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Be Cut and Dry with Your Salesman

MUNICH GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: BMW i3 at the BMW Welt a customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG Munich Germany

Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Parkesburg

Today we want to continue our series on what you should share with your salesman. When you are shopping for a Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Parkesburg, sharing certain pieces of information with your salesman can help you to get a great deal on a used car and keep your appointment focused on what you want to accomplish. Today we want to focus on an area of shopping that doesn’t often get featured.

I want the cheapest car that will get the job done. Here are the features I need. “Here’s a fact about car shoppers: Some people buy cars because they love what they are about to purchase; others buy cars because they need to fulfill a purpose. A salesperson won’t know which buyer you are right off the bat. If you’re the latter, buying a car the way you’d buy a refrigerator, tell your salesperson that,” ( He or she may be able to suggest a vehicle that works just as well for your needs as the one you’ve picked out, but can save you cash along the way. Perhaps it’s a holdout from the previous model year. Or maybe it’s an unpopular color that can net you a nice savings. If you’re flexible on brand and model, your salesperson might be able to save you a few hundred bucks.

Taking this attitude can really lead to you getting a great deal on a Used BMW. Not everyone is willing to take this approach, but we think that if you are flexible, it will really pay off for you.

For more information on the Used BMW models at Otto’s BMW, stop by the dealership today. Their friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!

BMW X1 is Only Improving!

BELGRADE, SERBIA - MARCH 25, 2015: Detail of the BMW car in Belgrade Serbia. BMW is a German automobile motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916.

BMW X1 at Otto’s BMW near Cochranville

We love watching the BMW X1 grow as a model. Over the generations, we have seen the X1 change and improve. BMW has really been listening to what their customers have thought about the past generations and then making changes to the X1 to suit their customers wants and needs. Today we want to share with you a part of the information that we gathered from a conversation that we had with a long time BMW X1 owner.

had a 2014 X1 (prev generation) that was my favorite car ever, but was coming off lease. I expected this new generation of X1 to be fair since it was being molded to look like the rest of the X-line family. I was wrong. Dead wrong. This is actually more fun than the last one. Slightly less horsepower, yet the 0-60 is quicker. The move to a front-wheel-emphasized 4WD is not noticeable. I sometimes miss the hydraulic steering (however, the 2016’s adaptive steering makes parking and city driving much easier).  By adding a few extra PSI to the tires, I am getting 35+ MPG on the highway! Eco-mode is much more useful now without sacrifice. The interior materials are a step up (interior lighting at night is especially top notch). The rear view is crowded compared to previous gen (due to smaller rear window and seat back obstructions), but not dangerous. The front seats are narrower than the last model and could use a little more cushioning as well – make sure you like them first vs. ordering the sports seats/package. I am 5’8 at 175 pounds so the base seats work for me. Overall, It’s more luxurious, quieter and more fun than the previous generation (which was already great). I will have a hard time giving this up in 3 years.

For more information stop by Otto’s BMW near Cochranville.

Share with Your Salesman

MUNICH GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: BMW x3 at the BMW Welt a customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG Munich Germany

Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Chester

We have been doing a new series on the different information that you should share with your salesman. Today we want to continue this series. When you are shopping for your next used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Chester, keep these things in mind and you will be sure to have the best purchasing experience possible. (We pulled some of this information from

I have a trade-in, I would like to have it appraised as soon as possible. Getting a trade-in appraised can take time. Moving that process up earlier in the deal-making can speed things along. It also lets the salesperson know that it’s very important to you to get a good trade-in value. If it turns out you and the dealership are thousands of dollars apart on the trade-in value, the earlier you know that, the better.

If I can get a great deal, I’m ready to buy right now. If you’re ready to buy on the spot (assuming you get the right deal), say so. Very few things fire up salespeople more than knowing they’re in front of buyers who are ready to do immediate business. In addition to getting the salesperson’s attention, that simple buy-right-now statement can move you from being a looky-loo to being a priority customer in the eyes of management.

If you have any other questions about what you should tell your salesman, stop by Otto’s BMW and talk with their team. They will help you get a great deal on a Used BMW no matter what you tell them. You are sure to look through their online inventory and check out all of the different models available in their Used BMW section. Happy Shopping!

Lieben Du ist einfach, weil Du bist schoen

NONTHABURI - MARCH 23: BMW i8 on display at The 37th Bangkok International Motor show on MARCH 23, 2016 in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

BMW i8 at Otto’s BMW near Wallingford

Good morning to you! For those of our non-German speaking readers, today’s title reads, “loving you is easy because you are beautiful”. Today we want to talk about the strikingly beautiful BMW i8 that is available at Otto’s BMW near Wallingford. There is more than just looks to this wonderful sports car – and we want to share some of that information with you today! As always, if you have any questions on the BMW i8 or would like to take a test drive of this model, just stop by Otto’s BMW. Their team would be more than happy to give you an up close and personal look at the i8.

