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BMW Encore

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM : OCTOBER 21, 2011 -Part of an illuminated BMW advertising sign above the entrance to a BMW car dealer showroom in Knightsbridge London.

BMW Encore at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

Purchasing a BMW from Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills is always an exciting time. It does not matter whether you have been a BMW owner for as long as you can remember or if you are new to the BMW club – getting a new BMW is thrilling! There are so many great features and functions that are designed to enhance your driving experience, but how exactly do you use them? You could spend hours combing over the ownership manual, which you should review but it can be a lot to take in at once, but what if you are a visual learner? No need to worry that you will never be able to fully harness the power of your new BMW, Otto’s BMW has a solution for you! Sign up to take part in their BMW Encore program.

“Now that you’ve spent some time behind the wheel, we’re sure that you must have some questions about its many functions. That’s why we created BMW Encore.

Did you know…

  • You can make your BMW’s driving characteristics sportier, more efficient or comfortable, to match your driving mood.
  • Your new BMW automatically notifies your BMW center when it needs service.
  • In case of an accident, your BMW automatically alerts BMW Response Specialists, telling them what type of assistance is needed and for how many occupants.

We invite you to come back to your BMW center and learn about your vehicle’s many innovative features. Here, a BMW Genius will conduct a refresher course on the most frequently used features and answer your questions. This is also a great opportunity to get to know your center better, meet the pros in service who will be caring for your BMW – even get a complimentary car wash.” -Otto’s BMW website

Contact the dealership and sign up today!

Otto’s BMW 5.0 Dealer

BELGRADE, SERBIA - MARCH 25, 2015: Detail of the BMW car in Belgrade Serbia. BMW is a German automobile motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916.

Otto’s BMW Dealer near Chadds Ford

It has been a really big week for Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford! We are nearly done with the redesign of our dealership and our newly redesigned website is now live! It has been really fun and rewarding to bring Otto’s BMW into the future with this new dealership. What Otto’s BMW has really become is a BMW 5.0 Dealership. You might be wondering what exactly that means. It means that we are now a state of the art dealership that meets and exceeds all of the requirements that BMW corporate sets – we would say that we far exceed their expectations.

This project has been 47 years in the making and has taken some meticulous planning. After months and months of reviewing blueprints, moving this here and that there, we were able to get the plans how we wanted and the expansion of the dealership began. It has taken a long time to get the expansion done as we have been fully operational through the whole process. We are pleased to say that nearly all of the work is completed and our fully finished dealership is not too far off into the future. Everyone at Otto’s BMW has greatly appreciated all of the patience that our customers have shown through this entire process. Working on the building has allowed us to offer special deals on some of the top BMW models that we offer – we did this to say thank you for putting us with our dust!

The French have an epigram for such a transformation: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Paraphrased slightly for our purposes, it means the more we change, the more we’ll stay the same. We feel as though this completely sums up how we feel about the dealership. While our building is changing, the way we do business is not, and we think that is the best way to stay.

Otto’s BMW Monthly Message

Happy Young Couple Driving Along Country Road in Convertible at Sunset. Freedom Adventure Road Trip

Used BMW at Otto’s BMW near Media

We love talking about the freedom that we get to enjoy in this county and the little bits of nostalgia that we get to experience when we are behind the wheel of certain Used BMW cars at Otto’s BMW near Media. This month, Otto’s Monthly Message talks about just how connected we feel to the past when we are behind the wheel of a BMW convertible.

“There is something quite ageless about the pleasure of being behind the wheel of a BMW convertible, especially now. The sun is warm, the air is cool, the sky is infinite, and we get the feeling that our deepest desires are well within reach.”

“The fact is, for many of us, convertibles are like time machines, able to transport us across the years to our favorite memories on the road, and through some sort of automotive alchemy, they can turn the most pedestrian errand into a smile-producing adventure.”

“BMW convertibles, of course, are the perfect fusion of power, performance, and practicality. With many models to choose from (Z4, M235, 228, 428), you can find the configuration best suited to your life, and because we are fully stocked, there is no need for the angst of anticipation. Stop by for a test drive and immediate delivery!”

“May is also a special moment here at Otto’s for those looking for ultimate value in their Ultimate Driving Machine. For a limited time, we are offering 0% APR on retired service loaners and executive demonstrators (model years 2015/2016). This is an opportunity not to be missed.” For more information on the different options that are being offered at Otto’s BMW, stop by the dealership and speak with a friendly member of their staff. They would be more than happy to help you get behind the wheel of a Used BMW Convertible today!


