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The Psychology of Selecting a Car

Why do we select the car we drive?  Cars really do say a lot about who we are and what we prioritize in life.  Psychologists have long understood that car choice and use can be a strong indicator of personality traits, with several studies making interesting and revealing reading.

Many questionnaires have been developed to understand more about personality traits of different driving groups and what your car says about you.  It also examines how drivers make key life choices – from how environmentally motivated certain drivers are to how their color choice indicates how motivated they are. One survey even indicated that voting preferences of car drivers could be determined by which type of car an individual selected.

Another questionnaire indicated that black was the most popular color for car choice, with red and blue coming in at second and third, according to the results of the survey, choosing a black car means drivers would like to “stamp their authority on other road users.”  A nice way of putting it is “they are assertive!”

Drivers of black cars proved to be most environmentally friendly with 60% agreeing they do their part for the environment. Surprisingly, the majority of black car drivers were women, so it may indicate that women are more environmentally friendly (or power hungry-however you choose to interpret it.)  Owners of blue cars were less environmentally motivated – and were likely to purchase their vehicle based on cost and looks.

Some psychologists theorize that one explanation of the reason we are so attached to our vehicles may go back to when  horses were our primary source transportation and humans bonded with them, not only because they were a means of transportation, but also due to the fact that they were living beings and served as our companions.  Psychologists say that when we started driving cars, we may have, in an archetypal manner, transferred many years of genetic disposition to bond with the entity that gives us the freedom to travel.

Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a new vehicle to “bond with” a BMW is a great choice, visit your local Exton Pennsylvania BMW dealer, Otto’s BMW today.

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