“The first and only BMW supercar was the mighty M1. But it built that back in the 1970s; what on earth has it been doing in the meantime? Sitting back while Audi wins over a lucrative new set of customers with the R8, that’s what. Finally, we have a response. Which, would you believe, is also an ‘8’. But this is preceded by ‘i’ – i for electric,” ( That’s right, BMW has made the world’s first and only petrol-electric hybrid supercar.

It’s about as far from the usual BMW template as you can get. The engine is a tiny 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder, mounted transversely ahead of the rear wheels. Tiny, but mighty: it produces 231bhp. There’s a 131bhp electric motor up front and a big plug-in electric battery to give it serious potency. All this is packed into a carbon fiber tub and wrapped in stunning thermoplastic bodywork; it looks like a concept car that’s escaped from the motor show stage. Radical? You bet.

This model has such a punch when driving it, you really need to experience it for yourself! Stop by Otto’s BMW today!

Info on the 2017 BMW i3

MUNICH GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: BMW i3 at the BMW Welt a customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG Munich Germany

BMW i3 at Otto’s BMW near Westtown

In the past few weeks there has been more information released on the 2017 BMW i3. Today we want to share with you some more infomation. If you have any more questions, be sure to talk with a member of the team at Otto’s BMW near Westtown. They would love to assist you in any way that they can.

The i3’s new battery features cells with higher energy density, yielding a 33.0-kWh capacity, with the same external pack dimensions as the 22.0-kWh version. The new battery is heavier, though, and contributes to an overall weight increase of about 100 pounds, to 2961 pounds, according to BMW. Also boosting the 2017 i3’s range are efficiency gains that bring energy consumption down to 27 kWh per 100 miles.

“The i3 will continue to offer a two-cylinder range-extending gasoline engine tucked under its cargo floor, and that model will come with the 33-kWh battery plus an increase in the fuel tank’s capacity from 1.9 to 2.4 gallons. It’s actually the same tank the i3 has always used, but BMW had “locked out” the tank’s last half-gallon of capacity, as the car had more gasoline-powered range than EV range, which would affect its status as a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) in California,” ( Since the restated range now exceeds its gas-powered range, BMW has unlocked the full tank so that i3 owners don’t have to. Gas-mileage figures for the two-cylinder are currently unavailable, however, so BMW hasn’t stated a revised range for the gasoline-fueled i3.

For more information on the BMW i3, stop by Otto’s BMW. They would love to show you how much of a range the new battery on the BMW i3 will really have. You can also get more information on the BMW i3 at the Otto’s BMW website.

Tell Your Salesman

Moscow, Russia - May 10, 2015: Blue car BMW 5 series E90/E91 Fast speed drive on city road

New BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Today we want to share with you another bit of information to share with your salesman. This next one is something that will help your salesman and help you!

I’m calling to confirm my test drive appointment. – Here is a car business truth: Many customers who set appointments to test-drive a car or see a vehicle in a particular color simply never show up. After a few years of being stood up by customers, a salesperson who isn’t confident his 7 p.m. appointment is actually coming may not take the extra steps to make the appointment easier. He might skip things like getting the car out of storage and having it rinsed off or gassed up ahead of time. In such cases, the shopper who keeps the appointment might have to wait while the salesperson handles the things that could have been handled earlier. Calling to confirm your appointment can save you some serious wait time.

“There’s another reason this confirmation call works to your benefit: Your salesperson may use the call to suggest things you can do to speed up the visit while you’re there. This includes such things as paperwork to bring along and maybe even where to park on the lot. Another pro tip: If you’re looking to see a specific car, this is a good time to verify it is in stock and ready to go.”

In the day and age of online shopping, the only thing you really have to do at the dealership is test drive the BMW Cars and sign the paperwork; everything else can pretty much be done at home. Just be sure to call Otto’s BMW near Exton to confirm your appointment. It makes things easier for everyone involoved. Happy Shopping!

What to Tell a Salesman

Lafayette, IN - Circa July 2016: A Local BMW Dealership. BMW is a Luxury Car Manufacturer Based in Germany I

BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

Last time we talked about what you should look for in a salesman at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown. Today we want to touch on a few things that you should tell you salesman. Some people will tell you there are things that you should never tell a salesman, but today we want to focus on those things that will help you get the right car for the right price.

I want to take my car home this week. – “When you contact the dealership, be sure to tell the salesperson that you’re ready to buy now (some people don’t do this, for whatever reason). If you are frank about being ready to buy, you go from being an average sales lead to a hot prospect. A hot prospect is incredibly attractive to car salespeople, and being one will get you faster, more enthusiastic service and better deal offers. Conversely, if you’re not planning to buy your new car for several months, tell the salesperson that, too. You may not want a lot of immediate follow-up from the dealership if you’re not yet ready to pull the trigger,” ( Telling the dealer you’re six months away from a purchase will slow down the follow-up calls and emails. Being upfront and honest about when you plan to buy your new BMW is always best. At Otto’s BMW, you won’t be pushed into a purchase. If you are looking for a specific BMW that might take some time for the dealership to find, let your salesman know upfront. They will work to get you the car that you want in a reasonable time frame.

