History of BMW: The 1990′s Part 2

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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 18: A 2012 BMW X3 SUV at the JaThe 1990′s were such a big decade for BMW that it could not be covered in just one post. There were so many huge changes within the company! Though we see a few quiet years from 1994 to 1997, 1998 was a big deal. This is the year that the BMW group made one of their largest acquisitions to date and grew their brand as a true luxury line. According to the bmwgroup.com, ” In July 1998, BMW acquires a piece of automotive history. Following long negotiations, the company obtains the brand and naming rights for Rolls-Royce motor cars from Rolls-Royce plc. Rolls-Royce is held entirely by Volkswagen until the end of 2002, when BMW takes on full responsibility for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, along with all rights. The new Rolls-Royce plant and a new company headquarters are then built in Goodwood, in southern England. This is the sixth facility constructed since 1904, and is scheduled to manufacture newly developed Rolls-Royce models from the start of 2003.” Though this acquisition was a slower process, it made the BMW brand greater than what the founders probably ever thought possible. For years Rolls- Royce had been synonymous with luxury, high-end  automobiles that the who’s who from around the world owned and now, BMW owned them! From some of the Rolls-Royce technology, BMW was able to give birth to the Sports Activity Vehicle in 1999. This new vehicle model combined some of the Rolls-Royce body styling with the dynamics of a BMW engine and the talents of an off-roader (some of that knowledge was attained while BMW owned the Range Rover). The SAV, or the BMW version of the SUV as it came to be known, opened up a whole new market segment for BMW and broadened their customer base. The BMW SUV was and is a great addition to the BMW family. Stop by Otto’s BMW near Media and test drive one today!

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History of BMW: The 1990′s

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Two white BMW X-seriesThe 1990′s were a big decade for the BMW brand as a whole. Otto’s BMW Dealer near Downingtown brings you this glimpse into BMW’s past. In 1989, the decision was made to produce a few BMW models in the United States and after several years of planning and building the new plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina was opened in 1994. This plant was a huge deal because it really cemented BMW as a global player in the automobile world. Originally designed to manufacture the BMW Z3 Roadster, the plant expanded in the late 90′s and now makes the X3, X5 and X6 models. 1994 was also a big year due to a major acquisition by the BMW group. According to bmwgroup.com, “At the beginning of 1994, the Board of Management supported by the Supervisory Board decided to purchase the Rover Group in the United Kingdom to expand its range of models. The group included distinguished brands with a long heritage such as Land Rover, Rover, MG, Triumph and Mini. BMW rapidly set about integrating the Rover Group in the BMW Group. Although strenuous efforts were made, the ambitious expectations could not be fulfilled. The framework conditions gradually deteriorated and BMW therefore decided to sell the Rover Group in 2000. Only the MINI brand remains with BMW today.” Part of the reason that BMW decided to ultimately sell off most of the Rover Group was because they felt as though they could not effectively offer the high BMW standards on all of the model groups to their own rigorous level of expectation. This was an example of a time when the BMW Group did what was best for the longevity of the brand. BMW has such a commitment to  excellence that they would rather have fewer models under their umbrella than to offer anything less than excellent to their customers.

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BMW in the Movies: Z8

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Bond Gun BarrelAs we continue our walk through the star studded films in which so many BMW automobiles were featured, today we look at the Z8. This model was a favorite for action films as it looks subtly aggressive and very sexy. The Z8 model, in my option, most closely resembles a shark with the way its headlights curve up from under the hood and its wide, low air intake vests give the car the illusion that it is smiling at you. It was intended to be what BMW calls a “halo” car that draws attention to other BMW models and increase sales within other models. Because of this the 1999 Z8 was only manufactured for four years at a rate of 1,500 cars a year, it is considered a collectors item. Its exclusive status has helped it to fetch more than a half a million dollars at auction. Part of what helped the popularity of the Z8 was its appearance in Mission: Impossible 2, The Tuxedo and The World is Not Enough, another James Bond Film.  The Z8 that was produced in the 2000′s looked similar to the 1999 Z8 but was far easier to drive. The interior gave a nod to the past in that all of the gauges were moved to the center of the dash and the steering wheel was definitely vintage in design. The entirely of the interior was either done in brushed nickle or in supple leather; creating a very sexy feeling. Another of it attributes what that it had an all aluminum chassis making the car very light weight which helped with the handling. If you are looking for a vehicle that will inspire you to feel a little like James Bond in your own right, be sure to get down to Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills and let them put you in a New or Certified Car.

