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How to Take Care of Your Used Car – Brakes

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Well, it is Monday yet again.We hope that your weekend was great, but we seem to have a bad case of the Mondays! We hope to shed our case of the Mondays by talking about some of the things that you can do to take care of your Used BMW and keep it in great condition.


What is the one of the most important parts on your car? Sure, the engine is important but what about the brakes?! The brakes are one of the most critical parts of your car. Without brakes, you cannot stop your car and that would be ridiculously dangerous. Having brakes in the best condition can save you from an accident or worse. What can happen if you do not get your brakes checked on a regular basis? If your brakes are in bad shape you will have a really difficult time stopping and you will not be able to stop short if you need to. Sometimes you have to make a sudden stop, whether it be because there is an accident ahead of you or because a small child or animal runs out in front of you. If your brakes are in bad shape you will not be able to stop in time. Getting your brakes checked once a month, like when you are getting your oil changed or your tires rotated, will help you stay ahead of the curve and hopefully keep you from hearing that terrible grinding sound. (That grinding is once of the worse sounds and can cause some alarm, if you hear it head to a service department as soon as possible.)

If you are unsure of where to take your Used BMW for servicing, look no further than Otto’s BMW near Downingtown. There team will be more than happy to help you!

How to Take Care of Your Used Car – Tires

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Happy Sunday to you! Did you know that Sunday is one of the most popular days for people to perform their own auto maintenance? in the spirit of auto maintenance, we want to discuss the next area that is important to keeping your Used BMW in top notch condition.


Think for a moment how often you get new shoes for yourself. It is probably every time your current shoes start to hurt your feet or begin to fall apart. You also probably purchase decent quality shoes as you can get the most life out of better quality shoes. This is just for what you put on your feet! Now think about your tires for a minute. Your tires are the only things between your Used BMW, from Otto’s BMW near Media, and the road. Don’t you think you should invest in good tires and rotate them every 7500 miles? Every month you should take the time to check the air pressure in your tires and to check the condition of the tread. This simple and easy step can keep you from having an incident in which your tires slip and slide in rainy and icy weather. Tire pressure might seem like no big deal, but under inflated tires can lead to poor fuel economy and poor braking ability. Rotating the tires will ensure that you get even wear on your tires and usually helps to extend their life.

Checking the tire pressure is an easy thing that you can do at home. In fact, it will only take a few minutes! However, tire rotation or tire replacement is a little more labor intensive and it would be wise to have it does by a professional. Otto’s BMW has an amazing service and parts department that will happily handle all of your tire maintenance needs!

How to Take Care of Your New Car – Oil Change

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Welcome back to our series on how to take care of your new car. Last time we talked about how important it is to clean the inside and the outside of your new BMW. Today we continue our look at taking care of a car like an adult or maybe just reminding those of you who have been BMW owners for a long time how to keep your car looking new for a long time.

Get Your Oil Changed!

One of the most key components to keeping your car in great condition and running smoothly is to get the oil changed on a regular basis. It is recommended that you get the oil changed every 5,000 miles. Just getting your oil changed is not enough. You also need to know the kind of oil that is getting put into your engine. Just letting anyone put any kind of oil into your BMW is a very poor choice. You always want to make sure that you are putting a good quality oil into your engine. You would not put something sub par into your body, so do not do it with your BMW. If you are worried about who is servicing your car and what is being put into it, the best thing you can do is take your BMW to Otto’s BMW near Exton for servicing. The Service and Parts Department at Otto’s BMW is staffed by the very best technicians in the business who have gone through a number of BMW training courses. This means that you will have the best hands taking care of your BMW. You can also rest assured that Otto’s BMW uses only the best BMW approved oil and auto parts to help you maintain your BMW in top condition! Get your BMW serviced today!

How to Take Care of Your Car

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New BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near West Chester

Greetings readers! We are so glad to have you with us today. It occurs to us that a lot of our readers might be first time car owners and may have questions on how to take care of their car properly. We will devote our next series to how to take care of your BMW Car like an adult!

Clean It!

