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More Benefits of Buying CPO BMW Cars

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Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Today we want to continue our miniseries on the benefits of buying certified pre owned BMW Cars from Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania. Last time we talked about things like warranties, rigorous inspections, and loan options and specials. As we cannot provide you with ALL of the benefits of buying a CPO BMW, we encourage you to call or stop by Otto’s BMW dealership. Their friendly staff will happily answer any questions that you might have.

5. Additional mileage and an extended warranty by the manufacturer and/or the dealer are provided. As some warranties are based on mileage, and that you are buying a vehicle with mileage already on it, Otto’s BMW will likely increase the mileage so that your CPO BMW will be covered for the appropriate period of time. BMW stands behind their vehicles and they offer warranties as proof.

6. Certified pre-owned cars will cost more than their regular used car counterparts. This is because of the additional warranties and extra time spend getting it into like new condition. It is a myth that CPO vehicles cost “much more” than regular used cars. It is really going to depend on the model, its mileage, and its level of demand. You need to remember that you are getting more than what you would with a regular used car!

7. Negotiation on rates will be restricted. While you can still negotiate on the price of a CPO BMW, it will not be as much as on a regular used car or on a new vehicle. The price of a CPO is usually already pretty drastically reduced and the dealership might not have much wiggle room on the price.

We hope that you have found these benefits to be helpful for deciding on buying CPO BMW Cars. Happy Shopping!

Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned

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Certified Pre Owned BMW at Otto’s BMW in PA

When you are in the market for a BMW, you might be unsure of what BMW model would be best for how you drive. There is something else that needs to be considered as well, should you buy new, used or certified pre-owned. We want to start a short series on the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned BMW from Otto’s BMW in PA.

  1. These cars come with a manufacturer’s certification and even assurance that the rigorous inspection has taken place, and that the car has passed the battery of tests. A technician has taken an extensive amount of time to ensure that the BMW meets the criteria of an over one hundred point inspection to be sure that it is in excellent condition.
  2. These cars will be very well serviced and detail cleaned just before put up for sale. In some cases, it is hard to tell if a BMW is brand new or CPO. This means a great vehicle for you that you got for a great price.
  3. Additional services like oil changes, roadside assistance, and so on will be given. In most cases, BMW dealerships treat CPO vehicles like brand new BMW models in regards to warranties and maintenance. (This varies so be sure to ask the team at Otto’s BMW for more information.) These warranties are designed to protect you and your pocketbook in the event that something goes wrong on your BMW
  4. Dealers will offer loans options. In a lot of instances, Otto’s BMW will have special loan promotions being offered on the different CPO BMW models depending on the month and their inventory. This could mean big savings for you!

For more information on the benefits of buying a CPO BMW, stop by Otto’s BMW!

Buy CPO from Otto’s BMW!

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CPO at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square

Hey, you there. Yes, you. You look like a distinguished shopper. Someone who wants the very best from their next vehicle purchase. Someone who also wants to make sure that they are getting the absolute most for the money that they are spending. We guess that it is safe to assume that you are here doing some research about which vehicle you want to purchase and what you should expect to pay for that vehicle? We though so! Well we would like to congratulate you on doing what you should be doing to get ready to make such a big purchase. We would like to share some information with you that might be just what you are looking for!

One of the greatest auto makers in the world is BMW. They have been around for one hundred years and set industry standards for engines and body styling. They are truly reliable vehicles that are guaranteed to last a long time. Which, is important for you, distinguished shopper! Now, we know what you are thinking, that a new BMW might be a little above what you were hoping to spend and that you almost never buy a new car – you don’t want to pay for depreciation! Might we suggest that you check out the impressive selection of Certified Pre Owned (CPO) inventory at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square? CPO BMW models are in like new condition and are certified by not only the dealership, but the manufacturer as well. These vehicles come with added warranties that will put your mind at ease and are always an impressive value.

For more information on the CPO program and vehicles at Otto’s BMW, stop by the dealership today, or check out the impressive inventory online!

Get a Great Used BMW!

