All New Mid Sized Convertible BMW 4 Series Part 2

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BMW 4 ConvertibleOne thing that you will see with this new BMW 4 Series is BMW’s way of implementing a process to reduce drag. These are called air breathers and they are going to be facing the rear and right behind the front wheel arches. These don’t take away from the appearance of the BMW 4 Series, but they offer a more intense look to it.

Even though this vehicle is considered a sports car you will definitely be able to see some elegance in the mix of it all. The silhouette of the vehicle is going to be the same as other BMW convertibles and, trust me, its pretty breathtaking. With the hood up this vehicle looks very similar to the BMW 4 series coupe, so you can get a good guess of the appearance of it. The BMW convertible’s top is a hard top that works to block out the outside noise when it is up. It also is perfectly fine in the winter time and BMW insures that you will be comfortable in this vehicle during all seasons. The interior of the roof is lined with ambient lighting. Some convertibles have a hard time finding space for cargo or any type of luggage, but you won’t find this problem with the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

The 2015 BMW 4 Series will come standard with the rear wheel drive in the 428i line and the 435i line. You do have the option to have an all wheel drive system, the xDrive, in this vehicle. The 428i will come standard with a four cylinder TwinPower Turbo 2.0 liter engine. The 435i will have the Twin Power Turbo 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine. The one thing you can pick for either one of these vehicles is the option for an eight seed automatic transmission or a six speed manual transmission. Come check it out at Otto’s BMW cars dealer in Pennsylvania to test drive the car.

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All New Mid Sized Convertible BMW 4 Series Part 1

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BMW 4 Series displayOtto’s BMW wants to take a moment and talk about the incredible all new convertible BMW 4 Series. This vehicle is a mid sized convertible with some great features and even greater appeal. Once you read up on this new convertible you can head on over to Otto’s BMW and get a closer look at it and even schedule a test drive for it.

The 2015 BMW 4 Series convertible is the n newest generation for the 4 Series. This vehicle goes more towards the sporty side of the BMW line of vehicles, however, you can still see the luxury in it that all the BMW vehicles offer to their drivers. The BMW 4 Series actually stands out among all of the other BMW vehicles with its very own dynamic and an appeal that is all its own. Even though it is very much its own style you will see some similarities with the BMW 6 Series convertible that is on the market today.

The 4 Series has a much bigger base than that of the BMW 3 Series convertible and you will see that in the width of the car. It has a silhouette that appears to be stretched out more than the 3 Series as well. Even though this vehicle is bigger than the 3 Series you will see that it sits lower to the ground than the 3 Series does. This truly gives it a sports car feel with a balance that you won’t be able to find in many other vehicles. It is a well balanced vehicle in the appearance department.

We are no where near close to being finished with this vehicle’s review so stick around for the rest of the series. You could also come on down to your local BMW cars dealer near Kennet Square to take this BMW 4 Series out for a spin. Call now to set up your test drive!

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How To Change The Lights In Your Vehicle Part 2

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Vehicle Maintenance We are here to finish out the series of how to change the headlight bulbs in your vehicle. Continue reading to find out what all you will need to do to get you head lights working again.

We left off where we had just located the the headlight connector after popping the hood of your vehicle. The headlight bulb will be connected to a few wires. Your headlight will be attached at the base with some type of cap or clip and this will be different for every brand of vehicle. Figure out how to undo your clasp and take that piece off to remove the broken light bulb. This will completely disconnect the wires from the lightbulb. It should come off very easy and if not you might just need to wiggle it free to totally get it out.

Now you can replace this with a new bulb. When you grab the new bulb make sure that you are holding it with gloves or a towel. It is important not to get any oil from your skin onto the new bulb. Place the new light back into the base where you removed the old light. Reconnect the clasp and by doing so you should have put the wires back into place. The only thing left to do is to test out your light bulb and make sure it is working properly.

We assured you that this would be a quick and easy way fix and you can totally do it on your own. If this still doesn’t seem like something that you want to do then you could bring it down to new and pre owned BMW dealer near Glen Mills to have it fixed in their service department. Call and set up an appointment, today!

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How To Change The Lights In Your Vehicle Part 1

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changing a headlightChanging a headlight in a vehicle is an easy job for any car dealer or auto shop, but this can be expensive because you are going to be paying for parts and labor. Sometimes places even up charge slightly for the parts that you are getting replaced. One way to save is by purchasing and replacing the parts yourself. One fairly easy part to replace on your vehicle are the headlights. We are hear to try and walk you through this process in hopes of saving you a little bit of cash.