It is so important to clean your BMW. However, this is one activity that is so often overlooked. It is recommended that you clean the outside and the inside of your car at least once a month. We can hear the complaints now, “Do I have to clean the inside every month too?” The answer is yes. But why? There is a lot of dirt and debris that can build up in your car in just a short amount of time. That accumulation of grime can begin to make your car smell bad and can begin to deteriorate the quality of the interior. Since you own a BMW, you are likely the one with whom people like to take rides. A car is not like your room where you can close the door and no one will see the mess; you cannot hide your dirty car from people. It does have a lot of windows!

Cleaning the exterior always seems easier but is no less important. Failing to clean the exterior of your BMW car can lead to a dull clear coat and, over time, rusting of the body. A lot of people do not realize just how corrosive things like bird poop and pollen can really be. Letting these substances stay on your car is nothing short of a bad idea. For more information on how to keep your BMW model looking new, contact Otto’s BMW near West Chester.

Selling Your Car to Get Your New BMW! – Step 11

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A good Tuesday morning to you! We hope that your Monday was not too much of a bummer. Today we are covering the last step of selling your car to get your new BMW from Otto’s BMW near Exton, actually picking out your BMW!

Step 11 – Getting your BMW!!!

All the paperwork is done and the buyer is happy with their purchase; now it is time for you to get your new BMW from your local BMW Dealer, Otto’s BMW. This is a very exciting time for you! You did the work to make this all possible and now it is time to reap the rewards. You can start by checking out the inventor at Otto’s online website. They have a vast selection available for viewing online. You can also head straight to the dealership. Once you get to Otto’s BMW a member of the sales team will help you select the BMW model that will best meet all of your needs and satisfy most of your wants. You will be able to purchase a model on the lot or order a more customized model with a few extra bells and whistles. Your BMW sales representative will be with you every step of the way, gladly helping you wherever you might need it.

We know that selling your car put some cash into your pocket, but if you need financing, the team at Otto’s BMW will be happy to help you in that aspect as well. Everyone at Otto’s makes it their goal to have the happiest customers that leave the lot and drive around Pennsylvania in their automobiles. You are sure to have a wonderful experience!

You worked hard to sell your old car so that you could get your BMW. It is time to reward yourself! Head to Otto’s BMW today!

Selling Your Car to Get a BMW – Step 10

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Happy Sunday to you! As you wrap up your weekend, we want to start wrapping up our series on selling your car so that you can get a BMW from Otto’s BMW near Media. Who knows, maybe next weekend you will be selling your car!

Step 10 – After the sale

Selling your car can be a great experience, if done correctly. All of the steps in this series were designed to make your selling experience simple. We hope that we accomplished this goal.

After you have sold your car, you might wonder what your responsibilities to the buyer are. If you listed and sold your car in “as is” condition, then you will likely not have anything to worry about. However, if you told the buyer that you will cover any costs for issues that their mechanic found, then you could be facing some costly consequences. Remember, you want to limit your liabilities as much as possible after the sale.

If you sold your car in “as is” condition and the buyer comes back after the sale and tries to require you to pay for something, you are under no legal obligation to do so. If it is a minor issue that is not costly, then you might want to fix it as a gesture of good faith. However, if the buyer comes back and begins demanding that you pay for some very costly repairs for damage that might have happened after the sale was completed, you are not required to do so and you want to make sure that you do not. There are some scams where people will buy a used car from an individual, cause damage, demand you pay them for the cost of work required, and then they keep the money for themselves and scrap the car. You always want to keep your wits about you and not let someone take advantage of your good nature.

Selling Your Car to Get a BMW – Step 9

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Good Saturday to you! Hopefully your coffee was hot and your day will be wonderful. We are growing very close to the end of our series on how to sell your car so that you can get a BMW from Otto’s BMW in PA.

Step 9 – Finalizing the sale

After the negotiations have been done and all complications dealt with, it will be time to finalize the sale of your vehicle. Each state has a slightly different set of rules governing how this sale is to be completed. You always want to research what must be done for your state. Your local department of motor vehicles will be able to help you immensely with this part of the process.

