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Caring for your BMW 3 Series Convertible

BMW 3 Series ConvertibleIf there is a better way to enjoy the summer sun than cruising around with the top down in a BMW 3 Series convertible, we don’t know what it is. Because of their tops, convertibles require a little bit more care than other vehicles. Whether you have a new certified BMW 3 Series convertible with a power retractable hard top or a older model with the soft top, taking some precautions will help your convertible top last as long as possible.

• Mildew is the enemy of your convertible soft top. It is brown in color and unfortunately, once your top has become mildewed, there is no getting rid of it and it will have to be replaced. Mildew is caused by moisture trapped with the top when it is closed. When you wash your BMW 3 Series, make sure the rear window and convertible top is completely dry before lowering it.

• Always use a wet cotton towel when washing your soft-top window. Dry with either compressed air or pat dry (do not wipe) with a synthetic chamois towel to remove moisture.

• Avoid taking your convertible BMW 3 Series vehicle to the automatic car wash. Automatic car washes can harm the convertible top of your car.

• Avoid using hard brushes on your car while washing it. Hard brushes can scratch the paint.

• Avoid getting wax on your soft top, as it can permanently discolor it. Try taping the edges of the convertible top with easy to remove painter’s tape while you wax your car, being sure to remove it once you are finished waxing.

• Avoid lowering the soft top of your convertible when it is less than 60F. Lower temperatures can cause the rear window to develop cracks.

• Always raise the roof on your convertible before storing.

For more information about the BMW 3 Series convertible or to test drive one yourself, contact your local certified BMW dealer.

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