Special Features For The BMW Cars

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windshield wipersThere are a lot of reasons that you should own a BMW car. The outside of the vehicle is so sporty and sleek while the interior is classy and comfortable. Just taking a glance at one of these cars will make you believe how nice they are. So when I was doing my research about BMW cars I found out some of the smaller details that go into these car to make them ultra special.

One of these features is the rain and light sensor that you will find extremely convenient with the BMW Cars. The rain sensors allow you to focus on the road and keep your line of sight totally clear. The wipers on a BMW vehicle are variable intermittent wipers so they can be adjusted for the amount of rain that hits your windshield. It is always nice to have the light sensor because there have been many times when I have hopped into my car and totally forgotten to turn the lights on. With the light sensor in the BMW cars it will turn on when needed.

Another one of the features you can find in BMW vehicles are the remote controls. These controls can work through the an iPhone app. If you are inside a building and you can’t remember if you have locked the vehicle, then you can lock it from your phone. You can control the temperature of the vehicles before you have actually entered into the car.

These features are extremely convenient for you and you deserve a great car like this. Otto’s BMW has a great variety of BMW cars at dealer in Pennsylvania. Come check out these and many more features for yourself and find out why these cars are such a great deal.

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BMW Navigation System Service

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BMW gps systemBMW takes great pride in the vehicles that they put out. In doing so they have created some of the greatest technology and service features that are out on the market today. Come to Otto’s BMW to check out some of the great BMW cars near Kennet Square dealer. They would love to teach about the amazing services they have to offer and the technology that you will find in a BMW car.
One of the great features that you will find inside a BMW vehicle is the Navigation System. This system is so high functioning that it can give you an actual 3D picture to see your navigation. This system is fully integrated into your BMW so that it can monitor what your vehicle is doing during the navigation. This will help you to find a navigation even if you have a weak signal. One other detail is that your navigation system will turn down the volume in your car so that you can clearly hear your next instructions. You have a few options for the picture in your car. This system actually allows you to see a real photo display which helps you to identify things surrounding your destination.
This is only one of the great features that you can find inside our BMW cars. There is a lot that goes into making these vehicles perfect for you and your families to drive, but we don’t need to convince you. Just head on over to Otto’s BMW in West Chester, PA and take a look for yourself. Once you see one of these cars in person there will be no doubt in your mind that these cars and SUVs are a quality product. Come on down to Otto’s BMW and speak to a sales associate about any questions you may have.
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How To Change Your Cars Battery Part Two

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Bmw LogoNow it is time to remove your old battery from your car. This can be kind of dangerous, so if possible, try to have an assistant to help you out. Check for any cracks in the battery and try to avoid those areas so as to not spill any acid onto your skin. It is just very important to be careful as you are removing this battery.

Begin to loosen the nuts from the bolts that connects the cables to the battery for the negative post. You will either use the wrench or you could also use pliers to do this. Turn the nut to the left to loosen it up. Use your extra pliers to hold the bolt in place and then when it is loose remove the clamp from the post. Once you are finished with your tools lay them down careful so that they will not cause any sparks. Once you are finished with the negative side remove the positive side’s clamp from the post. Now you can remove any of the bolts that are holding the battery in its place. Once these are loose you may remove the battery. This can be quite heavy so be sure to do this properly.

Now that you have the old battery removed you may go ahead and place the new battery in its place and take the reverse steps from removing the old battery. Make sure that you secure the battery into its position so that it doesn’t move around while you are driving.

The last step in this journey is to dispose of the old battery. This is a toxic material so it is very important to take it to the proper recycling place.

If you have decided that you would rather have your dealer do it then head on over to SUV BMW dealer near Exton and they will gladly help you out.

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How To Change Your Cars Battery Part One

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Car BatteryI take great pride in being able to do maintenance to my vehicle all on my own, but trust me it takes a great while to actually learn how to do it. After it is finished though I get so excited that I was able to do something with my own two hands. Recently I found out that I needed a new battery in my car. The old was really corroded and quite a bit older than what it should have been so I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to change it out on my own. If you follow these few steps I will help you learn how to be able to change the battery on your car as well.

First thing you will want to do before removing anything is to check and make sure that the battery actually needs to be replaced. Sometimes the corrosion can be cleaned off with a little bit of baking soda and water. If this doesn’t help your battery to recharge then it probably needs to be replaced. To change your battery you will need crescent wrench, adjustable wrench, vise pliers, gloves, goggles, and your new battery. Now that you have everything in place you can begin to clean the battery with your baking soda solution. First, make sure that there is absolutely no power to your battery by removing the keys from the engine. Cleaning it will help to loosen the bolts on your old battery. You can use a hammer to lightly tap on the deposits to break them off of the battery.