You will want to be sure that you limit your liability once you have sold your car, and transferring the title is the best way in which to do this. says, “Once you have the money from the sale (it’s customary to request either cash or a cashier’s check), record the odometer reading and sign the car’s title over to the buyer. In some states, the license plates go along with the car. A new title will be issued and mailed to the new owner. Additionally, in most states, a release-of-liability form can be downloaded from the DMV Web site or filled out online. This establishes the time the car left your possession.” All of this assumes that you have possession of the title. If you are still paying on your vehicle, then the bank has the title. It is best to concede the sale to the bank in this event. Each bank has their own way of going about this, so you will want to check to see how your bank will handle this.

We hope that you have found this tip useful as you go to sell your car!

Selling Your Car to Get a BMW – Step 8

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Happy Friday to you! We hope that you have had a wonderful week and are planning a relaxing fall weekend. Today, we continue our look at the steps to take to sell your car so that you can get a BMW from Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania.

Step 8 – Dealing with complications

Any time that you sell a used car, it is possible that complications will arise. Most of the time, the buyer will want to take the car to their trusted mechanic to get the car checked out for any issues. In some cases, the sale of your vehicle might depend on what a mechanic finds. The buyer may insist that you repair the car before they buy it from you. The issue is where do you draw the line?

Promising to repair any issue that a mechanic might find can become very costly. It might even make your sale not worth the trouble. It might be worth your while to put the phrase “as is” into your ad. Selling a car in “as is” condition is not usually a big deal. Most people do not expect a used car to run in perfect condition. However, it is expected that a car not have any issues that are safety concerns. You might have to make a few concessions even if you list your car for sale in “as is” condition if safety is a concern for the buyer.

A lot of the time you will just have to look at everything on a case by case basis. There are no hard and fast rules when selling a used car yourself. If a repair is small and not that costly, it might be wise to have the repair done to save the sale and give the buyer piece of mind. Happy Selling!

Selling Your Car to Get a BMW – Step 7

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Used BMW Cars at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Glad to see you! We are so happy you are back to continue our look at the steps to selling your car so that you can get your BMW from Otto’s BMW near Exton.

Step 7 – Negotiate your best price

After someone has taken a test drive and they decide to make an offer on your car they are likely to use a number of phrases to try to negotiate a better a deal. has this list as examples of possible language to be used:

“I like the car, but….” This is the softest way to negotiate on the price. They may not even state that the price seems too high. If they say, “I like the car, but…” and then lapse into uncomfortable silence, you might consider an appropriate response. If you really want to move the car, you could say, “How much would you be willing to pay?”

“Would you accept…?” Now we’re getting somewhere. This buyer has thought it over and is making an offer. But the offer is being presented in a polite manner designed to allow for a counter offer.

“Take it or leave it.” This buyer is making an offer that supposedly leaves no room for a counter offer. In reality, this buyer might be bluffing. Still, they are sending a message that they are close to their final price. The only way to know for sure whether it really is a “take it or leave it” offer is to leave it — and let them leave. They may return tomorrow ready to pay your price.

Knowing these phrases and how to respond will help you to get a better price and a happy customer. We hope that you find these tips to be helpful as you go through the car selling process.

Selling Your Car to Get a BMW – Step 6 Part 2

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We are glad to have you back with us today as we continue our look at the steps to selling your current car so that you can get a new BMW from Otto’s BMW near Media.

Step 6, Part 2 – Showing your car, even more important information

Last time we talked about feeling out those who are interested in coming to see your car that is for sale. Today we need to take a minute to talk about how your potential buyers may feel about you.

Just as you are evaluating potential buyers, they are evaluating you. They are sizing up what kind of owner you are and how well you cared for the car that you are selling. They might wonder why you are selling the car. If you have the price really low, they might think that there is something wrong with the car and that you are trying to put one over on them. To help ease their concerns it would be wise to have service records readily available for them to view, if they would so desire.

If they are serious about purchasing your vehicle, they will want to take a test drive. Before you let them get behind the wheel you will want to see their driver’s license and get a copy if possible. This will protect you from letting an unlicensed driver behind the wheel and potentially getting pulled over. You will of course want to ride along to keep your investment safe but also to answer any questions that they might have while you are on the test drive. While they are driving it would be a good idea to point out any luxury features or the excellent conditions that the car might have.

Remember, the faster you sell your car, the faster you can get your BMW!