Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 6)

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Family CarTaking pride in your luxury car starts with the care that you give it. To make sure that you know exactly how to care for your car the best way, you BMW Dealer near Kennet Square has put together some detailing tips straight from the pros. Here are the next tips.

Step eight: Wax your car every season. In between your thorough paint cleaning and wax applications you will pick up stains and scratches. For a quick addition, you can use a liquid spray wax that can touch up those spots. While this is a great idea in between waxings, it will never be a full substitute for a real coating of wax.  Just in case you’ve been using one of those old tricks for telling when you your car needs wax, you can forget it. Tossing a terry towel or dropping water on your car won’t do anything. If you go to a paint shop and pull a car right out of the paint room spilling water on it will cause it bead like crazy. There is also not one but of protection on the paint. Hence, there is no way to definitively know when your wax has worn off, so for best paint protection you should stick to a schedule. If you car spends everyday outdoors, you should give you car a wax job every season.

Step nine: Make the glass shine. It’s the last thing that you should do, because it will have grime from all the other steps. We suggest you find a glass cleaner without ammonia. Ammonia is not only bad for vinyl upholstery and the instrument panel, plus, it stinks.

Using a microfiber cloth will always give you the best look. It does a great job of getting rid of cleaner residue as well as the oil from your skin that causes streaks and spots on the inside of the windows. Our pro tip for this one is to reach inside the rear window on sedans and coupes and use the back of your hand with the microfiber cloth. You will be able to get much farther down the glass.

Step ten: Focus on the details. Do things like roll down the windows enough to get the top edges. Lots of dealers will actually wax the rear and side windows to protect them from being etched by water stains. We recommend you do not use anything by Rain-X. There will be instruction to follow on the bottle.

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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 5)

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Hand With Mop On CarHere are the next tip on detailing your car like a professional, sent to you by your BMW Dealer near Glen Mills.

Step seven: Protect your paint with wax. When it left straight from the factory, your car had a new clear coat. That clear coat does wear off over time though and it leaves the paint to fend off the elements all by itself. This is where the wax comes into play. The was is temporary. It stands as the first defense against the elements and will wear off in a few month. However, over that course of time, the wax will absorb the stains and scratches that would have attacked the paint. We have been told that the older you are the more you prefer paste wax, whereas the younger waxers like the liquids. We are here to let you know that both are equally, and the choice is simply a person preference.

absorb stains and small scratches before those hazards make it to the paint. We’re told older folks prefer paste wax, while younger ones like liquids. The last tips concerning wax from the pros is actually to add a second coat. The purpose in the second coat is to cover the areas that the first coat may have missed the first time. After the second coat there is no point in adding more. Even though it might make sense to add more coats for added protection, but the extra wax does not adhere and will wipe off in the buffing

Taking care of car should be on the top of your priority list. You BMW Dealer hopes that this blog series is inspiring you to take a new pride in your car. By being able to really take care of the upholstery and paint, you will be able to take some ownership in your , probably most expensive, possession.

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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 4)

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Protection Of CarHere are the next few tips from your dealer of Used BMW near Downingtown on how to detail your car like the pros do. These tips are straight from them!

Step five (continued): Cleaning the contaminants, stains and old scratched wax can be done two different ways, chemically or physically. Although, our best recommendation is a combo of the two.

First, chemically. Paint cleaners are liquids that remove wax. It will also clean the top layer of the paint by removing unwanted environmental chemicals that have attached to the paint. The right cleaners can also remove the small swirly scratched in the paint.

The second method for cleaning paint involves rubbing a small block of paint-cleaning clay lubricated with a liquid wax cleaner. This method is a safe way to remove contaminant even if you have no training. The only trick is to make sure you do not drop the piece of clay on the floor. If it does, it will have more dirt in it that can scratch the paint.

Step six: Polish the paint to smooth it out. Polish serves the purpose of smoothing out the surface of the paint. This makes it shine and help your car look newer longer.  Take a look at the product you buy. Some polishes will have wax in them. This protects the paint, but this was does not smooth the paint out itself. When polishing out your paint, you can use an oscillating polishing machine. Professionals will use a rotating polishing machines. While these do work faster, they will harm the paint if you are not careful. If you are new to detailing, and oscillating buffer will be more forgiving.

To measure your polish job, the pros recommend that you hold a ruler perpendicular to the surface of the car and see how far the reflection goes. The higher the number, the glossier the paint.


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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 3)

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Hand with car against blue sky backgroundHere are the next few tips from your dealer Used BMW near Glen Mills on how to detail your car like the pros do.

Step four: Give your car a good handwashing. Our best recommendation is a hand washing. We really think that once you realize the benefits of a good hand washing, you will enjoy it more than think of it as a chore. Hand washing gives you a chance to experience the tactile shape of your car. It is great way to inspect and make yourself familiar with the surface of the car.