For more information on the different BMW Cars available at Otto’s BMW, stop by the dealership today!

It’s Olympic Season for BMW!

SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA - APRIL 5 2014: Engine compartment: motor m-power with attachments old-car BMW Bavarian automaker St. Petersburg Russia

BMW M Series at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square

Not only are the Olympics taking place, but BMW is a major sponsor this year! What you might not know is that there is actually an Olympics for cars too! This year, one of the major contenders is the BMW M2. Today we want to share with you a little information on what is going on with the BMW at the Olympics.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Reverse Drag Race events so far. The four contenders in the games are the Caterham 620S from Great Britain, the BMW M2 from Germany, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 from USA and the Honda Civic Type R from Japan. The medal count is as follows, the Caterham has just one silver. BMW’s M2 has a bronze, as does Jeep, but the Honda leads with the only gold.

But the next Olympic event for the four cars is the Exhaust Shot Put. The event is simple, each car lines up at the starting line one at a time and regulation sized balls are fitted into their exhaust pipes. The cars then start their engines and the back pressure fires the balls out. The total distance of all the balls are measured for each car and whoever has the highest total distance wins.

The BMW M2. It also has four exhaust pipes, but they seem a bit narrower and the balls fit a bit tighter, so it could have good pressure to push. The M2’s 365 hp turbocharged I6 engine growls to life and the balls get a decent shot. While none of them go nearly as far as the Caterham, it’s the total that matters. So can the M2 match the Caterham with a combined total? Almost, with 22.79 meters.

For more information on the Car Olympics, stop by Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square!

Attributes of a Great Salesman

Munich Germany April 19 2016 - BMW 2002 ti at museum of BMW.The BMW New Class (German: Neue Klasse) was a line of sedans and coupes produced by German automaker BMW between 1962 and 1977.

Otto’s BMW Dealer near Concordville

Last time we shared with you some attributes of a great salesman, attributes that we believe the sales team at Otto’s BMW near Concordville possess. Today we would like to share more of those great attributes with you. If you have any questions on the different models that are offered by Otto’s BMW, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the team. They are always ready and willing to help you!

Pushy: Here is a simple truth about sales: Sometimes, a salesperson needs to nudge a customer into making a purchase decision. This doesn’t mean shady sales tactics or aggressive behavior. Simply giving a customer good, valid reasons to do business now can be all that’s needed to turn a shopper into a buyer. This polite pushing doesn’t stop with the customer. Top sellers know that to make every deal, they will have to push management, too. They’ll push managers to pay more money on a trade-in, push for a faster deal or even push to take a deal the sales manager might not want to take.

Perceptive: Car shoppers will not always say exactly what they are feeling. That doesn’t mean a salesperson can’t pick up a shopper’s signals. A perceptive car salesperson can read clues about a shopper’s level of excitement, and if the salesperson is going in the wrong direction or not engaging the shopper, he will know to shift gears. Body language tells a story, and good car salespeople understand how to read the nonverbal cues. “For example, a customer may not jump up and say, “I’m very concerned about fit and finish,” but might inspect the seat stitching and storage door latches. A perceptive salesperson will pick up on that and discuss some of the steps the car maker takes to ensure a durable interior.”

BMW Z4 Reviewed!

SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA - APRIL 5 2014: White coupe BMW-car z4 at the meeting fans of the Bavarian automaker St. Petersburg Russia

BMW Z4 at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

Every once and a while we like to share with you a review of the different BMW models that we love. Today we want to share with you a review from a customer who owns a Z4. They have provided a written review and gave us a list of what they felt were the best features.

Sporty and comfortable roadster with great build quality and materials. Seats are amazing and power is very good on the 4 cylinder model.
The hardtop takes kind of a long time to put up and down and draws a lot of attention so not as quick as a softtop but it’s much more secure and gives the car a nice dual personality with the top up vs down. Rearward visibility is among the best i’ve seen with minimal blind spots and great mirrors that auto dim at night.
The 6 speed manual is slick and easy to easy to use and makes it feel like a proper sports car. Rev matching is easy and the engine is torquey and willing at almost any RPM.

The car looks and is small from the outside but feels larger and very substantial from the inside. Even though it has great power and decent fuel economy, this car would really benefit from losing a few pounds. As is it’s more of a comfortable, fast highway cruiser then a tight-curve hugging car that you can fling around.

Best Features

  • Acceleration
  • Road holding
  • Braking
  • Shifting
  • Steering
  • Front seats
  • Instrumentation
  • Quality of materials
  • Interior design
  • Outward visibility
  • Headlights
  • Navigation
  • Warranty

For more information on the BMW Z4, head to Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to show you everything that makes the BMW Z4 wonderful!