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Certified Pre-Owned Elite Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Downingtown

It’s finally Friday! This week just flew by; probably because it was a holiday week…None the less, it is still the weekend. If you are in the market for a new car, then we suggest that you head to Otto’s BMW near Downingtown. You might be saying to yourself that you are not sure that you want to buy a brand new BMW as you are uncertain about the price tag. Never fear Certified Elite BMW inventory is here! Certified Elite will be as close to brand new as you can get without paying the new car price. These automobiles are pre-owned but they have very low miles on their engines and must pass a rigorous inspection with over one hundred inspection points. (It is actually much higher than that but we did not have the time to sit and count all of them!) When you buy a Certified Elite automobile you know you are getting a top notch car that will last you for years and years to come. You might also be interested to know that there are usually a number of automobiles that might qualify for the Classic program on the lot. The vehicles that are qualified as Certified Elite are in the very best condition available for a pre-owned automobile. Once you have purchased your Ceritified Elite BMW you will want to continue to bring it back to Otto’s BMW to have it taken care of by the wonderful people in the Service and Parts Department. Since you are buying such a fantastic vehicle you will want to keep it that way for as long as possible. The fine folks in the Service and Parts Department are always happy and ready to take care of all your service needs. Head to Otto’s BMW today!

Even a Pre-Owned gets an Encore


Pre-Owned BMW Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that everyone has an action packed weekend ahead of them. Maybe you have plans to look for a new car. We suggest that you head to Otto’s BMW near Chadds Ford. They have a huge selection of new and pre-owned automobiles on their lot, you are sure to find one that is just right for you. Otto’s BMW also has their friendly and knowledgeable sales team on hand and they are available to help you narrow down your selections to something that will fit your driving lifestyle. You might be a little intimidated looking at all of amazing features on the new and pre-owned BMW models but you really need not be. Once you purchase a BMW from Otto’s BMW, even if it is pre-owned, you can sign up for the Encore Program. The Encore Program is a program in which a BMW genius teaches you how to use all of the cool features and functions on your BMW. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, come to the dealership and open yourself up to the knowledge. It is a shame not to know how to use all of the technology in your automobile as most of it was put in the car to make driving more enjoyable and easier. Not all dealerships offer a program like this one, but Otto’s BMW really wants their customers to get the most out of their automobile purchase and this is an easy way in which to help their customers meet this goal. Sometimes there are too many features for you to learn all of them in one session, but never fear another session is always available. You might even want to take advantage of the Encore Program as a seasoned BMW owner just as a refresher course.

Otto’s BMW Knows that Nothing Beats German Engineering

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New Car Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Exton

We hope that everyone is having a fantastic day! Hard to believe Friday is just around the corner – got to love a holiday work week. While you were off on the holiday you may have been watching television and seen a commercial for a non-German engineered car saying that it is just as good, if not better, than cars that are actually engineered in Germany. Are they crazy? Most German automobile companies have been at their craft for over a hundred years. BMW has been innovating for even longer than that! You cannot claim to be as good as a German engineered automobile when you do not have the years of experience under your belt. It is like saying a fast food restaurant is as good as a five star restaurant; there is really no comparison. If you are interested in owning an automobile that is epitome of power, style and grace, then head to Otto’s BMW near Exton. Their lot is full of the best and most wonderfully made automobiles; you are sure to find one that is right up your alley. All of the BMW models on their lot are part of a long lasting legacy of German innovation and advancements. While you are at the Otto’s BMW dealership, be sure to speak with a member of their sales team. Their staff is highly trained on every BMW model on their lot as well as the history of BMW and Otto’s BMW. They will be more than happy to share their knowledge and love of the automobiles that they sell. You might just learn a fun and interesting fact while you are there. A fact that, once your purchase your own BMW, you can share with pride as you are now a part of that legacy.