This may have been something that was super difficult in the past, but now a days everything has been simplified. It is a simple thing that can be done on your own. It is also very important that you replace these as soon as they go out for your safety and the safety of others around you.

You will need to start by finding out which kind of light bulb you are going to need. Check on the old lightbulb or in the owners manual first. If you can’t find what kind of bulb it was then you can find that out at the dealership or an auto parts store. They will be able to pinpoint which bulb is right for your car.

After you find the right bulb you should probably purchase the service manual for your vehicle to find out what all you need to change out the bulb. You will probably need to have a screwdriver. You probably will be able to change the headlight without any heavy duty tools. First you will need to open your car’s hood in order to get into the headlight compartment. Then you will need to locate the bulb holder to disconnect the light bulb.

We aren’t finished yet, but if you aren’t into doing this on your own then you can just take it over to certified BMW dealer near Downingtown. They have a service department that can fix this vehicle up for you in no time.


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Pre Owned BMW 5 Series At Otto’s BMW

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Getting A Used CarIf you are in the market for a new or used BMW 5 Series you have come to the right place. This is Otto’s BMW used BMW dealer near Chadds Ford. They have a huge variety of pre owned vehicles, but we are going to talk about one of the 2014 BMW 5 Series cars that is in their inventory right now. Continue reading to see if this vehicle is something that you are interested in.

This pre owned 5 Series has been driven a total of 3,301 miles already and it has a set asking price of $64,992. The exterior of this vehicle is Dark Graphite and the interior color is going to be Ivory leather. This Sedan will come standard with an Intercooled Turbo Diesel I-6 3.0 liter engine, an eight speed automatic transmission, and xDrive. The xDrive will be the all wheel drive drive-train system. It has an estimated fuel economy of 26 miles per gallon in the city and 37 miles per gallon on the highway.

The exterior features of this vehicle include: cornering lights, LED brake lights, rear window defroster, chrome grille, fog lamps, perimeter approach lights, sunroof, speed sensitive rain detecting wipers, heated wiper jets, and P245/45R18 all season run flat tires. The interior features of this vehicle: remote releases, power anti whiplash adjustable front head restraints, proximity key for ignition, driver food rest, 1 LCD monitor, air filtration, garage door transmitter, graphic equalizer, BMW online selective service internet access, tracker system, illuminated glove box, wireless streaming, analog display, auto dimming rearview mirror, real time traffic display, delayed accessory power, FOB controls, bluetooth wireless phone connectivity, fade to off interior lighting, outside temperature gauge, power rear windows , dual zone air conditioning, systems monitor, cargo space lights, four 12 volt power outlet, integrated navigation system, perimeter alarm, interior trim,  valet function, and many many more.
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Understanding Auto Insurance Part 7

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Auto insuranceWe have reached our seventh and final article in our series that will help you understand all about auto insurance. The goal of this is to give you the upper hand when you go through purchasing new auto insurance or upgrading you plan. We here at Otto’s BMW understand that this is a confusing subject to deal with, but honestly it will be simple once you begin reading up about it.

Just because there are certain stigmas to driving specific vehicles. One myth of the trade is that if you have a red vehicle your insurance will be priced much higher. That is not necessarily true, though. If you are a terrible driver and you have a red car that is another subject though. So don’t let any of those myths out there confuse you in that matter.

One myth that is absolutely true is that if your vehicle is stolen or broken into a lot then your premiums are going to be bumped up possibly a lot. Before you purchase you vehicle you could check out the top stolen vehicles online. This might actually prevent you from purchasing a vehicle that could cost you higher premiums later down the road.

The very last bit of information we want to share with you is that you should check your vehicles every year. As your vehicle ages you will definitely have different needs and if your needs go down then you can lower you coverage which can save you a bit of money. So make sure you are reviewing you and your vehicles needs every once in a while to see if you can save some money.

Head on over to Otto’s BMW certified used BMW near Media for the greatest BMW vehicles and the greatest service you could ask for.

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Understanding Auto Insurance Part 6

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Insurance stampIt is important to understand auto insurance and we here at Otto’s BMW have a lot of knowledge we want to share with you. If you are willing to stick around for a little bit longer we have quite a bit more that we would like to share with you.