BMW Convertible – A Timeless Classic

stars and stripes billowing in the wind

Otto’s BMW in West Chester

As we approach the warmer summer months and get ready to celebrate Memorial Day, we cannot help but think about the level of freedom that we enjoy in this country. We get to do what makes us happy, enjoy bits of life that not everyone the world over get s the opportunity to do, and we get to drive the kind of cars that we want. A classic picture of American freedom shows us a couple driving down an open road in a convertible with the top down, their hair blowing in the wind. No matter where you live in the US, you can relate to that image. There is just something about it that says there are an unlimited number of possibilities out there.

This level of freedom is what attracted the founder of Otto’s BMW in West Chester to this country. Otto came here as an immigrant who escaped from the oppressive government of Hungary in order to build a new life for himself and his future family. We came to the United States with little money and worked hard to achieve his dream of owning an auto repair shop. He worked at other shops until he had enough money saved to start his own. Otto’s repair shop became a neighborhood staple and grew for a number of years. Then, one fateful day, they were approached to become a BMW Dealership. Otto and his family saw the opportunity and took it! They now have a large, family run dealership that has just undergone a remodel. We encourage you to head to Otto’s BMW and check out their huge selection of new and Used BMW models, meet the family, and see what the American dream really means.

Nothing Beats a Great Staff!

Bucharest Romania - November 10 2015: Detail of the vent of a BMW i3 logo on a car. BMW i3 is a five-door urban electric car developed by the German manufacturer BMW.

Staff at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford

All week we have given you tips on how to get a great BMW from Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford. We have talked about the importance of knowing your finances and credit information, how you need to take your time and not rush into a BMW, that you should not let yourself get distracted by the different models that you like but might not meet your new car requirements, and about how taking European delivery for your custom BMW might be the best decision you ever make. There is something, though, that is imperative to ensuring that you get the right BMW for you. This very important tip is that you shop at a BMW Dealer that has an amazing staff.

When you buy a BMW from a dealer, you are essentially entering into a long term relationship with that dealer. It is where you will be bringing your BMW for servicing and repair down the road. You will want to ensure that the dealership from which you buy your BMW is the best place for you as you will be there several times a year. We believe that Otto’s BMW is the best dealership from which to purchase your BMW because they have the knowledge, factory trained technicians, helpful staff, and legacy to ensure that you will get the best care for your BMW over its entire life. As soon as you step on the dealership lot, through selection, financing, delivery, and regular maintenance, the team at Otto’s BMW will be looking out for you and the best interest of your BMW. It is their attention to customer service that has kept them a top BMW dealer for nearly 40 years. Stop by the dealership today and enjoy the Otto’s BMW difference.

Tips for Buying a BMW – Part 5

Aarhus, Denmark - December 13, 2015: BMW logo on a panel. BMW is a German luxury automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

New BMW at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

All this week we have been bring you tips for how to get the BMW that you want at a great price from Otto’s BMW near Downingtown. Today we want to share with you one more tip that we really go get very excited about. It will however, cost you a trip to Europe.

European Delivery – What a lot of people do not realize is that you can actually opt to pick up you specially ordered BMW right from the factory in Germany. We have talked about people getting a better price by buying  Used BMW or by choosing to lease a BMW, but if you are going all out to get a new BMW will all of the options that you want, with the fancy trims, and in your favorite color, then taking advantage of the European Delivery should be on your list.

” You can take delivery of your BMW in two different ways, you can either pick it up from the dealership once it is ready and has been shipped by BMW, or even better, you can go to Germany and pick it up yourself. Now who wouldn’t to do that? You get to drive around Europe for a week in your brand new Bimmer and see the sights, drive the Autobahn, take the BMW tours, feel the greatness of the back roads over there, or best yet, go on the Nürburgring. I don’t know how many of you care about racing on the ‘Ring, especially in your brand new car, but I would do it, if that helps.”

Who would not want the opportunity to drive their brand new BMW on the Autobahn?! We know this is definitely something on our bucket list.

Tips for Buying a BMW – Part 4

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM : OCTOBER 21, 2011 -Part of an illuminated BMW advertising sign above the entrance to a BMW car dealer showroom in Knightsbridge London.

Otto’s BMW Dealer near Exton

This week, we have been providing you with a number of tips that will help you while buying (or leasing!) a BMW from Otto’s BMW near Exton. We have talked about the importance of knowing what your credit and financial information looks like and how that can affect the kind of BMW that you want to buy. We have discussed the importance of being patient and buying the BMW that you know you will really use and the one you really need – don’t get distracted by the different shiny models! Last time we pointed out that you might want to spend some time if you really want to buy a BMW or if leasing might be a better choice for you. Today we want to talk about your power of choice.