Otto’s BMW Always Acts with Simple Elegance

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Inventory Specials at Otto’s BMW near West Chester

Happy Thursday to our readers. Can you believer tomorrow is Friday all ready? You have got to love a short work week. It is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend here in the great state of Pennsylvania. There is just something so wonderful about sitting outside, sipping a cool beverage and just enjoying the act of being outside. It makes us think of Andy Griffith reruns. There is just something so magical about the simple things in life. The times when things are simple just seem to be the most wonderful; no muss, no fuss. This attitude of simplicity is something that Otto’s BMW near West Chester really takes to heart when they serve their customers. The Otto’s BMW philosophy is that you should treat your customers like a member of our family, this will keep your customer happy and likely provide you with a customer for life. It is a basic idea that is unfortunately lost at a lot of places nowadays. There are a lot of car dealerships that will give you the run around and try to get you to purchase a car that they want to sell you, not the car you want to buy. These same dealerships then wonder why they do not have enough customers to stay in business for very long. It sounds like they need to go back and take a lesson from our pals in Mayberry. Keep in mind that simple does not mean stupid; in fact the most elegant things in life are usually very simple. If you are ready to experience a level of customer service that you deserve, then head to Otto’s BMW. Their excellent sales staff will be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can. After all, you are family.

Otto’s BMW offers the Encore Program

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Pre-Owned Certified Elite Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Happy Wednesday to everyone. We hope the day finds you well! That is a funny expression is it not? Like the day will really find you. How about instead of having a great day, you make a great day? That gives you the power to control how your day will go. It makes you less dependent on luck. This same principle of taking control can also apply to how you own your new BMW from Otto’s BMW near Exton. A lot of people are satisfied with just getting lucky on figuring out how their new BMW works and how to operate the functions. They are just happy to accidentally figure out the new functions. How silly! Would you not rather be educated on how all of the fun features work so that you can begin taking advantage of them? We know we sure would! This is why Otto’s BMW offers the Encore program. The Encore program pairs you with a BMW genius for several hours on a scheduled day and they will show you how to operate all of the neat features on your BMW. If you need more than one class that is no problem, just schedule another time to come in. This program is offered so that each and every BMW owner can understand their automobile and get the most out of it. There is not a bigger bummer in BMW ownership than to not know how to use all of the features and options with which your automobile comes equipped. You can sign up for this program if you are a new BMW owner of if you have owned your BMW for a long time. Otto’s BMW wants all of their customers to fully enjoy their BMW automobiles and to take full advantage of ownership.

Otto’s BMW Keeps It Simple

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New Car Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Media

Happy hump day to everyone! There is nothing better than a Wednesday on a short week, except for a Friday, that is. There is just something so simple about enjoying a Wednesday. There is no pressure, just relied that your work week is almost over. You will find that same, simple enjoyment while shopping at Otto’s BMW near Media. Some may think it is strange to enjoy automobile shopping but that only applies if you have never been to Otto’s BMW. When you shop at Otto’s BMW you will not notice any pressure for you to buy a specific car model. The people at Otto’s are highly trained and are educated in the questions to ask to help them help you select the perfect BMW to fit your new car goals and driving lifestyle. You will also find that Otto’s BMW will go the extra mile to help you, the customer. Their philosophy is a simple one; treat your customers like your family members and you will have happy clients and a prosperous business. This notion of putting the customer before the bottom line is what has helped them to be successful for over forty years. When you shop at their dealership you can take comfort in the knowledge that they are more concerned about what you want than what they want to sell you. Some dealerships and their employees will try to get you to buy the inventory that they are looking to liquidate. You have probably left a car lot with a car you do not want at some point in your life because of this practice. This will not happen to you while shopping at Otto’s. To experience what customer service is supposed to be like, head to Otto’s BMW and let their staff take care of you!

Keep it Simple with a Pre-Owned BMW

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Pre-Owned Specials at Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable extended weekend! It was the unofficial start to summer after all! You probably got out and had a fantastic time unless your automobile broke down while trying to get to your highly anticipated barbecue at your friend’s house. Do you not just hate it when that happens? You have been looking forward to something all week and then you cannot make it because your car failed you. It is probably time for you to get a new car. You might be thinking that you do not want to buy a new car and deal with a new car payment, then may we suggest a Pre-Owned BMW? A Pre-Owned BMW from Otto’s BMW in Pennsylvania is a great car at a fantastic value. Otto’s BMW takes a lot of pride in having the best Pre-Owned BMW models on their lot. They are such a larger dealership that they are able to pick and choose which pre-owned cars they make available to their customer; if it is not a top notch pre-owned then it is not going on the lot. It is rather simple, really. Otto’s BMW wants to ensure that their customers are happy with the options that are available and happy with their purchases. You will not be sold a sub par automobile by a pushy salesman whose number one priority is himself. You will, however, have a highly trained sales team member there to help you find the Pre-Owned BMW that will best suit your driving goals and lifestyle. At Otto’s they like to keep things simple; provide high customer service, high quality product and make sure the customer leaves happy. It is an insanely simple practice that you just do not find at other dealerships in this day and age. Head to Otto’s BMW!