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BMW in the Movies: Z3

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Gun barrel - vector illustrationToday we will be looking at a BMW made popular by Bond, James Bond. Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania offers you an exciting look at the Z3. The Z3 is a sleek roadster with a look that makes it seem as though it is prowling quietly along the ground. The body was a kind of tear drop shape with how round the front end is made to be. It was designed to seat two, as most roadsters are. The front grill had smaller air intake vents with wide headlights. This car can be seen in such films as The Skulls, Scream 3, She’s All That, Joy Ride and, of course, Goldeneye. According to Edmonds.com, “The Z3′s romance with the public proved to be long-lasting. Although riding on an antiquated semi-trailing-arm rear suspension from the E30 3 Series, the BMW Z3 was nevertheless a stylish, fun roadster that re-energized the affordable sports car market. Initially offered with only a 1.9-liter 138-horsepower inline-4 engine, a 2.8-liter inline-6 making 190 hp became available in 1997. (They could be differentiated by wider rear fenders.) It was the straight-6 engine, with its flawlessly smooth power delivery and distinctive sound, that really made the Z3 come alive. Handling was impeccable. The Z3′s ride was taut enough to satisfy enthusiasts, yet agreeable enough to make it a pleasant daily driver. And from a buying and owning perspective, the Z3 neatly straddled the line between entry-level roadsters like the Miata and more out-of-reach models like the 911.” This was a model that the public really embraced and was really one of the first roadsters that average people felt was accessible and affordable. It is fun to point out that this was the first BMW roadster that was completely assembled in the United States. Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania will sometime have the Z3 as a Certified Pre Owned vehicle, you should stop by and see for yourself!

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Best Road Trips in your BMW Part 2

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RoadYou have just had a great day; you bought an SUV from Otto’s BMW near Downingtown and you are ready to hit the road.  You know a road trip is the perfect way to really become one with your new BMW. But where do you go? We hope to give you a few ideas with this installment of the Independent Traveler’s Best Road Trips. So go ahead, get your snacks ready, get your road trip buddy situated and set out for adventure on one of these great trips.

Best Thrill Seeking Road Trip: The Road to Hana, HI – Now you will have to take your BMW over the ocean to get to this great drive but it will be so worth it! Now this road trip is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach as this road curves precariously around the island. The scenery is beautiful with its lush rain forests, natural waterfalls and scenic turnouts. The kicker is that the road is very narrow and contains hundreds of curves and dozens of one lane bridges. Not to mention that the locals are accustomed to driving on this crazy road so they may frighten you with the speed in which they pass you.

Best Wildlife Enthusiast Road Trip: Jackson to Yellowstone National Park, WY – If a thrill seeking road trip is not really your style, may we suggest the journey from Jackson to Yellowstone National Park. It is thrilling in its own way as you will be able to countless species of wildlife in their natural habitat. Some of the animal species you might see include bison, elk, wolves and maybe even a moose! While on this journey you will also get to see Grand Teton and Jackson Lake along your way.

Either journey you take, your SUV from Otto’s BMW near Downingtown will get you  there with the greatest of ease and comfort.

