What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 8

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Car InsuranceWell we have finally made it to the end of our list of things you should know about purchasing your vehicles auto insurance. Hopefully, you feel a little more educated on the matter and you are able to make the right decisions for you and your vehicle. Otto’s BMW cars dealer near Glen Mills wants to insure that all of their customers are taken care of and have the best opportunities to succeed, and we believe that having the proper insurance coverage is a great place to start.

To pick up where we left off with the Medical Payments Coverage. This policy coverage even covers the passengers that are injured in your vehicle at the time of the accident and even the income lost because of injuries from the accident. However, this coverage is not actually available in all states because it would be covered under regular insurance. This is something your could talk to your insurance agent about and they could let you know whether you are safe without the Medical Payments Coverage policy.

The last policy to look at is the uninsured or underinsured motorist plan. This will cover anything that happens to you in the case of an accident that was caused by another motorist who is either not covered at all or does not have enough of a plan to cover the payments needed for you and your vehicle. Most insurance agents think it would be smart to have the same amount of money put into this plan as you would with liability coverage.

Well we here at Otto’s BMW hope that you have learned a little bit about the car insurance world and we hope that we have been helpful! Stick around for more awesome news and tips with us.

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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 7

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Car insurance claimHaving coverage for property damage liability is important because there are some very nice and expensive cars that are out on the road today. If you have this coverage it will help to cover you in case of the unfortunate event of totaling someone else’s car.

Very similar to the Collision coverage is the Comprehensive coverage in which you will also have to pay for a deductible. The good news about having the comprehensive coverage is that you usually will not have to pay as much for this coverage, they usually say that it is about half of what your deductible would be for collision coverage. The only bad thing about collision and comprehensive coverage is that no matter what it will not be able to cover all of the damages done to or things in your vehicle. For instance, if something were to break from an accident that was an added tech or feature then it will probably not be covered. If these items are things that you would like to be covered then you might be able to work out a special policy for coverage for your special features.

The Medical Payments policy coverage is not something that every person decides to pay for. The reason for not purchasing this coverage is because, for most people, the health insurance that they have should be enough to cover anything that may go wrong. However, there is a difference between the two insurance coverages. The cool thing about the medical payment coverage is that it can be set up to where it can cover any income that is lost due to any injuries that happened during a car accident.

We are almost finished with our layout of all things auto insurance. Keep reading to find out more about insurance coverage for BMW cars and SUV near Downingtown.

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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 6

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learn moreYou can stick with the minimum coverage for the bodily injury liability coverage, but it could be extremely beneficial for you to get more coverage. If you have a lot of assets then you should get something that will protect your from losing those things. You can purchase higher limits per person that the small $15,000. Instead of getting higher limits per person you could even try to purchase an umbrella policy. You auto insurance agent will help explain this to you more in depth and what you would actually need. Some agencies could even cover damages done to properties as apposed to a person. Most car insurance agents belief that this kind of policy is extremely important to have.

Whenever you purchase collision coverage you will have to choose how much you are wanting to pay on your deductible. The deductible is what you are required to pay before your insurance will start to pay for the issues. When you purchase a plan with a low deductible then you will have to pay more for the coverage that you get for your your vehicle. Most people would benefit more from having a higher deductible because in the long run you will not have to pay as much. So unless you get into a lot of accidents that are your fault then you are good with the high deductible. Also, you should remember that you will only have to pay for the deductible if you are the person who causes the accident. If it is the other drivers fault then you are in the clear.

Otto’s car BMW dealer near Chadds Ford has a ton of information left to share with you so don’t stop learning yet. Until next time you can check out some of the great cars at their dealership.


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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 5

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knowledge empowers youIt is important to keep yourself completely covered and insured whenever you have a great car like a BMW from Otto’s BMW. That is why Otto’s BMW has taken the time to lay out a little bit of information that will help you understand more about insurance policies and the different things that they cover.

There are several random coverage policies that you can add on to your auto insurance plan. One of these types of coverages includes the tow coverage that will pay for any costs that occur if you need your car to be towed away from an accident. Also, if you have to have a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop waiting to be repaired you can purchase a plan that will pay for the rental car while it is in your possession. This would only be necessary if the accident was your fault. If the accident was caused by the other driver then the other driver’s insurance will cover the cost of the rental car.