We ask that you just please, please don’t be like sixty percent of the population that uses dishwasher detergent when you wash the car. Maybe it gets the car cleans, but it strips off any protective wax coatings. This exposes the vehicle to possible nicks, scratches, and stains. Washing your car with a solutions ensures that your car’s finish it preserved.

When the water evaporates off the car, it leaves the minerals and dirt on the surface. We say this so will know that when you are done with the wash your should dry the surface with a squeegee.

Step five: Make sure you paint is really clean. It often takes more than just wash to get your paint bright and shiny. Bird dropping and man-made pollutants start by just settling on the paint, but after a while they saturate through the wax and clear coatings into the color coat of paint underneath. The best way to see if you need to give it another wash is to run your hand across the paint while it is sitting in the sun. If you find that it feels rough, it needs to be cleaned.


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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 2)

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Car Wash - African American Hand Using Soapy ClothHere are the first few step on how to detail your BMW Cars in PA.

Step one: Start with compressed air and stiff scrub brushes on your carpets. Like we said, the pain comes later. The pros recommend that you start by firing up the air compressor and blow all of the dirt loose from the nooks and crannies of your car’s floor onto the middle of the carpet. Here, it can be easily vacuumed up. A stiff brush might also be helpful in loosening the dirt from the carpets and upholstery. If you have leather seats, use a conditioner with aloe during this step.

Step two: Clean ducts for that new-car smell. The best way to blow dust and dirt out of the heating and air-conditioning ductwork is compressed air from a small portable air compressor. The way to clean it the best is to aim the high-pressure air at the walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles. The dust and dirt stick the worst here. This is what causes the musty smells in your car. In addition, you should check your cabin air filter. You can either replace it, or while you are at it with the compressed air, just remove it and blow it out.

Step three: Get the tires with non-acid based tire cleaners. Professionals use specially mixed acid solutions to clean dirty tires and get off the stubborn brake dust off and also to strip residue from new tires. However, DIYers should use a nonacid product. Using an acid-based cleaner can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit. They can also damage wheels painted with color of clear coatings. We recommend using a degreaser on wheels, but make sure you use something that is guaranteed to not damage paint if it splashes. Again, it’s important that you do this in the right order. You should clean your wheels and tires before you clean the paint to protect it.


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Top Tips For Detailing Like a Professional (Part 1)

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Man is hoovering or cleaning the carToday it is easier than ever to take exceptional care of the outside of your BMW Cars near Pennsylvania without breaking your pocket book by seeing a professional detailer. There are so many techniques that you can use that have been developed by the pros, but passed on to the layman. Auto paint is better than it used to be, which means that not only is it more durable, but it shines longer than ever. So go ahead, toss out your old can of carnauba paste wax, rubbing compound, your leather chamois, and piles of old newsprint for buffing. We recommend replacing them with paint cleaning clay, microfiber cloths, aloe leather healers and chemical paint cleaners.

Once you have the proper supplies, you can get started. But still, proceed with a bit of caution. The pros who gave us these tips are well rehearsed with rotating buffers than clean and resurface paint with wool or charcoal pads. They are also clear in warning that such machines are not for amateurs. However, these ten step should help your home detailing for smoothly. The pros tell us that it is actually important that you start with the surfaces of your car that are not covered with paint.

Another side note, there are times when you will just have to see a professional. If you have a scratch where the paint is exposing the metal, the only way to fix it is to sand and filling the scratch with paint. It takes a good bit of experience to fix this and the surrounding paint. It is always better to go see a pro, than to try it your self and end up with a bigger mess.

All in all, we hope that this blog series will help you feel more involved with the care of your car. Check back in our next blog for the first steps!


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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 4)

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Auto mechanic working in garage. Repair service.Here are the final tips from your BMW dealer in PA!

Ninth, if anything (and we mean anything!) at that shop makes you uncomfortable, do not hesitate to take your car to another shop. Maybe the diagnosis does not seem quite right, or maybe the staff members do not have enough time to answer your questions thoroughly, or perhaps the cost just seems excessive. Even if you have to pay a diagnostic fee for the shop to tell you what is wrong, it is okay to get a second opinion. Especially if the repair is larger or on any recommended repairs that has not been explained to your satisfaction.

Finally, after the repair work is done, you should ask for a written record of exactly what was done. The shop should be willing to explain exactly what work they completed, return any old parts upon your request, and present a detailed bill or invoice for your records. A good center will also provide written policy about warranties, refunds, and “come-backs”, meaning what they will do if you come back immediately because the symptom or problem you had has not been fixed or recurs within a few days.