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Best Road Trips in your BMW Part 1

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road in mountainsIn our new series we will be exploring what sites the Independent Traveler calls the best road trips. Just picture yourself, you just rolled off the Otto’s BMW lot near Chadds Ford in your new Hybrid and you and your partner are ready for a road trip. You want to put the windows down and cruise with your favorite music playing in the background. It sounds just wonderful. Your only uncertainty is where to go here are a few suggestions:

Most Romantic Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway, CA – This road jogs along California farms and next to coastal cliffs, across high bridges and near redwoods. You can tour the aquariums along the way or stop at one of the sea side cafes. Maybe even take a hike through a State Park or a romantic stroll at Big Sur. Just imagine watching another beautiful day sink into the sea and observe the gorgeous sunset it creates.

Best Road Trip to the Middle of No Where: Marathon to Presidio, TX – According to the Independent Traveler, “The only companions you’ll have during long stretches of this paved, two-lane road through Big Bend National Park are cacti and migratory birds. This is perhaps the most isolated of all U.S. national parks, but it’s also one of the most dramatic, with desert, canyon and mountain landscapes. Santa Elena Canyon is worth the detour from the main park road to see its 1,500-foot drop-offs. Stop for lunch at the 1930′s-era Starlight Theatre in the historic Terlingua Ghost Town. Movie buffs will marvel at the abandoned Western film sets at Contrabando.” And there is no need to worry about running out of fuel on your trip through no where as your hybrid gets great fuel economy (especially in ECO Pro Mode).

Please join Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford next time as we explore more great road trips!

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The History of BMW: The 1980′s

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MUNICH, GERMANY - JUNE 17, 2012: Row Of Epochal 3Rd Series Bmw'sOtto’s BMW near Exton brings you some of the historic happenings to the BMW company in the 1980′s. One of the major things that came out of the 1980′s for BMW was the idea of the think tank. This think tank had but one purpose, to come up with new and innovative ideas. According to bmwgroup.com, “BMW Technik GmbH was established as a think tank free from the constraints of series development. Some of the best BMW designers, engineers and technicians work there away from the routine of everyday operations to develop ideas and concepts for the BMW vehicles of tomorrow. One of the initial major projects of BMW Technik GmbH was the Z1 Roadster, which was produced as a small series in 1988.” This think tank was started in 1985 but has existed in many forms over the years. In 1987 BMW started up the Regensburg plant to help take some of the pressure off of the Munich plant. At this time the Munich plant was only plant making the 3 Series Model and was not able to meet demand. By starting up the Regensburg plant BMW hoped to relieve the pressure from Munich. BMW did further expand the Regensburg plant over several years enabling more models to be built in that plant. BMW really tried to take advantage of the 8o’s adage, “greed is good” when producing as many of the 3 Series as possible. That adage is what really drove those BMW sales and the company was just doing its best to give the customer what they wanted. And that is why they need a whole other plant! The success of the 1980′s would not be short lived and would continue on into the 1990′s. But that it is a topic for another blog. You never know Otto’s BMW near Exton may have a Certified Used 3 Series on the lot just waiting for you to test drive it!

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History of BMW: The 70′s

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Retro BmwAs we continue our look through the history of BMW, our next stop is the 1970′s. Otto’s BMW near West Chester hopes you enjoy this look back at a groovy decade for BMW. In 1971 BMW set up the Kredit GmbH as a subsidiary to provide finance for the company’s own transactions as well as for the dealerships. This was the foundation for the BMW’s blossoming leasing program that still holds a large part of the business to this very day. Our next bit of BMW history takes us to South Africa where, in 1972, the BMW company established its first production facility outside of Germany. According to bmwgroup.com, “The Rosslyn plant near Pretoria, South Africa, was the first foreign location for the modern BMW Group. In 1972, the BMW Board of Management decided to take over the entire facility constructed by the importer and located in Rosslyn, South Africa. This entailed establishing the first production facility outside Germany. Assembly of the Glas 1800 SA started up in 1967 and the BMW 2000 SA followed later on. Following substantial investments, production of vehicles in the BMW 3 Series was launched there at the beginning of 1984.” 1974 also brought us the unification the the different motorsport groups of BMW under the BMW Motorsport GmbH. This subsidiary secures countless motorsport successes for BMW, while also being partly responsible for building particularly sports-focused BMW vehicles. It is because of all of the successes of this Motorsport subsidiary that BMW builds enough confidence to go after vehicle more designed for sports driving as opposed to just luxury driving. In 1973 BMW finally opened a true headquarters and a museum. The four cylinder shaped headquarters building is now considered a predominate part of the Munich skyline. You can still visit the BMW Museum in Munich; it has so much of the company’s history there and is really a sight to behold. Visit Otto’s BMW near West Chester for your own piece of BMW history!

