a total-system output of 357 horsepower in hybrid mode,Autocar reports that the prototype’s electric motors will make 268 hp each. These motors will reportedly be more compact than the current i8 motor. The prototype will also reportedly get similar chassis modifications to the i8-based hydrogen fuel-cell prototype BMW unveiled last year.

To test drive the BMW i8, head to Otto’s BMW near Chester!

Take Advantage of the Otto’s BMW Service Center

MUNICH GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: BMW x3 at the BMW Welt a customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG Munich Germany

Service Center at Otto’s BMW near Brookhaven

One really great attribute of the Otto’s BMW dealership near Brookhaven is that it has a fantastic service center. The Service Center is staffed by factory trained and certified technicians who have access to BMW factory parts and who have the knowledge to handle regular maintenance and major repairs. Today we want to share with you some other perks of getting your BMW Cars serviced by the team at Otto’s BMW.

One of the biggest advantages of servicing a vehicle at the dealership begins right in the service bays. Dealerships employ technicians that are considered specialists in working on a particular line of vehicles. They are manufacturer-trained and, in most cases, only work on the make of vehicles that are sold through that particular dealership.

“The specialist training is often only offered to a manufacturer’s network of dealerships, and encompasses not only the service technicians, but service managers, advisors and support staff as well. This means that the men and women working on the vehicles have intimate knowledge of how these vehicles are supposed to perform and how/when to make necessary repairs.”

Another advantage is the relationship that is built with the dealership. By having a vehicle serviced regularly at the dealership, they have an accurate and up-to-date picture of the road and service history of that vehicle. They are better equipped to understand what is going on with each individual vehicle because they have all prior service records right at their fingertips.

For more information on the service center at Otto’s BMW, check out their website or stop by the dealership today. Their friendly staff would be more than happy to show you around the service center and introduce you to the the different technicians who work there.

Midseason Facelift

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - AUG 6, 2015: Electric car BMW I3 charging its batteries. The BMW i3, previously Mega City Vehicle (MCV), is a five-door urban electric car developed by the German manufacturer BMW

BMW i3 at Otto’s BMW in West Chester

The BMW i3 is the all electric car that BMW has been offering for the last few years. It has been so widely popular, so popular in fact, that BMW had not made enough to satisfy the demand. There is actually a wait list for this wonderful vehicle. Today we want to share with you about the midseason face lift that the BMW i3 recently received. If you are interested in ordering your own BMW i3, stop by Otto’s BMW in West Chester.

The i3’s new battery pack is said to have 50 per cent higher energy density compared to its predecessor’s.

Within the same overall external dimensions as the previous 22kWh battery, the new pack stores up to 33kWh. There is a marginal increase in weight, but BMW claims that the car’s performance figures are unaffected. It still delivers a 7.3-second century sprint.

“The biggest impact the new battery has on the i3’s overall appeal is a 50 per cent increase in range. It does take an hour longer to charge (what did you expect?), but after plugging into a 16A three-pin socket for 41/2 hours, the i3 will run up to 300km if driven gently. It used to be that the car could travel a maximum of only 190km on a full charge, again when driven gently.”

Existing owners can have their i3s fitted with the upgraded battery pack. The replacement job takes just 11/2 hours, and costs €9,000 (S$13,698) in Germany. Unfortunately, the battery retrofit program is not available in Singapore.

You can test drive the BMW i3 at Otto’s BMW. For more information on the upgraded battery pack, stop by the dealership today. Their friendly team would be more than happy to assist you!

Buy New BMW Cars

Moscow, Russia - May 10, 2015: Blue car BMW 5 series E90/E91 Fast speed drive on city road

BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near Coatesville

When you are shopping for a BMW at Otto’s BMW near Coatesville, you might wonder if you should buy a new BMW or used BMW Cars. Today we want to share with you a few benefits of purchasing new BMW Cars from Otto’s BMW. For more information on any of the models that Otto’s BMW carries, stop by the dealership today.

Did you know that some of the most attractive financing offers are on new vehicles? It’s true! Historically low interest rates and vehicle loan terms that commonly span six years have made new car ownership a reality for more people. Financial institutions also typically offer more attractive interest rates for new vehicles than they do for used vehicles.

“Yes, the payments for a new vehicle are higher than the payments for a used vehicle, and it takes longer to pay off a new vehicle loan. However, for as long as buyers can obtain no-interest and exceptionally low-interest car loans, a new car could be within the grasp of someone who might otherwise have no choice but to buy a used car.”

Another perk of buying new BMW Cars is that you know the entire vehicles’ history. This is really attractive to those people who plan on keeping their BMW for its entire life, and potentially getting their BMW to Classic status.

“When you buy a new car, you know that vehicle’s history. You know how it was cared for, where it was serviced, how it was driven, and whether it was involved in an accident. When you buy a used car, you never really know for sure. While CarFax reports and stronger laws have helped to reduce the possibility that a used car buyer might get stuck with someone else’s problem, a new car is rarely a problem. And when it is, a warranty protects the buyer.”