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Service and Parts Department at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

It is that time of year that we all start taking our automobiles in for their post winter (snow-pocalypse) tune ups. This can cause a lot of people anxiety and for good reason! How many times can you remember when you have taken your car in for a general tune up and get told that you need to have all kinds of work done. “Yeah, your cat-for-me-kitten-britches needs to be replaced and that is going to run you about a bazillion dollars.” Ok, so it is not exactly how it is like that but it seems as though it is. What can you do to avoid this oh so enticing scenario? The solution, buy a new BMW from Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills and enjoy zero dollar maintenance costs for the first three years. You read that correctly, Otto’s will maintain your BMW at no cost to you for the first three years you own the automobile. If that does not get you excited then perhaps their friendly and impeccably trained service team will. These fine men and women have been trained to correctly diagnose and treat anything that might be wrong with your BMW. A BMW is a finely tuned piece of German engineering, not everyone is qualified to work on them. Joe Smoe down the street might actually cause more issues if he does not know what he is doing. You will also find that the service and parts department will go the extra mile to make sure that your BMW is all that it can be. There is no longer a reason to fear the annual tune up with Otto’s BMW! They can even schedule your next service appointments for months down the road and notify you when it is time to head in for a BMW service.

Save the Planet with a Hybrid!

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BMW Hybrid Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square

There are so many things to love about April. This month is the time when, finally, everything begins to turn green and flowers start to bloom. April is also the month in which we celebrate Earth Day. In fact, this year was the forty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day. This day is set aside to get us to consider our stewardship of the planet and what we can do to preserve its beauty for generations to come. You might not know that BMW has been working towards the most fuel efficient automobiles for more than forty-five years; innovative, fuel efficient engines are at the core of what BMW strives to create. Do fuel efficient engines help the environment? They sure do! A fuel efficient engine uses less fossil fuels and less fossil fuels means a happier earth. But BMW did not stop at fuel efficient engines, they kept moving forward. Now their standard engines come with an option for ECO Pro Mode which can increase fuel efficiency by up to twenty percent. The BMW Hybrids are a marriage of the classic combustion engine and an electric engine. It is a marriage made in heaven as you lose none of the driving dynamics but vastly increase your miles per gallon. BMW is even working on an electric only engine. This project has been completed and is in the early stages of production for certain test markets. Their all electric engine can be recharged from a standard wall socket, though it will charge faster through a BMW wall box. A step as simple as purchasing a BMW Hybrid can do so much towards lessening your carbon footprint. Ready to help save the planet? Head to Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square and their excellent sales team will help you find the BMW Hybrid to best suit your lifestyle!

Happy Hybrids!

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BMW Hybrid Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Yesterday, people all over the country celebrated the forty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day. We hope you were able to get out and enjoy the all of the loveliness the earth has to offer. Perhaps you were inspired to contemplate what changes you can make to be more earth friendly. The most common things that usually come to mind are the notions of recycling and planting trees. But what if you could make a substantial impact every day? Would you do it? What if it meant doing something as simple as trading in your fossil fuel guzzling vehicle and trading it in for a fuel efficient hybrid? It really is as easy as that. BMW has an extensive line of hybrid automobile models. But I do not want to drive one of those little toy car looking hybrids, they just do not look safe! This is a common and totally understandable concern. The good news is that Otto’s BMW near Exton has a huge selection of hybrids that you would not know are hybrids. What we mean by that is that the body styling and engine dynamics are the same as a standard BMW engine, the difference is just how the engine gets its power. The engineers at BMW are so innovative that their hybrid engines will preform the same as a customary engine but will substantially lessen your carbon footprint. If you have a large family perhaps the BMW SAV Hybrid is right for your family. Same hauling capacity just a smarter engine. These traits will not be found many other places in the automotive industry. BMW is ahead of the times, as always. Ready to trade in that gas guzzler for something better? Head to Otto’s BMW near Exton and let them show you the BMW Hybrid difference!