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BMW in the Movies: E28 5 Series

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Bmw LogoWhat does someone who owns a BMW E28 5 Series and Jim Carrey have in common? They both have had the pleasure of driving a BMW model that has appeared on the big screen! Otto’s BMW near Exton, PA invites you to take a look at some of the popular movies that the BMW E28 5 Series has appeared in and what made this model great for those films. This particular BMW was produced and released in the 1980′s. It has the iconic square body style that was common for that era within BMW and the signature 4 headlight front view. The BMW E28 5 Series was initially released as a four door sedan; that four door Sedan is what is mostly seen in films. As mentioned earlier, Jim Carrey did, in fact, drive this very model in Bruce Almighty. You may remember it from the scene in which he clears the traffic with his hands. However you may also remember this BMW model from such films as Bourne Supremacy, Home Invasions, Jurassic Park: Lost World and Ronin. In all of the a fore mentioned films the BMW E28  Series appeared as the Sedan model. This particular model was the second generation of the BMW 5 series. Many of the changes that were done were so conservative that to the untrained individual it is easily confused with the BMW E 28 5 Series that was released in the late 1970′s. According to Edmonds.com, “The E28′s windshield, roof and doors, for example, either carried over directly from the E12 or were only lightly modified. The most obvious change was to the car’s rear third where the fenders and trunk lid stood high rather than drooping as in the E12. But the nose was also thoroughly changed with a new hood that didn’t wrap over into the fenders (as it did on the E12) and a more aerodynamic grille.” Any way you slice it the BMW E28 5 Series is a classic that enhanced every film in which it appeared. Let Otto’s BMW near Exton, PA put you in a certified BMW that will enhance your life.

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BMW in the Movies: E46 3 Series

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Bmw M6Who does not love a good movie? Today Otto’s BMW near West Chester shows you the E46 3 Series Sedan and some of the movies in which it appeared. The BMW E46 3 Series is most commonly seen on the screen as a four door sedan that sits lower to the ground. The overall body style of this automobile is wide and low; when examining it from the front it almost looks as though it has been stretched. This allows for a very spacious cab. When designing the BMW E46 3 Series, BMW used smaller air intake vents and wider headlights, both of which were common for the time but in current models the air intake vents are substantially wider. It may seem odd to point out how wide and low this automobile is but these are the very qualities that made this BMW perfect for such movies as The Bourne Identity, Finding Foster and The Rules of Attraction. The width of the BMW E46 3 Series provides for full, dynamic screen shots which add a level of danger to films. This is especially evident in The Bourne Identity where we see the films star jumping in and out of this vehicle. The spacious cabin allowed the actor, or stunt double, to get in and out of the moving car safely by enabling extra padding to be placed in the car’s interior. You can also see the other models of this BMW in later films. (BMW released the two door coupe and convertible models in later years. In more recent years BMW has typically released multiple models of the same vehicle at the same time to offer their customers a option to select the model that best suits their needs.) What you may not realize is that the BMW E46 3 Series Sedan, though it appeared in several action films, is really a great family car because of all of the interior space. Otto’s BMW near West Chester hopes you enjoyed this glimpse into the movies!

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