You’ve gotten a good start on learning how to change your battery, but read on in the next article for more information. If you don’ feel like waiting then take your car to Otto’s BMW dealer in West Chester, PA and they can change the battery for you.

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Test Driving A Pre Owned Vehicle Part Two

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Pavement Test DriveWhenever you finally get your cars lined up and ready to take them out for their first drive take a good look at the interior of the vehicle. Check out where everything is laid out in front of you. Are all the controls within reach? Does everything feel comfortable with the layout? If not maybe this isn’t the car for you or maybe you this is something that you can get over. The two places that you will spend the most of your time is in your house or in your car. This is a long term investment that you have to live with, so make sure it is right for you. Make sure that you are very comfortable in this car as well because, like it has been stated above, you will spend a lot of time inside your vehicle.

Check out what kind of features these cars can offer you. There is a wide variety of features that your car can offer you that will make things more convenient on you. Some things that are nice to check out are the different electronic features, like plug ins for USB  or iPod adapters and such.

After you are finished with your test drive you can take some notes. It will help to bring a notebook and you can take notes immediately after you have finished your test drive. This way everything is still fresh in your mind and won’t have time to forget anything.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your test drives then you can call Otto’s used BMW dealer near Exton to set up an appointment to test drive you BMW vehicles of choice. All of the used BMW vehicles are in great condition and are ready for you to take a drive.

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Test Driving A Pre Owned Vehicle Part One

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Used Car Sign Did you know that you can get a lot out of a test drive? There is more to it than just hopping in the drivers seat and taking a spin around the block. Right now at Otto’s BMW you can find some really awesome deals for their used BMW car in West Chester, PA. When you purchase a used BMW vehicle from Otto’s, you know that you are getting a great vehicle, but it is still so important that you take your test drive seriously. Some of the key elements to getting the most of your test drive is to use common sense and carefully observe.

Before you go onto the car dealer’s lot you should research the cars that you think you like most. This will give you a better look at what things you should like in your vehicles. Once you get into your vehicle if something looks slightly off then you know you have done your research.

Try to drive all of the cars that are up for your consideration on the same day. This way they are all fresh in your mind when you drive them back to back.  Let you sales associate know that you are comparing vehicles, they might be able to make this process easier.

Once you’re at the dealership, let the salesperson know you want to drive the vehicle(s) you have in mind and then you’ll be comparing models and prices at other showrooms. Doing this should allow you to better focus on your prospective ride while communicating to the dealer that you’re prepared to take your business elsewhere if an attractive offer can’t be made.

Otto’s BMW is so excited for this new journey that you are on and they want to help make this process as smooth as possible. Head on over to their lot and Otto’s will love to help you out.

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Pre Owned BMW Cars At Otto’s BMW

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rear Bmw  car Logo If you are in the market for a pre owned car then stop by Otto’s BMW. They have a great variety of new and pre owned BMW cars in Pennsylvania. Also, these pre owned cars are in such great condition. Everyone of their pre owned vehicles goes through a thorough reconditioning process before they can hit the lot. Check out one of these great vehicles right now.

The 2013 BMW 3 Series 335i Coupe comes with a turbocharged I6 3.0 liter/182 engine. You will also get a six speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive in this coupe. This subcompact car comes in an exterior color of Lemans blue and the interior is cream beige leather. It can seat a total of four passengers in its spacious interior. This vehicle has an estimated fuel economy of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway. It has been driven a total of 5,613 miles and Otto’s BMW is asking $47,992 for this car.

The exterior features of this car include: halogen free form front foglights, rain sensing windshield wipers, automatic headlight control, adaptive brakelights, heated dual power mirrors, heated wiper jets, adaptive brakelights, moonroof, xenon adaptive headlights, and P225/45R17 run flat all season tires. The interior features include: central locking system, dynamic cruise control, HD radio, auxiliary power outlet, service interval indicator, BMW ambiance lighting, rear window defroster, locking glovebox, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, HiFi sound system, iPod adapter, USB adapter, anti theft alarm system, bluetooth wireless technology, and a on board computer. The safety features include: a tire pressure monitor, emergency trunk release, crash sensor, side impact airbags, dynamic stability control, head protection system, automatic safety belt assistant, BMW advanced safety system, BMW ultimate service, and LATCH attachments.

