End Of Summer Maintenance Guide Part 1

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mechanic working on carWell the end of summer is finally rolling around, kids are heading back to school, temperatures are going to be cooling of, and it’s time to give your vehicle a jumpstart. Summer can be hard on your vehicle. You are, likely, taking it out for road trips for summer vacations and the heat can be rough on some of the cars parts. We are here to give you a small guide to help you get your vehicle up and running like it is brand new. These are all very simple tasks, but we can often times forget to do them.

After your long drives here and there for vacations or day trips with the kids it is going to be important to have your oil changed. It isn’t driving by itself that would require and oil change, but in fact, the heat is going to cause your to be affected as well. It could be beneficial for you to check your oil levels first and see what the oil looks like. Checking your oil is a very easy task, just use the dipstick and rub it along any white cloth or paper towel. You will want to inspect it to see if it is at all gritty.

Once your oil change has been completed you can check out your vehicles tires. This is a task that you should do more often than once a year after summer, but you should give your tires a closer look this time around. Check the tread depth of your tires first. If the tread does not meat the recommended tread depth then it is time to replace those tires. As we head into the winter months it is going to be pretty important to have a good amount of tread on your tires. You can bring your BMW cars to dealer near Chadds Ford, Otto’s BMW for and maintenance needs you may have.


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BMW News About The i3 Electric Car Part 2

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Electric Car IconWhen you get behind the steering wheel of the new BMW i3 you will immediately notice the great handling power. The one really great thing about this electric vehicle is that you don’t feel like you are in the tiniest vehicle imaginable. This vehicle sits up nice and high unlike other electric cars. Another really great feature that this vehicle has is the regenerative braking system. This system works as soon as you take your foot off of the gas pedal and begins to slow it down.

Under the hood you will find a two cylinder engine that works to generate power when your battery gets below a certain power level. This insures that your vehicle won’t just stop working. One really great quality you will find is that you won’t have to deal with different styles of driving when you vehicle works from the two different engines. The gas tank in this i3 will hold up almost two gallons of gas.

You will find the interior of this vehicle to have plenty of room. You can seat a total of four passengers in this vehicle. The interior of this vehicle has such an elegant and classy design. It has tons of great features that are extremely convenient for you as a driver and tons of safety features that can work to keep you much safer.

If this vehicle is something that you are interested in then do not wait any longer! Call Otto’s BMW dealer near Media for hybrid news and then set up a test drive so you can see exactly what this car has to offer. For more news about this vehicle you can ask any of our skilled sales associates and they will be more than happy to help you.

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BMW News About The i3 Electric Car Part 1

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We here at Otto’s BMW are very excited to announce some really cool news about the new BMW i3 electric car. This new plug in is a rear drive hatchback with some great driving skills and incredible features.

Go Green One really awesome feature of this electronic vehicle is that it comes with an extending range gas engine. This is set in place to ease out the stress of long distance driving with an electronic car. Also, this engine is only made to help to continue making electricity. When your battery hits a certain amount of power the engine will kick in so that the car will never die.

BMW has said this about their new vehicle, “The electric drive produces 170 hp and the REX adds a 34-hp, 650cc two-cylinder motorcycle engine. We opted for the REX in midtrim Giga World version. The EPA rates the electric range at 72 miles, and it estimates that the gas engine will supply another 78, for a combined 150-mile range.” This new car will begin with a body made of carbon fiber and it is even made with an “earth friendly” plastic in the interior. The interior will also have a tan leather to give it a nice sporty feel.

Our best guess on an estimate of a beginning price for this new electronic i3 is somewhere around $45,000.If you decide to get some of the extra features and special products for your new BMW it may cost somewhere about $50,500. This are always up for change and that’s why you should check it out at Otto’s hybrid BMW dealer near Exton. Call Otto’s BMW right now to speak with a sales associate and set up a test drive for this extremely exciting new vehicle.