So how much insurance do you think that you will need for your vehicle? There are some policies that are required by states. This is usually set at a minimum required and you must have that much paid for at all times. For instance, most state laws require you to have Bodily Injury Liability coverage that is set at a minimum of $15,000 per person or $30,000 per accident.

Next we will discuss a little bit more about why it is important to have set limits per each person so that you won’t get sued for everything that you own. We hope that this has been helpful and until next time you should visit the pre owned BMW dealer near Media for more BMW car news.

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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 4

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Are You Covered?Otto’s BMW would love to talk to you a little more about the different types of car insurance and all other things that you should know about when it comes to different car insurance policies. Once you find the perfect used BMW car near Exton at Otto’s BMW you can find the perfect insurance coverage with help from us.

One of the other coverage areas is for uninsured or underinsured situations. This will cover any injuries done to you or even some of the damages that could have happened to your vehicle. This will cover any problems only if the person who caused the accident either has no insurance or is underinsured to cover the cost of damages done to your vehicle. This could come in very handy because statistics have shown that more than about 10%, which is three of ten drivers, of vehicle owners do not have any insurance. Even for those drivers who do have coverage it is still possible that they will not have enough to cover the injuries or damages that could take place in case of an accident. This type of coverage could also help cover you in case of an accident where you, as a pedestrian, are hit by a vehicle.

This type of insurance coverage is one that would seem useless, but in the instance of one of these types of unfortunate situations, it would come in extremely handy. It also means that you would not be left to take care of the damages all on your own. This is especially important to have when you are driving around a nice vehicle like new or used BMW cars or SUVs. These great vehicles need an equally great coverage plan that will protect them in case of accidents such as these.


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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 3

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car insurance policyProperty Damage Liability Coverage is the second we will look at. This will cover the costs of damage that have been done to any property by your vehicle. Usually this means that it will cover the damage to the other vehicle in the accident, but it could also be used for damage done to things like buildings, lampposts, fences, mailbox, and so on. The minimum coverage is usually at $5,000 and is usually required by most states.

The next type of insurance coverage you can purchase is collision. This means that if you are in a car accident and if it happens to be your fault then this coverage will pay for damages done to your vehicle and to any of the other objects damaged in this accident.

There is a type of coverage that will pay for things done in an accident that does not involve being in an accident with another vehicle. This type is called comprehensive. This will cover things like damages done during a storm if something falls on your car like a tree limb or if your vehicle is broken into by someone stealing things. This could even cover paying for items that were in your car that had been stolen out of it in certain cases.

You can get a coverage of insurance that will pay for medical payments. In case of an accident where there are hospital bills or even funerals it can cover you or any passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident regardless of whose fault it was. If you are hit while you are a pedestrian it could cover that as well.

Find the perfect insurance coverage for your certified used BMW in West Chester, PA. Otto’s BMW can help you to find out everything you need to know about all of the different types of insurance coverage for your vehicle.

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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 2

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Car Insurance PolicyWhen you purchase liability coverage for your car that usually means you have a very small amount of money to cover the needs for others in case of an accident that you cause. The standard for that is usually $5,000 for damage done to the other vehicle involved, $15,000 for someone who was involved in the accident with you, and the highest you will get is $30,000 for all people involved in the accident. Which is considered to not be a whole lot of money.

Most people would actually say that you should try to get at least a little more than just the minimum coverage required. This is mostly because if you only have the minimum required you could be hurting yourself in the long run. If your car is totaled then you won’t have any money coming from that for a new vehicle . Think about it this way, if you get into an accident with someone who has an extremely nice BMW that is brand new and you only have liability that will cover $5,000 of damage, do you think that $5,00o will cover all of the damages to that vehicle? The answer is probably not.

Most auto insurance companies have six different coverage plans for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at these different plans and what all they have to offer.

The first one we will look at is Bodily Injury Liability coverage. This plan will help pay for medical expenses for a person who has been injured in an accident that you have caused. It is usually required for you to have this in most states and it will cover up at the very least $15,000 with a maximum of $30,000 for those injured.

We have a lot to cover still with this information so don’t leave us yet! Until next time you can come check out some of the pre owned BMW Cars in Pennsylvania at Otto’s BMW.