Buy what you want! This seems like a very simple concept, but if you have the finances and want to buy a specific model, then do it! It’s your car after all! You have the option of buying whatever model you want from whatever dealership that you want; that is a very powerful choice to have. ” Go to your local BMW dealership and buy what you want. It’s easy as that. If you have the finances, just go and find what you want. Research different dealerships in your area first. Ask friends and family members where they purchased their BMW’s and what salesman they got them from. Ask them their experience. No one wants to buy from the wrong place and find it out later.” –

Getting the input of people who have purchased a BMW from different dealerships can save you a big disappointment down the road. We suggest that you get your next BMW from Otto’s BMW, they have been in business for over 40 years and have an excellent record of customer service. Let Otto’s be your dealership!

Tips for Buying a BMW – Part 3

Sign with two arrows shows buying or leasing

Lease Offers at Otto’s BMW near Media

Our last couple of posts have been about tips that will help you to buy a great Used BMW from Otto’s BMW near Media and today we would like to continue with a few things that we think will help while you are at the BMW Dealership. Remember, these tips can be applied to buying a new or used BMW. Knowledge is power when you are looking for your next automobile!

Buy or Lease? This is a big question for a lot of people. Some people will only buy their cars while others will only lease. We have found over the years that this preference has more to do with what you parents did with a vehicle than the individual’s overall preference. In some cases, it has to do more with where you live and what kind of job you have. Someone who moves great distances across country might prefer to lease a vehicle that they know they can return to the dealer when they have to pack up and move. Another big consideration is how many miles you drive in a year.

“Buy or lease? Which is better for you? Do you not drive a lot of miles a year and trade in every 2-3 years? If so, maybe a lease is the right thing for you. Do you like to hold on to a car for a while and hand it down through the family or sell it to a friend? Then buying is the right thing for you. The good thing about a BMW lease is that if your contract is for 10,000 miles a year, there is no issue with calling your salesman up and asking for 15,000 miles at some point during the lease. Just remember that it will cost you a little extra to do that.” –

These are some excellent points to keep in mind while you are deciding which will be best for how you drive.

Tips for Buying a Used BMW – Part 2

Keep Calm and Stay Focused on red background

Used BMW at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

Buying  a Used BMW is a big deal – you are getting a BMW after all! What is also important is that you know what you are doing when you go shopping for that Used BMW at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania. Today we want to share with you a few more tips for getting the Used BMW that you really want. Some of this information came from the BMW blog website.

Know What You Want – It is easy to get distracted by all of the shiny BMW models at Otto’s BMW but you need to remember that you have a vehicle in mind when you get there. Do not get distracted and don’t be hasty! Know exactly what you want and why you want it before you go buying it. We have seen too many people in our sales experience that purchased a car they either knew nothing about only to end up not wanting it a month later and losing a lot when trading it in. It hurts your credit and your wallet. So be smart, know what you want. Test drive everything that you think is what you could use. If you want a 650i but you know that you need a 550i, don’t go buying the 650. Test drive it if you want, but buy what you know you will need. If you are looking for an M3 and don’t know whether you want an E90, E92 or E93, think about what you do all day every day. Do you take clients or friends out? Is it just you and your significant other? Is it just you in the car at all times, and maybe a few pieces of luggage? Think about these questions when you are buying. These kind of questions will keep you focused on what you really need and keep you from getting distracted.

Tips for Buying a Used BMW – Part 1

dollar sign made of solid metal with arrow up stands on white ground - front textured with a dollar note

Used BMW under $25K at Otto’s BMW in PA

We all know and love BMW! Some of us like to buy them brand new, some of us would love to buy new but can only afford pre-owned, and some just would rather save the money and buy a used BMW. Today we want to share with you some tips for how to get the best deal on your Used BMW from Otto’s BMW in PA. Some of this information was pulled from the BMW blog website.

Know Your Finances – This is a big one! Know exactly what you can afford. Too many people know that they can afford a BMW, but they don’t know how they can afford it better, or pay less. We can afford a BMW too, but we don’t want to have to make the $600-$1,000 monthly payment if we don’t have to. Knowing your finances will also help you know how much you can and are willing to put down when you go to buy the car. Always know your debt to income ratio. Just because you make $6,000 a month doesn’t mean you can afford a BMW. Sometimes your credit card bills and the likes will hurt you when buying a car.  You will thank us later for it.

Most people do not realize just how important it is to know exactly where you stand financially before you step foot on the dealership lot. We suggest you pay down any unsecured debt, ie credit cards, before you commit to purchasing a Used BMW. It will keep you from paying an arm and a leg in interest fees to the credit card company and will greatly reduce your debt to income ratio. If you would like an idea of what a BMW payment might be every month, call the Finance Department and they will help you out!