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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 6

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Rotating tiresWe have reached the final article in our series of learning about the dangers of your old tires. Continue to read on to find out what else we have to say about dangerous old tires.

Remember that you are going to see different problems with vehicles that have are driven differently through out its life span. If you have to commute back and forth for work then you tires will wear out much quicker than a car whose tires are only driven a few days out of the week. The best thing you can do for your tires is to always properly maintain your tires at all times.

One important thing that you can do to protect yourself is to not purchase tires if they are used. I know, tires are super expensive and any way that you can cut costs would be beneficial. However, this could just cause some terrible things to happen later on down the road. You can’t always know what other people are going to do that is why it is best to just take precautions and purchase you tires new. Even if a tire was made within the last year it could still be dangerous because you can’t control how other people maintain their tires before you get them.

So, what we have learned is that we need to maintain our tires and let go of those old tires that aren’t going to be okay for you. Remember, just because you aren’t going to use your tire to drive you could possible reuse it for other purposes. Get crafty and find some other uses for your old tires. As for now you should head on over to Otto’s BMW dealer of new and used BMW in West Chester, PA.

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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 5

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car mechanic with tireIn the fifth article of this series we are going to discuss how to store your spare tires and we will touch on what your tires can endure and how long they will last because of these conditions.

The way you store you spare tire is going to cause it to either last longer or wear out much quicker. Most people think that you spare tire is considered brand new until it is place on your wheel and gets put to use. This, however, is not true. You will see that just aging along can cause you tire to wear out pretty quickly. The heat from just sitting in your trunk will really do a number on your tire. It might be more helpful to store it in your garage or somewhere that is cool and dark. It may seem a little more inconvenient, but it will definitely allow you tire last longer. The bottom line here is that you need to be aware of what condition your tires are in regardless of where they are stored.

Always keep in mind that your tires are not invincible. It is important to always treat you tires properly. This means to watch out where you drive and try to avoid rough roads. Maintain your tires too. Have them rotated properly, make sure they are inflated properly, and have them repaired if need be.

Stick around for our next article to figure out whats next for your tires and how to make them last longer. Until then have your car’s current tires checked out at new and used BMW dealer in Pennsylvania. They have a great service department that can take great care of you and your vehicle.

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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 4

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danger icon We here at Otto’s BMW don’t want you to just take our word for anything. We want to give you all the information we can on a subject and then we want you to be able to make an educated decision on the matter. So, in this portion of the article we would like to discuss what all the different factors are and why they can have such a bad effect on the your tires.

The first factor we are going to discuss is heat. Heat is probably the leading cause of age on your tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proven that warmer weather and heat will age you tires drastically. So for those people living in more coastal climates they will see aging more quickly with their tires. Keep this information in the for front if you are trying to decide whether to replace you tires or not.

The next thing you should think about is the way you store your tires. The way you store your tires applies to every tire that you own even the spare tires or donuts. Some vehicle’s have their spare tires mounted up under the vehicle or on the back side of it. These tires are more susceptible to the elements because they are exposed to everything.

Stick around for the rest of the information that we have about storing your spare and extra tires. Until then you can head on over to Otto’s BMW dealer of BMW cars near Kennet Square. They have all of your BMW vehicle needs such as spare tires or a full service department if your vehicle is in need of maintenance.

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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 3

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Danger signContrary to popular belief tires do have a “best by” date. Depending on who you are speaking to you will probably find different opinions on the matter though. The best thing that you can do is to do your research and you should check with the manufacturer of your car’s tires and see what they believe the expiration date to be. You could even refer to your car maker to see what they think would be the best guidelines are for your vehicle. Some car makers would say that you should toss your tires out if they are six years old no matter how great the tread still is on the tire or not. However, the longest time we have found to be an acceptable date is ten years after the tire is made.

These expiration dates are just estimates and you need to remember to have your tires inspected on at least a semi regular basis. You will have to have this done because there are so many factors that can cause you tires to wear out quickly. If you are in a very hot climate then your tires are more likely to wear out and go bad on you. If you drive on very rough roads then this will also have an affect on your tires. There are tons more conditions that can cause your vehicle’s tires to brake down quickly and this is why it is so important to have them inspected by a professional.