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What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 1

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Car IsuranceOtto’s BMW is all about making things work smoothly for all of their customers. That is why we want to help you learn everything there is to know about auto insurance. Once you learn a little bit more about auto insurance it will take away most of the frustration and stress that comes a long with finding the perfect company and the perfect policy.

There are many different ways to go about purchasing your cars insurance, but you will want to begin your journey by doing research first. You can begin this on the internet or by collecting information packages from insurance companies that you are trying to decide between. Because having auto insurance is not an option, it is important to understand why we need it and just exactly what kind of coverage we have from our companies. If you make a quick decision and just purchase the first insurance plan that comes along you could really be hurting yourself in the future.

So just exactly how much should you be paying for your car insurance? Well that all depends on what area you live in, what kind of car you are driving, and how much you want covered for vehicle. In most states you will notice that they only require you to have little coverage which is called liability coverage. This plan is set up in case you get into an accident and it will pay for only what damage your car did to the other persons car. It will not cover anything that has happened to your car however. Usually you will want this for an older car instead of a newer car.

Continue reading in the next article of this series to learn more about liability coverage for your BMW Cars from dealer near Kennet Square.


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CPO 2014 BMW 5 Series 528i xDrive Sedan

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BMW 5 Series displayAt Otto’s BMW they have a great Certified Pre Owned BMW 5 Series available. This vehicle is ready for you to come and test drive at certified BMW dealer near Glen Mills.

The CPO BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan comes in an exterior color of Black Sapphire and the interior of the car is Beige Leather. This vehicle has been driven a total of 4,786 miles. It comes standard with an Intercooled Turbo I-4 2.0 liter engine, an eight speed automatic transmission, and all wheel drive. This sedan as xDrive that is available for every all wheel drive vehicles at BMW.  The Environmental Protection Agency gave this Sedan an estimated fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon on the highway. Otto’s BMW has an asking price of $54,762 for this BMW 5 Series.

Some of the exterior features of this vehicle includes: automatic projector beam, cornering lights, LED brake lights, P225/55R17 all season run flat tires, fixed rear window, rear window defroster, fog lamps, perimeter approach lights, tinted glass, sunroof, speed sensitive rain detecting wipers, heated wiper jets, rear cargo access, and side windows trim. The interior features of this car include: real time traffic display, FOB controls, proximity key for ignition, air filtration, garage door transmitter, graphic equalizer, window grid antenna, BMW online selective service internet access, tracker system, wireless streaming, analog display, bluetooth wireless phone connectivity, outside temp gauge, rear upholders, systems monitor, four 12 volt DC power outlets, integrated navigation system with voice activation, perimeter alarm, interior trim, valet function, remote keyless entry, rear HVAC with separate controls, engine immobilizer, trip computer, cruise control, interior lock disable, and audio theft deterrent. It also has some great safety features included in this vehicle. You can check those out for yourself at Otto’s BMW dealer.

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Shop For Your Next BMW At Otto’s BMW

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Bmw LogoWhen you shop with Otto’s BMW you will be getting to shop at a top of the line car dealership. Otto’s BMW has incredible customer service ratings. This is because they take the time to help each individual person without trying to rush them. The sales associates at Otto’s BMW really take the time to make sure that you understand everything about the potential cars that you are checking out.

At Otto’s BMW you will find new, used, and certified pre owned BMW cars and SUVs. They certified pre owned program has some great BMW vehicles that are under 50,000 miles and they have to be less than three years old. When you purchase with Otto’s BMW you are purchasing with absolute certainty that you are getting a great vehicle.

Christine From Glen Mills, Pa says, “Overall a great experience. Wonderful dealership.”  A customer from Wilmington, DE said this about their experience, “Best buying experience …!! Scott was more than great…!!” One customer from West Chester, PA is a reoccurring customer that says, “Always a pleasure to do business with Ottos! Justice has made my last two car buying experiences efficient and effective with no pressure and straight forward dealing. We always recommend the dealership and appreciate the excellent customer service.” These are just a few of the reviews found at Otto’s BMW website. You can check out more of these reviews for yourself.

Now that you know how great Otto’s BMW is and how much their customers love them, you should come on down and review Otto’s BMW for yourself. Call right now and speak to a sales associate about setting up an appointment for you to look at some of the greatest BMW vehicles available in Pennsylvania. Head on over to BMW dealer of cars and SUV near Downingtown.


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