Now that you know a little more about this car head on over to Otto’s BMW dealer of new and pre owned BMW cars in Pennsylvania.

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New BMW 4 Series 428i Convertible

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showroom with BMW convertibleOtto’s BMW is bringing an up close and personal look at the new BMW 4 Series 428i convertible that they have in their inventory now. This is such a beautiful car that would be such a fun fit for you. The warm weather is approaching and can you imagine yourself driving this bad boy with the top down while you’re soaking up the suns beautiful rays.

This BMW 4 Series has an intercooled turbo I-4 2.0 liter/122 engine, an eight speed automatic transmission, and rear wheel drive. You will find a beautiful saddle brown color as the interior color and the exterior is a Mineral White metallic. This convertible has an asking price at Otto’s BMW of $59,800. This subcompact car seats a total of four passengers with plenty of leg room to spare. This car has an estimated fuel economy of 23 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway.

The safety features of this car include: anti lock braking system, driveline traction control, side impact beams, airbag occupancy sensor, tire specific low tire pressure warning, BMW assist eCall emergency S.O.S., and electronic stability control. The interior features of this car include: Hifi sound system, satellite radio preparation, systems monitor, proximity key, air filtration, valet function, cruise control, engine immobilizer, audio theft deterrent, trip computer, garage door transmitter, four 12 volt DC power outlets, remote releases, FOB controls, tracker system, power rear windows, My Info selective service internet access, door bins, remote keyless entry, power front seats, and hands free bluetooth or USB audio connection. The exterior features include: speed sensitive rain detecting wipers, heated wiper jets, perimeter approach lights, fixed rear window and defroster, front fog lamps, trunk rear cargo access, and P225/50R17 all season run flat tires.

You can find this car and many other BMW cars near Kennet Square at dealer Otto’s BMW. Come check out all the great cars they have on their lot.

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The Pros Of Buying A Used Vehicle

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Purchase new or usedThere are a lot of reasons that you should buy a used vehicle and Otto’s, BMW dealer with car and SUV in Pennsylvania, has several reasons that you should purchase a pre owned vehicle from them. It is extremely hard nowadays to figure out whether it is worth it to purchase a new vehicle. If you have the money to do that then go for it! As for me, I know that buying a brand new BMW just is not in the budget for me. However buying a pre owned BMW can absolutely be done.

Buying a used vehicle definitely has its perks. One of these reasons is that cars are made with durability in mind. So now you can buy a used vehicle and not worry that it will totally brake down because it is pre owned. One of the other major issues of buying a new car includes the depreciation of the cars value. When you purchase a new car the moment you drive off the lot you lose a huge percentage of the cars value. With this in mind, purchasing a used vehicle becomes much more enticing because the value of your car will not drop significantly.

Otto’s BMW also has a great certified pre owned BMW program and this program will completely assure you that it is in great condition. Everyone of these pre owned vehicles is thoroughly reconditioned and has been inspected with great care. Otto’s BMW takes great pride in all of the vehicle in their inventory. This means that everyone of their pre owned vehicles are in great condition and ready for you to drive them off the lot.

If you want to see some of these great pre owned vehicles then head on over to Otto’s BMW and check them out for yourself.

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How To Properly Test Drive A New Vehicle

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Test Drive VehicleMost people do not know this, but there are some key elements to remember when test driving a vehicle. There is nothing wrong with just hopping in the vehicle and driving it around the block, however there is a way to make the most of the situation. Take a look at this list that Otto’s BMW has put together to help you make the most of your test drive.

One thing that you want to remember is that you should take the car on more than just a drive around the block. Take it on a drive that will test its abilities. Make sure to parallel park the vehicle and check for what the blind spots might be. Drive the vehicle on the highway and test out how well it does. Pay close attention to see if it sluggish or makes strange noises while accelerating. While you are driving let go of the wheel, only for a second, to see if the vehicle drifts at all. If it does then that means there is something wrong with the alignment. When driving rougher back roads check out see if the ride is bouncy at all this will allow you to test out the shock absorbency of this vehicle.  After this test out the brakes and see how well they are doing. If they make noises that could mean that something is wrong and they may need to be replaced. While you are driving the car check and see how the seats feel. After all you will be spending a lot of time sitting in this seat so make sure that it is comfortable.

If you are interested in taking a car for a test drive then head on over to Otto’s pre owned BMW dealer near Kennet Square. Call ahead and set up a test drive for one of your favorite vehicles.


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