Hybrids Make Me Happy!

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Isolated

Pre-Owned Inventory at Otto’s BMW in PA

Good morning everyone! Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and we are so excited. There are just so many fun things to do in Pennsylvania when the weather warms up! You can check out all of the cool street festivals, enjoy outside dining and cruise the back roads. Some times it is fun just to set out on a road less traveled to see where it takes you. You are likely to see several different Amish communities and will probably want to get out and see how they live. After you have had your fun and are ready to leave you might encounter a little bit of a problem. Depending on how far you drove and how well you were paying attention you might be lost and out of fuel. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of fuel pumps in Amish country. However, if you were driving a Pre-Owned Hybrid BMW from Otto’s BMW in PA you will not have such poor luck. A Pre-Owned Hybrid BMW will get you tremendous fuel economy. No stopping for fuel for you! A Hybrid engine can get more than twice the miles per gallon over a traditional combustion engine. ┬áThink of how much further you can drive! Now, about the whole issue of getting lost. If you were to purchase the correct Pre-Owned Hybrid BMW model then it is likely it came with a built in navigation system. This built in system will track where you drove to, so that if you want to return you will know how to get there, and will tell you how to get back home. This way you know you are always safe to roam and will find your way home. Head to Otto’s BMW today to check out their extensive Pre-Owned Inventory.

Could it be Classic?

Bmw 700 Coupe

Otto’s BMW near Media

Happy Sunday everyone! We hope that the day finds you well and that you are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe today is the day that you get out and enjoy a fun car show. They are very common all over the country during this time of year. A car show is a great opportunity to see some of the great classic cars that people have taken a lot of time and care to restore. Or, maybe it is an opportunity for you to get your Classic BMW out and show it off, maybe even win a prize! You might be wondering what it takes to have a BMW classified as Classic. We use a capital “c” because there is a very special program through BMW that designates specific automobiles as BMW Classics. What does a BMW Classic automobile receive? It offers several benefits, one it means that you get to be part of a very elite class of automobiles. Not ever BMW that applies will meet the criteria to be admitted to the Classics club. Two, it gives an added value to your BMW. Classic BMW’s have been known to fetch a higher price at auction, not that you would want to sell it. A Classic BMW is a wonderful asset to have! If you are interested in seeing if your BMW might qualify as a classic, then head to Otto’s BMW near Media. The staff there will help you fill out the required paperwork and perform the required evaluations on the engine and body of the automobile. Otto’s BMW can also take care of any issues your BMW may currently be experiencing. The fine people at Otto’s BMW have a wealth of knowledge that can get you on the right track for you to achieve Classic BMW status.

I’ll Take My BMW Certified

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Certified Inventory at Otto’s BMW near Exton

Is everyone having an enjoyable weekend? We sure hope so! There has been a little rain in the forecast but that is no reason to let you fun be dampened, he he, little pun. You could go see a movie or maybe spend a little time checking the Otto’s BMW website for a fantastic Certified BMW. Otto’s BMW near Exton has taken a different approach to automobile sales. You can do nearly everything online these days, why stop at shopping for a new car? It should not be a choice that you have to make. While you are online looking at the Otto’s BMW website take a few moments to check out the Certified BMW page. The Certified page has a vast number of different BMW’s shown and they all meet the classifications and requirements to be certified. This certification is not given lightly so that you know that the automobile you are purchasing is in like new condition and will be a reliable automobile for you for years to come. There is also another classification that you might want to look at, the Certified Elite page. This page will show you the automobiles that Otto’s BMW has that are nearly mint in condition. The Certified Elite automobiles meet the highest standards possible that are set by the BMW Motor Company. When you purchase a BMW from this category you are getting an automobile that is a cut above the rest and is as close to new as you can possibly get. Check out the Otto’s BMW webpage for all of their incredible inventory. Once you have found a model you like you can schedule a test drive online or you can just head into the dealership. Let Otto’s BMW help you find the Certified BMW that is perfect for you!