BMW Service with a Smile

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Service and Parts Department at Otto’s BMW near Media

Is there anybody out there who just really hates going to get their car serviced? You hate going to see what that strange noise is because you are always worried that the serviceman will give you the run around about what is actually wrong to try to get you to pay for more services than you really need. This is usually especially true for women as nearly all women have a story about how they were given outrageous quotes on the repair work needed on their car. Thank goodness that this is NOT how Otto’s BMW near Media does business. Otto’s BMW has a phenomenal service and parts department that prides itself on honesty and excellent customer service. The team at Otto’s takes the time to get to know their customers and their automobiles. This enables them  to provide top notch service. The service and parts department also operates under the philosophy of the dealership, which is to treat every customer like a member of you own family and do what is best for them. The other guys just do not seem to operate in this fashion; it is a shame. When you bring your BMW to Otto’s for a regular tune up, oil change or a major issue you can rest assured that they will do what is best for you, not best for themselves. In fact, when you buy a new BMW from Otto’s BMW the first three years you own your automobile Otto’s covers the cost of general maintenance, making your cost of ownership $0 (aside from car payments). Zero dollars to keep you baby in tip top shape. You just cannot beat it! When you are ready to stop getting taken advantage of and instead be taken care of, head to Otto’s BMW and let their friendly staff show you what customer service really means.

Green BMW for Spring!

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New Car Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford

Lately we have been talking a lot about the fuel efficiency and the “green-ness” of the BMW hybrid engines. The title of this article probably lead you to believe that this was going to be another article on that same topic; wrong! Today we are actually talking about a green colored BMW. What does a green BMW have to do with anything, not a whole lot, just that BMW has a lovely green color available for you to select as the exterior color for your new BMW car purchase! Spring is a season in which a lot of people purchase their new automobile and what better way to recognize the season in which you bought your BMW for years to come that with a spring-y green paint color? This also serves to highlight That you can design your BMW to fit your style and personality. BMW has a tradition of elegance and class but also of manufacturing vehicles to meet the requirements of their clients. BMW knows that when you have a vehicle personally made for you that you are more likely to drive that automobile for a long, long time and maybe even make it a heirloom that is passed from generation to generation. You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of families that have grandpa’s BMW from the 1950’s and still take it out for a spin. This is also why BMW has a very high number of cars that are certified as BMW Classics and are always big winners at car shows (and auctions!). BMW has one of the largest option books available for new cars. When you are ready to check out or pick out your personal new BMW car, head to Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford and allow their friendly staff to help you select the BMW of your dreams!

BMW Efficiency for Me!

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BMW Hybrid Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

We hope that everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the lovely Earth Day yesterday! It is hard to believe that it is already the end of April. Did you know that yesterday was the forty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day? It was! Earth Day has been held annually since 1970. Such a long history of raising environmental awareness, but BMW has an even longer history! BMW has been engineering the most fuel efficient engines possible for nearly one hundred years. 100! The BMW Motor Company has a legacy of innovative technology that is always ahead of the times when it comes to fuel efficient engines. An engine that is more fuel efficient requires less use of fossil fuels, thereby helping the environment. What you may not know is that BMW has developed an electric only automobile. The BMW 1 Series ActiveE is an electric only car that can be plugged in to a standard wall outlet for charging, though it will charge faster from one of the BMW wall boxes. This all electric car is still in the initial stages of production and only available in certain test markets. If you do not know if you are ready to commit to an electric only automobile, never fear, BMW is here with a vast number of hybrid options. I know what you may be thinking, “Ugh, a hybrid, fuel economy on them is great but they are just so gosh darn unattractive.” You have not seen  the BMW hybrid models. Otto’s BMW near Downingtown has a number of hybrids on the lot and you will not be able to tell the hybrids from the regular BMWs. BMW made sure that their hybrid engines stayed true to the body styling that is the hallmark of the BMW brand. Stop by and check out the hybrid inventory at Otto’s BMW!

Should I buy a Used BMW?

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Certified Pre Owned Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford

Buying a new vehicle or a new to you vehicle is always a big decision. Most people spend hours doing research on what vehicle type and brand will be best for them to purchase. No one wants to spends money on a vehicle that they may not be what they are looking for. You may begin researching whether or not a used vehicle will be best for you; sure the price is right but will it hold up? Is it going to fall apart as soon as I get it home? Should I just buck up and spend the money on something I know that no one has driven? Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford would like to put your mind at ease. Otto’s BMW has a huge selection of pre owned automobiles with a number of different certification levels. These certification levels are established based on each vehicle’s ability to meet certain criteria established by BMW. The more criteria a vehicle meets the higher the level of certification it receives. What to know the great thing about all of the pre owned vehicles on Otto’s BMW lot? They are all priced at very reasonable rates! No breaking the bank! You may be thinking that once you buy a pre owned vehicle that you are never going to hear from Otto’s again. Wrong! Otto’s BMW wants to ensure that every customer is happy with their purchase for years to come. Otto’s BMW will help you schedule your regular maintenance and educate you on all of the fun new features on your BMW through their Encore program. Otto’s BMW will be with you from start to finish, and finish won’t be for a long time. So the answer to the title question is “yes”. A pre owned BMW from Ottos BMW is a great purchase choice.