To have your tires inspected, head on over to Otto’s BMW service department for BMW cars and SUV near Glen Mills. You can call right now to set up a service appointment for your vehicle.

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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 2

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Dumped Old Car TiresMost of the issues we are going to find with tires is that they are just worn out and have been driven a ton. However, if the tires on your vehicle aren’t driven a lot then you are going to see more of an issue with aging tires than anything else.

We will use an example for this next part. Lets take something made out of rubber, like a rubber band. Have you ever seen one of these that is extremely old or maybe has been left out in the sun? Well if you were to pick this rubber band up and try to stretch it, it could break or if it does still stretch then you see some cracks on the surface. Those cracks are still detrimental to the structure of this rubber band. It has been compromised and probably won’t be able to do its job and if it can do its job it probably won’t last for long. This is the same problem that we have with tires. If we have tires that have never been used a day in their life, but have sat out in the sun or the heat then there is still a wearing down process. The cracks and changes to the vehicle’s structure happen over time and they compromise the quality of the tire. Now, if we add driving to the these tires, we know that they won’t be able to do their job for long before they end up blowing out on us.

We aren’t quite finished yet, so stick around for the rest of our series. Until then you should check out Otto’s BMW dealer of cars near Downingtown for any of your vehicle’s needs. Call to set up an appointment today!



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Learn About The Dangers Of Old Tires Part 1

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Stack Of Old TiresWhen we own our vehicle’s we have to remember that there is a ton of maintenance that must be done on them. It seems as if when we get one thing accomplished we have to move on to the next thing to get it running at its top potential. One of the areas that tends to fall to the wayside include the tires on  your vehicle. It is extremely important to have the tires on your vehicle in perfect working condition because they have a lot of effect on our vehicles. We don’t realize a lot of time that having old tires can actually be very dangerous for us as well. There have been plenty of accidents that have been caused because of old tires wearing out on the road.

There is a potential for buying old tires even when we think they are brand new. Just because a tire has never been used on a vehicle doesn’t mean that it is still in top working condition. We also need to remember that it doesn’t always rely on the amount of tread that is still left on our tires either, yes that part is important, but it isn’t everything. We are going to talk about the dangers of an aged tire.

Now we do need to remember that older tires aren’t always bad, but we do need to be aware of the dangers that they have. That is what we will be discussing in our next series with certified BMW dealer near Chadds Ford, Otto’s BMW. For any of your BMW vehicle needs you can bring it in to the service department at Otto’s BMW and they will get your vehicle running at the top of its game.


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Should You Lease Or Buy Your Next Vehicle Part 8

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Pros Versus ConsThere are pros and cons to everything, and this includes purchasing or leasing your next vehicle. Otto’s BMW has some great options and one of these will work out perfectly for you and we just need to figure out which one is best. There are downfalls to purchasing your own vehicle, let’s dive in and check out what some of these might pertain.

One of the negatives for purchasing your vehicle is the depreciating value of your new vehicle once you drive it off the lot. This means that when you go to sell you vehicle that you probably won’t be able to sell it for the same value that you got for it because the value of the vehicle has gone down. It would be hard for you to figure out exactly where your car is going to end up on the scale of market value after it has been used.

For the most part, most auto loan lenders will require you to put down at least 10% and up to 20% of the cost of your loan. This could be a downside because most would need to save up a good chunk of money in order to put down this much cash. This is absolutely necessary if you want to have a low monthly payment for your vehicle.

One way to make this whole buying or leasing process easier is if you sit down and work out a very detailed budget for your vehicle. Make a list of all of your wants and needs for your vehicle to figure out what vehicle is going to work out best for your car needs. Head on over to Otto’s used BMW dealer near Media to find your next vehicle and research the leasing and purchasing options they have available.

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