It  might be beneficial for you to check with the company that you work for to see if you can get any discounts through them. Some companies actually make deals with insurance agencies and in turn it gives their employees discounts on the insurance. Just simply ask your company if they have any agencies that they have teamed up with. There might be other discounts through other organizations that you are a part of so it wouldn’t hurt to ask them as well.

Whenever you are making out your policy remember to keep in mind what you do with your vehicle. Remember that if you aren’t just using your vehicle for personal uses then you need to get a bigger coverage plan for yourself. For instance, if you travel a lot for your work like a deliver person or sales rep you will need to make sure your work is covered in the plan you have as well.

We have one final article in this series so stick around to find out the rest of these tips that we have to offer to you. Also, while you are doing research on auto insurance you should also check out new and pre owned BMW cars near Exton at Otto’s BMW. Call Otto’s BMW to set up an appointment to test drive for one of their incredible vehicles.

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Understanding Auto Insurance Part 5

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Car Insurance We are here to continue our discussion on auto insurance and all that comes along with it. We want to discuss everything so that you can fully understand and won’t feel like you are left in the dark.

Now we are going to look into what it means to file your claims. It is important to learn how to pick your battles when it comes to filing claims. Auto insurance is great and we have in place to protect us, but it would be bad to file a claim every time there is a small little problem. If you decide to file claims often and for small issues you might end up with a lot higher rates than you started out with.

When you sign up for your insurance policy you should really pay attention to the math of it all. Most, if not all, car insurance agents will give you the option to pay monthly, bi yearly, or for the whole year. If you decide to pay in monthly installments you will end up shelling out a ton of cash that is unnecessary and can add up to a lot over time. Your best bet is to save up to make a lump sum payment in order to save money in the long run. This might be something that is impossible for you to do, but it is something that you can work towards.

Otto’s dealer with certified BMW cars in West Chester, PA has just a few more bits of information to share with you so stick around to learn all there is to learn about auto insurance. We here at Otto’s BMW just want to help you out in what ever way possible.


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Understanding Auto Insurance Part 4

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Car Insurance

Last article we started talking about the importance of shopping around for your auto insurance. If you stay with your company you can build up some great discounts, but if you aren’t with the right insurance agency for you then there is no point in staying with the company you are with. The only way to benefit yourself with your auto insurance is to double check that you are getting the best policy possible.

One thing you want to check into with your insurance is that you can get a loaned car in the case of your vehicle being totaled or damaged enough to where you can’t drive it. This coverage will be very helpful in those situations where you absolutely can’t be without a vehicle. Sadly, not all insurances have this coverage and that why it will be beneficial for you to get this coverage.

It is important that you don’t lie to your insurance agent because when and if you get caught you will be in very big trouble and could get stuck with higher rates or even be kicked out of your company. Don’t forget to list all of the people that will be driving your vehicle in case of accidents from other people.

More on these issues from your local pre owned BMW dealer in West Chester, PA. If you are in the market for a new vehicle then head on over to Otto’s BMW and search through their new and pre owned inventory to find the perfect vehicle before you get the perfect insurance coverage for that vehicle. Call now to set up an appointment to speak with a sales associate and get a test drive.


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Understanding Auto Insurance Part 3

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So we have talked about several different things to look for and several different types of policies that you can have for your auto insurance. We are going to continue our conversation to help better your knowledge about auto insurance. Let’s dive back in and learn some more about this subject.

Insurance Flow Chart Remember, different states have different laws set for the minimum coverage you need for you automobile. It is important to check your states rates before you get started in finding the coverage for your vehicle. Your agent should know the policies for the state that you live in, but it is going to be good for you to understand that as well. This way you won’t feel like you are being taken advantage of. Also remember you don’t have to settle for the minimum of what your state requires if you settle for that you may not be getting everything that to cover your needs.

If you are looking to save money then you should check out the bundles that your insurance agency offers. If you can bundle things together you could save a good amount in the long run. Not all insurance agencies do this so if that is something that you are interested in ask an agent before you settle for any company. You could even shop around for the bundling options that different agencies offer.

Like we said previously it is going to be beneficial for you to shop around between agencies to find what is going to fit you the best. Even after you are with a company for a while you can still check out different agencies every year because other agencies might offer things that your current company does not offer.

We have plenty more to discuss about this subject so stick around for tomorrow’s article about this subject. Certified BMW dealer near Kennet Square has plenty of BMW vehicles to offer you for your needs.


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