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Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

If you are in the market for a Used BMW, you need to look no further than the Used BMW lot at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills. Today we would like to share with you some tips and tricks to help you get the very best Used BMW for your money. It is important to remember to do all of you homework while shopping for your next BMW. Doing some of the leg work before you even leave your home will help to ensure that you get the most for your money with your Used BMW purchase.

One of the most important things to remember when shopping for a Used BMW is that you go to a used car lot that you trust. Unfortunately, most of us have nightmare stories about some slick used car salesman at a less than up and up lot. We all have those unfortunate tales of being taken advantage of – do not let this story continue. The lot that we trust in Pennsylvania is Otto’s BMW. They have been around for over forty years and have excellent standards in customer service and their customer reviews reflect this very fact. Otto’s BMW goes the extra mile for their customers from start to finish. We think it has to do with their family philosophy – they are a family owned and operated business and they treat their customers like extended members of their family.

Do not get taken advantage of by some less than honest used BMW dealer, shop at the dealership that puts their customers first, shop at Otto’s BMW! Their friendly and knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to help you find the perfect Used BMW to suit your lifestyle.

Tips for Buying a Used BMW

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Vehicles under $25K at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

When it comes to buying a BMW, there are a lot of options, not just in the different vehicles, but also in whether or not you purchase a new or used BMW. Today, with the help of Otto’s BMW near Downingtown, we want to share with you some tips on buying a Used BMW.

One thing that you can do is check out the different vehicles offered on websites like Autotrader. HOWEVER, we do not suggest that you go about trying to buy a BMW from one of these types of sources without the help of the people at Otto’s BMW. Let the team at Otto’s attempt to acquire the vehicle for you or, at the very least, inspect it for you. The worst thing that could really happen is that you get a BMW from one of these types of sources and it ends up being junk and that you had gotten taken for a ride. It is so easy to just let the team at Otto’s help you out.

Check out what Otto’s BMW has on their lot in terms of Used BMWs. Otto’s has a great selection of used vehicles available and often has some Classic BMW models available for purchase. According to, “Check out the local lots. See if there are any cars that you like. There are going to be plenty of back woods used car lots that will have no idea what kind of BMW they are selling and will price it low. Even though this is a great price, have it checked out by BMW or a BMW tech.” Again, there are a lot of different dealerships that will have BMW models on their lots, but you really want the expert advice of Otto’s BMW staff to help you to make your purchase.

BMW Questions Continued

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Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Media

When you are shopping for a new or used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Media, it is easy to come up with a number of different questions that you might want to get answered. We want to continue our series on the different questions that you might have about BMW. Today we want to talk about delivery options.

There is a number of different options for taking delivery on your BMW. If you find a car that you like on the Otto’s BMW lot, you can simply do the paperwork and take it home. If you want a more personal vehicle, you might choose to order one and then pick it up when it comes into the dealership. Easy as pie. However, there is a third option that a lot of people really forget. European Delivery.

According to, “You can take delivery of your BMW in two different ways, you can either pick it up from the dealership once it is ready and has been shipped by BMW, or even better, you can go to Germany and pick it up yourself. Now who wouldn’t to do that? You get to drive around Europe for a week in your brand new Bimmer and see the sights, drive the Autobahn, take the BMW tours, feel the greatness of the back roads over there, or best yet, go on the Nürburgring. I don’t know how many of you care about racing on the ‘Ring, especially in your brand new car, but I would do it, if that helps. Also, by getting an ED BMW, you are saving some nice cash too. I have seen people save $5,000-$6,000.” We like the sound of that!

For more information on European Delivery, talk to a member of the Otto’s BMW staff.

More BMW Questions Answered

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Service and Parts Specials at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Today we want to continue with our series on the different questions that people want answered when shopping for BMW Cars. Last time we talked about the different aspects of owning a BMW verses leasing BMW Cars and today we want to talk about the importance of knowing what you want and buying from a dealership that will get you what you want and take care of you over the long haul.

Doing your homework is key to getting the right BMW to suit your lifestyle. Just going to the dealership and selecting a car really does not work out well. Check out the online inventory of different dealerships and look on websites like Edmonds to see what experts think about the different BMW models and to examine, more in depth, the different trims and attributes that each model offers. If you do this at home, you spend less time on the dealer lot and will have a focused eye when you do go to the dealership to select your new BMW.