So Many BMWs!

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Pre Owned Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

Is anyone else getting that itch to go out and change up their vehicle? There is just something about spring that makes us want to get out and embrace the newness of the environment. For many purchasing a different vehicle is just the ticket! But what do you do if you do not have the funds for a brand new automobile? Maybe your tax return was very lack luster and you do not think you will have very many choices. You could not be more wrong. Otto’s BMW near Downingtown has a wide availability of pre owned automobiles that will not break the bank. Otto’s BMW has more than one location which means that they get to see a wide variety of vehicle types, models and trims. They are then able to pass those lovely vehicles with their excellent prices onto their customers. Can you believe that Otto’s offers such a wide variety of vehicles with such amazing pricing? If you don’t believe us then check out the Otto’s website for yourself. Otto’s BMW offers all of their vehicle inventory online for you to view at your convenience. If you find a vehicle that you like, you can schedule a test drive on their website. As a matter of fact you can also get a quote for the trade in value on your current vehicle, apply for financing and view available specials all from the comfort of your home. No need to come to the dealership until you are ready to test drive. Otto’s BMW has really streamlined the pre owned vehicle purchasing process. However, if you are one of those people who likes to spend time at the dealership getting to know the vehicles and the people who work there, Otto’s BMW has a staff that is always glad to see you. Stop by today and check out their pre owned inventory.

Otto’s Services

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BMW Accessories at Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills

Think back over the times that you have gone out to purchase a vehicle. Most of those experiences probably ended in disappointment and aggravation. You also have obviously not purchased an automobile from Otto’s BMW near Glen Mills. Otto’s BMW takes a different approach to the car buying experience. They have a philosophy that they operate under that is really unparalleled by other dealerships in the area. Otto’s believes that every person who comes onto their lot should be treated as a member of the Otto’s family. This belief is why their customers rate Otto’s highly in the areas of customer service and customer satisfaction over and over again. Another area that Otto’s BMW ranks highly in is the number of services they provide to their customers. Besides offering online shopping for your next vehicle purchase, they also offer advance service scheduling. Their service and parts department allows you to schedule your next appointment online and if you choose you can even schedule the next 6  service appointments online and receive notifications to remind you that it is time to go in! Such convenience. Are you looking for the latest BMW accessory for your beloved BMW car? Not a problem! Otto’s BMW has a page devoted to BMW extras and will be happy to order any accessory for you that will make your Otto’s BMW even better. They also have a link for you to register your classic BMW with BMW headquarters. There are a few extra steps, like verifying authenticity, that have to be taken but Otto’s BMW has staff members that are trained to check the authenticity and help you get that prized BMW verification. There are not many dealerships that are willing to go the extra mile for their customer, so many are just once and done dealerships that have little regard for their customer. Otto’s BMW always puts the customer first!

BMW in your Cart

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BMW Specials at Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square

Spring is that time of year when people seem to want to get out there and tidy things up; spring cleaning applies to closets, houses, DVR’s and even your automobile. Believe it or not but the month of April is one of the most popular months for people to purchase a new automobile. Something about the earth being renewed that gets people in a car buying mood. Maybe it is because the dinginess of winter is still evident on their vehicles and they do not want to spend another minute in that unattractive vehicle. But who wants to spend all of their free time looking for a new automobile when it is so nice outside. Wouldn’t you rather be outside grilling, gardening or hanging out on your porch? We know we sure would! In that spirit, Otto’s BMW near Kennett Square has a website that enables you to search for your new BMW online at your own convenience and in the environment you choose! Online at the Otto’s BMW website you can search their inventory, get a quote on your trade in, apply for financing and schedule a test drive. Once your test drive is scheduled you will have to go to the dealership but you will have an appointment time and the sales team will let you set the pace for the appointment. Whether you want to get in and out or you decide you might want to spend more time at the dealership and test drive a few more lovely BMW’s, the sales time will be happy to assist you in any way possible. You can also check out the latest leasing offers from BMW and all of the available discounts. There is even a special discount for active military members and veterans. Let Otto’s BMW help you with your next BMW purchase.