Did we say finally? Well, we actually have a bonus tip! If the service was really good, say so! Tell the mechanics and your friends. Everyone likes to be praised if they do a good job. If the service center of even a particular employee gave you good service, tell them so. If they went out of their way to make sure you were taken care of , write a letter that can be posted publicly in their shop. Then, recommend that shop to friends and family and tell them to say you sent them

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 3)

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Mechanic At WorkAs if we were actually winding down. We still have plenty of tips to come. Why? We know that this is the most important information you could have concerning the long life of your car. Your BMW Dealer near West Chester has the know-how concerning your vehicle upkeep. Who better to do the maintenance and repairs on your BMW than seller of new and certified pre-owned BMW cars, Otto’s BMW.

Our seventh tip, is to ask for a diagnosis and estimate in writing before you authorize any repairs. Once you have been working with a mechanic or shop for a good bit of time and with satisfactory service a verbal diagnosis and estimate, along with an over the phone authorization will probably be fine. Even if you have a good long standing relationship, a written estimate protects both the owner of the vehicle and the mechanic.

Eighth, do not be intimidated by your mechanic and ask questions if you need too. If they rattle off a diagnosis that does not make sense to you, ask further questions courteously. If you do not understand, ask for simpler explanation. If you are working with a good shop, they will be happy and willing to explain what is wrong and to give you an option for repair. The better informed you are as the customer, the happier you will be. A good shop will also let you know if a more extensive diagnostic test is needed to properly identify the problem. They will also give you a list of options and costs.

We have one more blog for you concerning the service of you car. We know it seems like a lot, but we want to be thorough. Check back one more time to get the full list of tips on car service and repair.

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 2)

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Adding Oil to a CarHere are the next few tips from your dealer of Used BMW in Pennsylvania.

Our third tip was to pay attention to the vehicles performance. Going right along with it is tip number four: fix the little problems before they turn into big problems. When you take your vehicle in at the first minor signs of trouble it usually results in an easier diagnoses, a quicker fix, money save, and the prevention of a larger problem.

Next, you need to be specific about the symptoms that your vehicle is exhibiting. You, as the driver, know the vehicle best. So, when you notice that your vehicle suddenly starts making an unusual noise of behaving out of the ordinary, go to the mechanic and describe what you hear, smell, feel or see with as much detail as you possibly can. Where is the sound coming from? What does it sound like? Does any other behavior come with the sound? What are you doing exactly when the sound occur? How long does it last? Write as much as you can down and head to the mechanic. Go over the symptoms in detail with the servicer or mechanic. If they don’t understand, ask them to drive with you and point out the problem when it happens.

Our next tip comes into play when you get to the servicer. Do not offer your diagnosis or guess to the mechanic at the service center. Just describe the problem then let them do their job and diagnose it. If your car hesitates for three minutes after after it starts, just give them the description. Do not tell them you think it is the fuel injectors. If the transmission is slipping, do not tell them you think you need a new transmission. Voicing your opinion idea about what is wrong may mislead even a good shop or even tempt a less honest shop to sell you something you do not really need.

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How to Get the Best Service for Your Car (Part 1)

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Happy mechanic loving his jobThere is nothing more important than getting good service for your Used BMW near Kennet Square. It is the activity that keeps your car living a long life. To be sure that you are getting the best care for your car, your friends at Otto’s BMW have put together a great list of tips.

First, you need to educate yourself about your own vehicle. At an absolute minimum you should read your owner’s manual. Use it to familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s basic equipment and the recommendations from the manufacturer concerning maintenance schedules. Taking the time to learn the functions of the basic systems of the vehicle like the battery, starter and alternator, or the components of the drivetrain of basic steering, suspension and braking systems better enables you, as the driver, to understand why maintenance is important and even the potential diagnoses of problems with these systems.

Next, actively practice the basics of good auto maintenance. By simply following the maintenance schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and by regularly checking the vehicle’s “vital signs” you may be able to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Doing these simple chores will help you learn about your vehicle also.  We recommend that you check the oil levels, coolant levels and tire pressure every time you gas up. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended intervals on changing the oil and oil filters, balancing and rotating tires, servicing the radiator and coolant, and servicing the brakes. Also, you should check your tires tread every two months.

Third, try to pay attention to the vehicle’s overall performance. The way the car smells, sounds, and feels can actually give you vital clues about problems that might be emerging. For example, having your engine checked if starts making a high-pitched whine, or the slight clicking as the wheels rotate, or the slight vibration in the steering wheel between 50 and 65 mph, or the slight burning smell of smell of hot coolant, or a temp gauge that is running just a little hotter than normal. These are just a few common symptoms. Having them check early helps you avoid a big problem.

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