Another important aspect to doing your homework is finding the right dealership. There are a number of different dealers in the PA area and you want to find one that will meet your requirements of customer service and amenities. The BMW Dealer that we recommend is Otto’s BMW near Exton. They have been in the area for over forty years and are a family owned and operated business that pride themselves on putting their customer first. They also have a fantastic service department that employs factory trained and certified technicians that are ready to handle regular maintenance and major issues that you may have.

Shop for your ideal BMW at the ideal BMW Cars Dealer; shop at Otto’s BMW!

Should I Buy or Lease? And Other BMW Questions Answered

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New BMW Cars Specials at Otto’s BMW in West Chester

Today we want to start a new series on the different questions that people have about BMW Cars and ownership. We encourage you to follow along with this series as we might have the answer to a question that is keeping you from BMW ownership. If you have questions that we do not answer, or you would like to get a look at BMW models up close and in person, head to Otto’s BMW in West Chester. Their friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Today let’s tackle a question that is frequently asked: Should I buy or should I lease my BMW? The BMW Blog suggests you look at it this way, ” Do you not drive a lot of miles a year and trade in every 2-3 years? If so, maybe a lease is the right thing for you. Do you like to hold on to a car for a while and hand it down through the family or sell it to a friend? Then buying is the right thing for you. The good thing about a BMW lease is that if your contract is for 10,000 miles a year, there is no issue with calling your salesman up and asking for 15,000 miles at some point during the lease. Just remember that it will cost you a little extra to do that.” It really just depends on whether or not you are someone who wants to have the specific BMW model for the long term. It could be that you start out in a lease and then decide to buy – that is just fine! The team at Otto’s BMW will happily assist you in the transition from leasing to ownership! Stop by Otto’s BMW today!

More Tips for Buying a New BMW

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New BMW at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

If you were with us for our last blog, you saw that we talked about tips for buying a new BMW. Today we want to continue with another couple of tips. These tips are brought to you thanks to Otto’s BMW Dealer near Glen Mills. On with the new car buying tips!

Don’t be hasty – We cannot stress how important it is that you do your home work, know what you want to buy and how much you want to spend, and then wait for the right BMW at the right price. “I have seen too many people in my sales experience that purchased a car they either knew nothing about only to end up not wanting it a month later and losing a lot when trading it in. It hurts your credit and your wallet. So be smart, know what you want. Test drive everything that you think is what you could use. If you want a 650i but you know that you need a 550i, don’t go buying the 650. Test drive it if you want, but buy what you know you will need. If you are looking for an M3 and don’t know whether you want an E90, E92 or E93, think about what you do all day every day. Do you take clients or friends out? Is it just you and your significant other? Is it just you in the car at all times, and maybe a few pieces of luggage? Think about these questions when you are buying” ( This will save you a lot of frustration and you will be happier in the long run. Remember, patience is often rewarded.

For more information on the different new BMW models, head to Otto’s BMW today!

How to Buy a New BMW

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Leasing Offers at Otto’s BMW in PA

When you are in the market for a brand new BMW, you might be looking for a few tips on how to go about getting that new BMW. We want to share some tips with you today on just how to go about getting you new BMW, thanks to the people at Otto’s BMW in PA. Let’s get talking!

Research your credit information and finances  – This is a big one! It is some important to know just how much you can afford, but not only that, you need to know if you can afford it better or pay less over the life of your auto loan. “Knowing your finances will also help you know how much you can and are willing to put down when you go to buy the car. Always know your debt to income ratio. Just because you make $6,000 a month doesn’t mean you can afford a BMW. Sometimes your credit card bills and the likes will hurt you when buying a car. And know that you will have those continual finances for the ownership of your BMW. Make sure you budget for a new car, even if you already make $20,000 a month” ( Do your homework in this area, you will thank us for it later!

Buy or lease – There are benefits to ownership and to leasing, you just need to decide which one is right or best for you. If you do not drive a lot of mile and do trade ins every two to three years, then a lease might be a better option for you. If you like to hold on to your vehicles for a long time and maybe pass it on to a child or sell it to a friend, then buying might be the right choice.

Contact Otto’s BMW today for more information on leasing specials!